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Remote Support, Remote Meeting & Remote Access Software

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Anytime, anywhere remote support from ConnectWise Control lets you remotely control devices and help your customers whether they’re around the corner or around the world. Exceed service delivery expectations with fast, reliable, secure remote support that offers instant connectivity, scalable security features, and seamless integration. Support your customers from anywhere with an internet connection, keep working confidently despite ever-present cyberthreats with out-of-the-box functionality like AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication, and do it all at a price that works for your business.


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ConnectWise Control reviews

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Peter Schultz

Went from good to AWESOME when we ditched our old remote software for ScreenConnect!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-07
Review Source: Capterra

Inexpensive, full featured remote desktop software that is super easy to administrate and use. IT professionals would be hard pressed to find something this good for this price. And companies that need remote access for their employees need look no further.We moved from a company that charged 25% for a lot less of what we need. While the old login software was limited to 10 computer for more than we currently pay, we can now remote into 100 computers with unlimited logins. We only needed 25 remote computers but since it is so cheap for the 100 computers we went with that and have started offering this service to our clients so that we can log in to their computers and get the financial data directly from their computers rather than having to have them do it for us (which can take both their time and ours and can be frustrating waiting for the data we need fast). It is MUCH easier to install the software to set up a new computer as all you have to do is name a new computer and download the installer and click on the executable file on the computer you want access to and you are done. 5 minutes to install have up and running. Then you simply have a web portal to access of your computers and you are just two clicks away from the computers you need to access from anywhere in the world.

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ConnectWise Control

Remote Support, Remote Meeting & Remote Access Software

YagneshKumar Patel

ConnectWise Control Review

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-05
Review Source: Capterra

By using Connect Wise Control we are getting on time remote access to our servers, we can perform server updates and upgrades without any connection issues. Our clients are always happy that they can access our application anytime, anywhere, any device without the loss of connection. Connect Wise Control has tons of features to use without comprising downtime in this time of century. For the past 6 months or so the company i work for has switched to Connect Wise Control, we can connect to remote servers that are most of the time unattended without the need of a human being giving us access. Moreover Connect Wise Control has some of the best features; Remote Access, which lets me to access our clients' server anywhere, anytime, and any device, Remote Meetings, with Connect Wise Control i can create a meeting to invite attendees to talk about our company's software workflow, and so much more, and lastly, the security integrated with Connect Wise Control which i can added different levels of security to different users accessing our servers via Connect Wise Control. Also, regarding to security, the different levels of security that i can give are; Permission based, Consent based, open communication, and No Footprint, Mostly we use the Consent based permission where the user will log his or her name on accessing the servers.

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ConnectWise Control

Remote Support, Remote Meeting & Remote Access Software


We have had nothing but success while using ConnectWise Control on a daily basis.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-26
Review Source: Capterra

We have been able to remotely solve many issues - saving a trip to the client location(s).We find that it is much faster and far more convenient than typical RDP and other remote solutions that we have tried. Of the features we find to be the most useful is the file transfer feature (including the built-in toolbox), and the behind the scenes command prompt feature. We use the command prompt feature all the time as to not disturb the user while modifying the system. We support over 500 seats across 25+ customers at multiple sites and the software works great. We have the client installed on Windows, Linix, and Mac OS systems. We counton this software to avoid costly site visits, and it has never let us down.

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ConnectWise Control

Remote Support, Remote Meeting & Remote Access Software

Damian West

Implemented it into a new business and everyone has loved it, so easy to use.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-08
Review Source: Capterra

Ease of use, quick remote access, friendly support.The ability to access the software from anywhere on any device. It doesn't matter if I'm next to a Windows or Mac computer, or even out and about on Android and iOS, I can still access all computers and support our users.

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ConnectWise Control

Remote Support, Remote Meeting & Remote Access Software

Jonathon Noy

Great Software, most of the time!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-08
Review Source: Capterra

Ease of access and control over Client devices. A fast and (usually) stable platform is a key component of our business operations.Speed of Remote Connections, especially on slower Internet Connections is handled very nicely. Ease of installation on new devices and talking Clients through connecting to a Support session is an advantage. Toolbox is very handy.

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ConnectWise Control

Remote Support, Remote Meeting & Remote Access Software

ConnectWise Control pricing

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Pricing options
Free trial

Annual pricing starting from $19 per tech/month. Month-to-month pricing starting from $24 per tech/month.

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ConnectWise Control

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  • Price
  • easy to use, well priced
  • Affordable, easy to integrate and use
  • Easy to use, cheap, good performance, lots of features.
  • tool box needs a bit of work
  • Visual experience, video quality.
  • ScreenConnect was A LOT cheaper a year ago....
  • Some more work on automated distribution of the client would be useful.
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ConnectWise Control features


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GetApp Analysis

ScreenConnect is a centralized remote desktop application that comes with remote access, remote support, and remote meeting features necessary for technicians to more effectively assist their customers. The app allows you to remotely access an end user’s device, so you can manage and control the installations on their machines with ease, attended or unattended.

The app’s remote meeting functionality lets users initiate meeting sessions with other technicians to discuss customer problems and find better solutions, and if needed, onboard another technician in a customer support session for collaboration. ScreenConnect can be customized to reflect your company’s branding. It works well with Windows, OSX, and Linux platforms, with mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to support any device from any platform.

What is ConnectWise Control?

ScreenConnect is a tool that lets technicians remotely access customer devices from anywhere where there’s Internet connection. It functions as the meeting point between customers and technicians, and gives support reps the ability to provide satisfactory technical assistance, minus the usually lengthy phone or chat sessions where relaying instructions to customers who aren’t tech-savvy is a frustrating experience for both parties.

Customers can be invited to join sessions through an email link, session codes, and publicly available session portals where guests select a session from a list. ScreenConnect gives you the ability to first preview if a device is being used prior to connecting, and technicians can participate in multiple support sessions simultaneously. The remote meeting feature can be used for presentations or training, and any number of participants can join.

Who is ConnectWise Control for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small businesses to large enterprises
  • Departments/roles: IT teams, managed service providers (MSPs)
  • Budget/point: Starts at $19 per technician per month
  • Example customers: Jon Rosen Systems, City of Springdale (Arkansas), SD Computer Consulting, and Coast Computing

Main features

Remote Support

ScreenConnect’s remote support capability allows technicians to create ad hoc support sessions to monitor and take control of customers’ servers or workstations, and offer them faster, more efficient technical assistance. The app comes with a centralized control panel that’s fully customizable and brandable, where users can create and manage sessions, and launch them on the fly whenever the need arises.

Remote support sessions can be initiated from any Internet-connected device. To ensure data security, ScreenConnect employs various security protocols: AES-256 encryption for each session, SSL certificate, role-based access permissions, audit logs, and other security layers that include granular permissions and multiple authentication methodologies.

Remote Access

In ScreenConnect lingo, remote access signifies unattended access. It means persistent access to your customers’ networks or computers via an access client downloaded to their systems. To begin the process, first create the client by clicking on the (+) sign to the right of the Access section on the ScreenConnect host page. The Build Installer dialog box will appear where you’ll be asked to name the client by using either the machine’s name or a specific value.

Next, enter the organization’s name, select the remote device’s operating system from the dropdown menu to determine the type of installer to download, and then click on the Download Installer button. You can immediately start an unattended support session once the client is deployed to the customer’s computer.

Remote Meeting and Presentation

ScreenConnect’s remote meeting and presentation feature allows users to conduct training sessions, collaborate with other technicians, provide project status updates to team members, and present product demos to customers or potential clients, among other things. This feature is anchored on the app's ability to share a user’s computer screen with one up to an unlimited number of users. The presenter can also choose to have participants share their screens to others in the session.

ScreenConnect lets you send remote meeting invitations to guests through email or your website, record sessions for future review or replay, switch screens from presenter to participant and vice versa, generate session codes, capture screenshots, and chat with attendees via an unobtrusive message box to the right of the screen. On-the-go participants can join meetings using their Android or iOS devices.

Branding and Customization

ScreenConnect provides branding and customization options that allow you to personalize the software according to your unique business needs. You can customize the app’s look and feel: colors, logo, desktop icon, favicon, and themes. Built-in themes that you can use right out of the box are available, and you can also create your own from scratch.

The command prompt, menu items, and the dialog boxes can be set to your local language. Full access to the software’s HTML and CSS code is provided, and you can specify how customers and technicians access your installation. ScreenConnect can be embedded to your website or deployed using a subdomain. Specific features can also be enabled or disabled.

Shared Toolbox

ScreenConnect comes with a nifty Shared Toolbox feature that allows technicians to share and run executables or other files on customers’ machines in just a few clicks. File sharing on guest computers can be done individually or simultaneously. A timeline view of the customers’ machines is available to verify that the needed files have been run.

To share files from your local drive to a customer’s computer, first, connect to a guest machine, select the Toolbox menu and click Manage. When the Shared Toolbox dialog box appears, you can immediately do three things: create a new directory or folder, upload files, or upload an entire directory. The files can be run or copied to the guest machine once uploaded to the Shared Toolbox folder.


ScreenConnect provides an API that allows you to connect the ticketing, helpdesk, CRM, RMM, and ITSM tools your organization already uses.


ScreenConnect offers four pricing packages: One, Basic, Standard, and Premium. One costs $19 per technician per month, if billed annually, offers one license per account, and supports up to 10 access agents per license and a single tech registration. Basic, which starts at $39 per tech per month, can accommodate multiple licenses and up to 50 agents per tech or license, and offers a mobile technician license.

Standard, which starts at $49 per tech per month, supports multiple licenses per account, a mobile tech license, up to 100 access agents per tech/license, a remote command line, VoIP, sound capture, and the ability to view and control Android devices.

Premium, which costs $64 per tech per month, if billed annually, covers multiple licenses, 200 agents per tech or license, a mobile tech license, remote command line, VoIP, sound capture, wake-on-LAN, video auditing, and the capacity for viewing and controlling Android devices.

Custom enterprise packages are available, the pricing for which you can avail from the sales team. ScreenConnect can likewise be deployed on-premise, where pricing starts at $2,195.

Free trials are offered.

Bottom line

  • Remote support, remote access, and remote meeting capabilities in one centralized application
  • Lets technicians collaborate on single sessions simultaneously to quickly and more effectively address customer issues
  • Easy uploading and sharing of files
  • Works with virtually any platform: Windows, OSX, Linux, and mobile devices
  • Customizable user interface for branding consistency
  • Apps available for iOS and Android devices

Additional information for ConnectWise Control


Collaborate with other techs and work on a sole session simultaneously.
Ad hoc support sessions allow for fast session creation and simple connections for users .
Transmit chat messages from the web UI to individual or group machines.
Session event triggers can automate actions, such as sending emails, depending upon system events.
Screen preview from the web UI to view if a machine is being utilized before connecting.
Central web application is the meeting point between your techs and customers.
Access from anywhere- gives you the ability to manage issues wherever there is an Internet connection.
Multiple-session support allows techs to work on multiple sessions simultaneously.
Multiple invitation: email invitations, session codes, and publicly visible sessions
Unlimited participants can join and view your online presentations.
Control and view machines through fully functional client.
Chat with users through an out-of-the-way interface.