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One Time License Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software is a tool that helps host webinars, meetings, and online events via the internet, often with video. Users can connect to the web conference through a dial-in number, using the telephone, or through a VoIP connection, using a computer system.

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Virtual Events | Vibrant Networking | Vivid Experience

One Time License
Multiple Pricing Plans are available. Final price may vary based on your event requirements.

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Web conferencing and remote support software

One Time License
TurboMeeting pricing starts at $795 for a standard, one-time license.

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The Best Virtual Conference & Event Platform On The Market

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One Time License
Bettercast has 3 pricing functions. 1 - For each room or stage there is a flat $120 Per day Per Room 2 - For each guest, there is a $3.50 Per viewer Per day *Minimum of 100 guests for the entire event | or If you want Bettercast to manage the tickety sales for you, we charge 8% of the ticket fee. 3 - If you want Bettercast to host videos after your event, we charge $800 per year.

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Virtual events management software

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One Time License
Contact vFairs for detailed pricing information.

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Virtual and hybrid events platform with engagement features

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One Time License
Glisser offers a freemium package that includes all interaction features and is limited by number of presentations, a handful of features and access to data. This is designed for non-commercial users to get the basic features at no cost. You can upgrade to Expert and Enterprise accounts for more presentations, features, full data access and Glisser's advanced event management features for larger events with multiple sessions. Licences can be issued for individuals, or packaged for organizations with multiple users. For one off events, specific packages can be designed based upon your requirements.

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Video conferencing software for recruitment agencies

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One Time License
InterviewOpps is also available at $199 per month and $499 per month. No contracts, pay as you go, unlimited interviews!

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French-language webinar solution including lead generation

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One Time License
Three pricing plans are available, all excluding taxes : - Training and communication oriented webinars : from 890€ per webinar - Sales and marketing oriented webinars : from 1590€ per webinar - Platform and webinar software : from 3450€ per year The platform cost is not included in the first two pricing plans. Please contact Webikeo for more pricing details.

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Virtual event software for hosting trade shows & exhibitions

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One Time License
Please contact Showfloor directly for pricing information.

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