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Helix IM

Issue management software for demanding development projects

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Helix IM overview

Helix IM is issue management software that sits within Perforce's Development Lifecycle Management product, the modular Helix ALM suite. Available alongside the fully integrated Helix RM (Requirements management) and TCM (Test Case Management) modules, Helix IM can also be deployed standalone on 12-month license subscriptions, both on-premise or within the cloud. Branded as a defect tracking tool for the most demanding development projects, Helix IM in fact promises to handle the management of thousands of issues, defects and bugs. Users can raise every type of issue with simplicity and ease, prioritizing and analyzing their risk while enjoying automated tracking of issue status.

Capable of monitoring feature and change requests also, Helix IM allows dashboards, task boards and customizable reports to be created to intuitively measure progress. Issues can then quickly be queried, found and pinpointed more quickly by virtue of search and filtering functionality. Defect traceability is then enhanced by the ability to automatically link defects to failed test runs, especially when used in conjunction with Helix TCM. Promising robust integration with existing toolsets and of course the broader Helix ALM suite, users can connect to other applications thanks to a bundled SOAP-based SDK.


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Helix IM screenshot: Helix IM's configurable dashboards allow for the visualization of data such as issue status, issue priorities, assigned issues, issues types and morePerforce Helix IntroductionHelix IM screenshot: Hierarchical folders provide a familiar management metaphor for visualizing products, projects and backlogsHelix IM screenshot: Via the issues tab, users can view issue status, assignments and a range of associated data pointsHelix IM screenshot: Task boards can be used to track issue status and the implied actions for a successful resolution workflowHelix IM screenshot: Integration with Helix ALM allows for comprehensive historical reporting on issues and fixes traced to codeHelix IM screenshot: Issues can be tracked to have the results of resolution and development progress monitored using a range of feedback options including dashboards, task boards, and customizable reportingHelix IM screenshot: The tool allows customer feedback to be acknowledged, incorporating feature requests into development with email importing and parsing capabilitiesHelix IM screenshot: Combined usage with Helix TCM allows issues to be traced through the whole lifecycle, automatically linking defects or bugs to failed test runsHelix IM screenshot: Integration with the Helix ALM suite is joined by IDE integration options, version control tools, plus additional third-party applications via a SOAP-based SDK

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Helix IM features

Activity Dashboard
Alerts / Escalation
Application Integration
Workflow Management

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Additional information for Helix IM

Key features of Helix IM

  • Filtering
  • Workflow management
  • Backlog management
  • Issue management
  • Bug tracking
  • Defect tracking
  • Customizable reporting
  • Activity dashboards
  • Dashboard creation
  • Risk analytics
  • Filtered views
  • Search functionality
  • Alerts / escalation
  • Email notifications
  • Email import
  • Email parsing
  • Feedback collection
  • Escalation rules
  • Application integration
  • Folder management
  • Status tracking
  • Status reporting
  • Task tracking
  • Task planning
  • Charting
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Perforce's Helix IM, the issue management module within its Helix ALM suite, supports complex project managers with logging, tracking and reporting on bugs, defects, tasks, feature / change requests, and other development-related issues.

Automatic import and parsing of feedback emails enables feature and change requests to be baked into the issue resolution process, using time-based escalation rules and acknowledgement notifications to inspire confidence within a customer base.

When used in combination with Helix TCM, defects can be linked automatically to failed test runs to form a fully traceable history of test failure resolution.

Inform all stakeholders of issue management progress with a range of feedback features including dashboards, burn-up / down charts, task boards for tracking task handling, plus customizable reports.

Available as an Enterprise-level standalone issue tracker and workflow management module, Helix IM is also seamlessly integrated with the wider Helix ALM product suite, while its SOAP-based SDK facilitates custom connectivity to other apps.