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TrainerCentral logo

An all-in-one training platform.

visit website
TrainerCentral is an all-in-one training platform to build and sell engaging online courses.

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Users also considered logo
Category Leaders

Web conferencing and team collaboration solution

visit website is a conference management solution designed to help businesses organize, launch & manage meetings with external and internal stakeholders. The audio conferencing functionality lets users connect with participants using VoIP or domestic/local dial-in numbers.

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Users also considered logo

Communicate Better

visit website is the leading cloud-based phone company focused on the needs of SMB and entrepreneurs. In addition to offering a variety of solutions, delivers award-winning U.S. based customer support to more than 30,000 customers across America.

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Frameable MultiShare logo

Stop giving presentations. Start working together.

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Frameable MultiShare is a screen-sharing platform that allows multiple users to share screens simultaneously in Microsoft Teams calls.

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Ant Media Server logo

live streaming, webrtc & video streaming server

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Ant Media Server is a highly scalable real-time video streaming solution configured for live video streaming needs, providing playback and recording on-premises or on public cloud networks like AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. It is designed to enable customers to deploy live video streaming solutions quickly without having to worry about how it works behind the scenes.

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GlobalMeet Webcast logo

Webcasting Solutions that Inspire & Connect Audiences

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Introducing GlobalMeet, the secure and scalable webcasting solution for flawlessly delivering dynamic business communications. Elevate your communication strategy with GlobalMeet – where polished execution, unmatched versatility, scalability and global trust converge.

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Slack logo
Category Leaders

A single place for team communication and workflows

learn more
Slack is a single workspace that connects users with the people and tools they work with everyday, no matter where they are or what they do

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Google Workspace logo

Collaboration app suite for teams

learn more
Google Workspace is a suite of apps from Google which offers a number of tools to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, store files, and manage data

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Zoom Workplace logo
Category Leaders

Zoom is an all-in-one collaboration platform

learn more
With Team Chat, Phone, AI Companion, and more, Zoom Workplace is the platform for your best work. With Zoom Workplace, you can share your calendar availability, connect with your team, access your work phone on any device, and more.

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TeamViewer Remote logo

Remote support, remote access & online meetings software

learn more
TeamViewer is a remote support, remote access & online meetings management software which supports remote computer restart, printing, & install, & more

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Google Meet logo
Category Leaders

Messaging, voice, and video calls for team communication

learn more
Google Meet is a video conferencing platform for teams to communicate via messaging, voice, and video. Features include high-definition video and audio conferencing for up to 100 participants, multi-device chat sync, stored chat history, real-time captions, meeting recording function, and more.

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GoTo Meeting logo

Online meeting software with HD video conferencing

learn more
Get a fast, easy and reliable professional solution that enables customers to connect with colleagues through in-meeting chat or conference calling, and screenshare their presentations, all with the click of a button. The Meeting solution from GoTo Connect pairs productivity with flexibility.

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Microsoft Teams logo

Chat-based workspace in Office 365

learn more
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Microsoft 365 which lets users collaborate on documents, make voice & video conference calls, view chat logs, and more. Teams has replaced Skype for Business as Microsoft's online meeting solution.

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Users also considered
Webex Suite logo

One app for everything. And everyone.

learn more
Webex brings together Calling, Meeting and Messaging modes of collaboration into a seamless, engaging, inclusive and intelligent experience.

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GoTo Webinar logo

Video conferencing and webinar hosting for large events

learn more
As an online webinar solution that powers millions of webinars each year, GoTo Webinar now comes as part of GoTo Connect, an all-in-one communications software built for SMBs.

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Workplace from Meta logo

A simple and secure way to connect your organization.

learn more
Workplace from Facebook is a simple and secure way for people to share knowledge, work together and build connected communities.

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Zoho Meeting logo
Category Leaders

Web conferencing tool to host online meetings and webinars.

learn more
Zoho Meeting is a best web conferencing solution built to manage your online meetings, video conferencing and webinars. Completely browser-based and no downloads required.

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vFairs logo

Virtual events management software

learn more
vFairs is a virtual events management platform which enables organizations to host end-to-end online events & engage relevant audiences with custom registration forms, virtual booth templates, interactivity tools such as group chat or 1:1 chat, webinar functionality, event reporting, & more

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Users also considered
Cisco Jabber logo

Web conferencing, unified communications, voice & video call

learn more
Cisco Jabber is a unified communications tool that provides businesses with instant messaging, voice & video calls, voice messaging, and web conferencing. Features include file sharing, call forwarding, desktop sharing, persistent chat, active in-call controls, smartwatch compatibility, and more.

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BigMarker logo

The platform for modern webinars, virtual, and hybrid events

learn more
BigMarker combines powerful video software with robust marketing features to create the world's first end-to-end webinar solution and most customizable virtual and hybrid event platform built with marketers in mind. Utilize over 200 features to easily create webinars that stand out from the crowd.

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RingEX logo

RingEX - AI meets trusted communications

learn more
Designed to give you a flexible, mobile, and powerful cloud phone system. Experience HD-quality web, audio, and video, along with one-click functionality and webinar capabilities with RingCentral Video. Promote collaboration with team messaging, unlimited SMS, and more.

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GoTo Connect logo

The first-ever truly unified voice and video solution.

learn more
GoToConnect combines the power and reliability of Jive's cloud VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting's web, audio and video conferencing into one simple, reliable and flexible solution. Users can meet, talk, chat, text and collaborate seamlessly via web browser, desktop application, or desk phone.

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Livestorm logo
Category Leaders

Engage your audience with better video communication

learn more
Livestorm enables powerful, yet pain-free video engagements at scale. Our end-to-end video engagement platform requires no downloads, facilitates easy collaboration while capturing actionable insights—all in one place.

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Dialpad AI Meetings logo
Category Leaders

Web Conferencing Software

learn more
Dialpad Meetings is an online meeting and web conferencing software designed for businesses of all sizes. The platform allows conference calls to be scheduled, monitored, and controlled through a dedicated web interface, with tools including HD video, screen sharing, custom hold music, and more.

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Users also considered
Adobe Connect logo

Web conferencing solution for schools and organizations

learn more
Adobe Connect is a cloud-based web conferencing solution designed to help businesses, public agencies, and educational institutions organize meetings and training sessions. Features include customizable branding, team collaboration, engagement analytics, remote access, reporting & document sharing.

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Users also considered

Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Video conferencing

Video conferencing software allows teams to connect and conduct business remotely through two-way video and audio transmission. It allows a host to present to an online audience from any location. Video conferencing can include multiple use cases, such as internal and external collaboration.

In this buyers guide, we’ll cover:

What is video conferencing software? 

Video conferencing software is a type of web conferencing software that helps users connect via video calls regardless of their physical location. Video conferencing includes several unique use cases, such as enabling internal/external collaboration, hosting webinars and conferences, leading training sessions, and conducting sales demos.

What is the difference between hosting video conferencing software on-premise and on the cloud?

Based on business needs, you can choose to host your video conferencing software using on-premise or cloud-based servers. We’ve explained both options below.

On-premise: In this option, the software is hosted on your server, and you have to manage maintenance, upgrades, support, bugs, and data storage internally. Any device that has access to your business server can access the software. On-premise hosting usually involves a one-time, upfront payment for the software license. However, when comparing deployment options, you should factor in the time and effort it’ll take your team to manage the software on-premise over time.

Cloud-based: Cloud-based software is hosted on the vendor’s cloud server, and you typically pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for it. The software vendor manages support, maintenance, upgrades, and data storage on your behalf. You can access the software via any device connected to the internet. While the initial upfront cost is less compared with an on-premise solution, you might end up paying more in subscription costs over the long term. 

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: Companies have unique video conferencing needs, which you should be kept in mind when deciding on a particular vendor. Here are a few key questions to ask a vendor before purchasing.

  • How does your software work for companies that already have video conferencing hardware/room setups vs. companies that primarily have users conferencing in from their own devices?

  • Do you have a desktop app that needs to be downloaded, or will users get full functionality via the web?

  • Do you offer any artificial intelligence (AI) integration, such as meeting transcriptions, background noise cancellation, or virtual meeting assistants?

What are some common features of video conferencing software?

Understanding the common features of video conferencing software will help you make an apples-to-apples comparison of the software.

Two-way audio and video: This feature allows users to conduct two-way audio and video conferences to communicate remotely.

video calling in Pepix

Video calling in Pexip

Screen sharing: Using this feature, call participants can take turns sharing their device’s screen to display content, such as documents and spreadsheets.

LoopUp screen sharing

Screen sharing in LoopUp

Presentation streaming: With this feature, users can stream a live presentation to their entire team. This functionality is helpful for a variety of use cases, such as HR training, sales demos, and webinars. 


Presentation streaming in Livestorm

Chat: The live chat feature facilitates real-time communication between call participants. It can be in the form of private chat, group chat, or both.


Direct messaging and video chats on Zoom

Mobile access: Users can schedule or attend meetings from any mobile device when they are on the go or not at their workstation.

Mobile access in G Suite

Mobile access in G Suite

Recording and playback: This feature allows users to record meetings for future reference. This can be helpful if someone missed a presentation, or if a demo or training requires multiple sessions to be completed.


Event recording in BigMarker

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