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ClickShare Conference


Web conferencing and collaboration management solution

ClickShare Conference is a wireless communication management solution that helps businesses schedule, launch & manage conferences across multiple locations using various audio-visual devices. The XMS cloud management platform lets users view communication units & monitor utilization during meetings.

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Engage your audience with better video communication

Livestorm is a browser-based video communication platform that easily connects teams on the device of their choice to promote, host, and analyze online events.

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Video management and live streaming platform

Brandlive is a cloud-based video streaming platform designed to help businesses launch products and train employees through live and pre-recorded video content. Features include HD streaming, customizable branding, analytics, audience management, watermarking, and library collections.

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Virtual Events | Vibrant Networking | Vivid Experience

Hubilo is one of the best virtual conference platforms to ease the hassle of event planners and organizers & host virtual events. Carrying a generation ahead of the concept of video conferencing, with Hubilo you can host video conference sessions & also make them engaging.

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Video, audio and web conferencing platform

BlueJeans is a meeting platform for the modern workplace. The first cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one video meeting, BlueJeans makes meetings fast to join and simple to use, so people can work productively where and how they want.

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Cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration platform

Pexip is a cloud-based application which helps finance, healthcare, and education sectors with web conferencing, Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR) and collaboration. Pexip allows professional video systems to synchronize with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts Meet.

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The platform for modern webinars, virtual, and hybrid events

Host video conferences of all sizes right from your browser.

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Web Meeting


Video conferencing software for businesses of all sizes

Vast Conference is a cloud-based conferencing platform helping businesses conduct online meetings, webcasts & more with HD audio and video conferencing solutions. Vast Conference enables your remote teams and clients to meet face-to-face and collaborate in real-time from any device.

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Online meeting software with HD video conferencing

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing tool that allows users to host an online meeting with high-definition video conferencing from their Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device, with up to 250 participants. Users can meet, screen share and chat via internet browser, mobile or desktop application.

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Progressive Webinar App

ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform for hosting webinars and training sessions. It allows users to talk to multiple people, share screens, and translate meetings in real time. The webinar room can accommodate up to 4 presenters and up to 5000 attendees at the same time.

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Video conferencing and webinar hosting for large events

GoToWebinar enables webinar hosting for up to 3,000 people for events such as marketing, training, and corporate communications. Features include flexible scheduling, automatic reminder emails, instant-join links, interactive engagement tools, webinar performance insights, and more.

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Meeting room scheduling and video conferencing platform

Vectera is a cloud-based online conferencing platform designed to assist sales, customer success, and financial advisory teams with meeting room scheduling and video conferencing. Key features include screen sharing, file transfer, custom branding, calendars, and data encryption.

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Web conferencing and team collaboration solution is a conference management solution designed to help businesses organize, launch & manage meetings with external and internal stakeholders. The audio conferencing functionality lets users connect with participants using VoIP or domestic/local dial-in numbers.

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Online meeting and conferencing solution

StartMeeting is an online meeting and conferencing solution which enables screen sharing, audio & video communication between up to 1000 participants. The platform allows users to connect from their web browser, native mobile apps & desktop apps, and integrates with Slack, Google Calendar & Outlook.

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Web conferencing and remote support software

TurboMeeting is a web conferencing software designed to help small to medium-sized businesses manage and schedule interactive meetings with teams across multiple locations. Users can send invitations via Microsoft Outlook calendar or send IMs with prefilled meeting details.

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Conversation platform for team collaboration & productivity

Glip is a cloud-based conversation platform designed for teams to plan, share, and organize work tasks. Text and video chat features facilitate communication between team members whilst file sharing and collaborative task management encourage efficiency and productivity within teams.

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Onstream Webinars


Full-featured webcasting solution

Onstream Webinars is a cloud-based webinar solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as accounting, education, legal, health sciences, technology, media, and publishers, manage virtual meetings to streamline communication with customers, partners, and prospects.

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Web conferencing platform for chat and video communication

VidyoConnect is a web conferencing platform that helps corporate businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations conduct virtual meetings and facilitate team communication through audio or video calls. Customers can record video conferences or meetings for future reference.

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All-In-One Virtual Student Succes Platform

ConexEd is a cloud-based platform for virtual student services, instruction, and reporting. It provides ADA and FERPA-compliant software for scheduling, meeting, messaging, collaborating, and reporting. Now, campus departments can connect students to the right help at the right time on any device.

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The Ideal Webinar Platform for Teaching and Training

GoBrunch is the ideal Webinar Platform for Teaching and Training. The Free Version has no time limit, and you can create and record as many virtual classes or events you want. Turn on your camera, share your screen, share your videos, broadcast other presenters, record and create breakout sessions.

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Nextech AR Virtual Events


Cloud-based video streaming platform

Nextech AR Virtual Events is a video learning experience platform designed to help businesses provide employee training through interactive content, searchable videos, and live and on-demand webcasting. Teams can customize the visual component of widgets as per individual requirements.

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The most advanced and customizable webinar platform is a cloud-based webinar software that helps both small teams and enterprises manage webinars and online meetings. It lets any sales, HR, or marketing team easily perform online events for their audiences.

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RingCentral Video


Video conferencing software with screen sharing & team chat

RingCentral Video is a cloud-based video conferencing platform designed to help businesses conduct virtual meetings from multiple devices such as desktops, tablets & mobile devices. The solution offers collaboration tools including audio and video calls, screen sharing, integrated messaging & more.

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Webinar hosting software

WebinarJam is a webinar hosting software which supports live casting, event streaming & webinar broadcasting with multi-language & advanced analytical tools

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Modular, cloud based event management software

Full virtual integration with Zoom. Deliver the customized portal with agenda to your attendees and track their attendance.

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Buyers Guide

Video conferencing

Video conferencing software allows teams to connect and conduct business remotely through two-way video and audio transmission. It allows a host to present to an online audience from any location. Video conferencing can include multiple use cases, such as internal and external collaboration.

In this buyers guide, we’ll cover:

What is video conferencing software? 

Video conferencing software is a type of web conferencing software that helps users connect via video calls regardless of their physical location. Video conferencing includes several unique use cases, such as enabling internal/external collaboration, hosting webinars and conferences, leading training sessions, and conducting sales demos.

What is the difference between hosting video conferencing software on-premise and on the cloud?

Based on business needs, you can choose to host your video conferencing software using on-premise or cloud-based servers. We’ve explained both options below.

On-premise: In this option, the software is hosted on your server, and you have to manage maintenance, upgrades, support, bugs, and data storage internally. Any device that has access to your business server can access the software. On-premise hosting usually involves a one-time, upfront payment for the software license. However, when comparing deployment options, you should factor in the time and effort it’ll take your team to manage the software on-premise over time.

Cloud-based: Cloud-based software is hosted on the vendor’s cloud server, and you typically pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for it. The software vendor manages support, maintenance, upgrades, and data storage on your behalf. You can access the software via any device connected to the internet. While the initial upfront cost is less compared with an on-premise solution, you might end up paying more in subscription costs over the long term. 

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: Companies have unique video conferencing needs, which you should be kept in mind when deciding on a particular vendor. Here are a few key questions to ask a vendor before purchasing.

  • How does your software work for companies that already have video conferencing hardware/room setups vs. companies that primarily have users conferencing in from their own devices?

  • Do you have a desktop app that needs to be downloaded, or will users get full functionality via the web?

  • Do you offer any artificial intelligence (AI) integration, such as meeting transcriptions, background noise cancellation, or virtual meeting assistants?

What are some common features of video conferencing software?

Understanding the common features of video conferencing software will help you make an apples-to-apples comparison of the software.

Two-way audio and video: This feature allows users to conduct two-way audio and video conferences to communicate remotely.

video calling in Pepix

Video calling in Pexip

Screen sharing: Using this feature, call participants can take turns sharing their device’s screen to display content, such as documents and spreadsheets.

LoopUp screen sharing

Screen sharing in LoopUp

Presentation streaming: With this feature, users can stream a live presentation to their entire team. This functionality is helpful for a variety of use cases, such as HR training, sales demos, and webinars. 


Presentation streaming in Livestorm

Chat: The live chat feature facilitates real-time communication between call participants. It can be in the form of private chat, group chat, or both.


Direct messaging and video chats on Zoom

Mobile access: Users can schedule or attend meetings from any mobile device when they are on the go or not at their workstation.

Mobile access in G Suite

Mobile access in G Suite

Recording and playback: This feature allows users to record meetings for future reference. This can be helpful if someone missed a presentation, or if a demo or training requires multiple sessions to be completed.


Event recording in BigMarker

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication. 

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