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Software Ideas Modeler logo

Powerful diagramming and wireframing CASE tool

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Software Ideas Modeler is a lightweight yet powerful CASE tool. Its complete toolset allows users to describe and design software and processes using UML 2.5, BPMN 2.0, SysML 1.5, ERD, flowcharts, ArchiMate, Autosar, and other diagrams.

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Moqups logo

Visual collaboration platform for designers and developers

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Moqups is a cloud-based visual collaboration tool that helps organizations create & validate functional prototypes for designing websites or mobile applications. Whiteboard functionality lets teams collaborate on wireframes, mockups, and diagrams, and develop sitemaps, storyboards or flowcharts.

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Zoho Show logo

Online Presentation Software

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Make detailed mind maps with a wide array of flowchart symbols. Add symbols, connectors and shapes, and edit them with vector precision.

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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM logo

Diagramming and business process management platform

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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a diagramming software that allows users to create diagrams, flowcharts, and other types of drawings. It is designed for business and engineering professionals who need to create diagrams and other visual representations of their ideas.

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Astah Professional logo

Project documentation tool

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Astah Professional is a design tool that helps users create project documentation. Users can create UML diagrams, ERD, DFD, flowcharts, CRUD, requirement diagrams, and mind maps.

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SAP Signavio logo

Signavio enables you to unleashes the power of process.

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With over 1 million users in over 1,300 companies worldwide, Signavio is a leader in business transformation solutions. Recognized for its ease of use and rapid ROI, Signavio’s intelligent decision-making tools have placed digital transformation and OpEx at the center of the world’s top enterprises.

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Slickplan logo

Everything You Need To Plan A Website

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Slickplan is a planning suite for creating websites. It supports building website sitemaps, crafting user flow diagrams, planning content, creating projects, sharing and real-time collaboration: add multiple users to your account, chat live, comment, grant access and assign an approval process.

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think-cell logo

Charting and layout software for Microsoft PowerPoint

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think-cell is a powerful charting and layout software that streamlines PowerPoint work and such improves slide creation efficiency and quality. Within minutes you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides. Within minutes, you get slides with automated labeling and a clean overall layout of your content.

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EventDraw logo

Experience the Power of EventDraw: Where Events Come to Life

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EventDraw is top event diagram software with 2D/3D visualization, real-time collaboration, and a vast library for effortless event space design. From small gatherings to large conferences, it offers scalability, customization, and data analytics. Visit to create remarkable events.

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Thortspace logo

Cloud-based & on-premise strategic planning tool for teams.

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Thortspace is a cloud-based and on-premise strategic planning platform that helps businesses and organizations conceive new ideas, collaborate on existing ones, and capture knowledge. It is a collaborative mind mapping software that enables businesses to make diagrams of any thinking structure and the relationships amongst any set of thoughts.

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Minitab Workspace logo

Discover. Elevate your work with the ultimate toolkit to cle

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Minitab Workspace is a productivity solution which provides visualization tools such as fishbone, value stream, and process maps, along with Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Five Whys, and Monte Carlo simulation.

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Users also considered logo

World's First, All-in-One AI Visual Workspace!

learn more Revolutionize strategy & creativity with AI. Transform sketches to visuals, analyze data & documents easily. Ideal for leaders to designers. Over 47,000 users & 5,000 companies globally trust us. Elevate innovation at

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Pencil Project logo

GUI prototyping software with built-in shapes collection

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Pencil Project is an open-source GUI prototyping software designed to help developers create mockups across popular desktop platforms. It lets teams draw different types of user interfaces ranging from desktop to mobile platforms using the built-in shapes collection.

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DRAKON Editor Web logo

Online diagram, flowchart, mind map, and checklist software

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DrakonHub is an online diagramming software enabling the creation of clear flowcharts, mind maps, and checklists. Designed for software developers, development managers, and business users to create visual business processes and summaries, DrakonHub supports tablet computers and real-time editing.

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Graficto logo

The infographic creator creates fantastic infographics.

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Graficto is an easy-to-use infographic and smart visuals maker that allows you to create infographic designs in seconds.

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Cacti logo

Network graphing RRDTool

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Cacti is an application performance management and monitoring RRDTool used to administrate network graphing functions. Cacti provides in-depth graph templating, numerous data acquisition methods all controlled through it's dashboard.

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Klaxoon logo

The engaging visual collaboration platform for enterprises.

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As video conferencing falls short, visual management rises. Klaxoon's all-in-one platform integrates interactive tools like whiteboards and diagrams, enhancing collaboration and real-time feedback in meetings, fostering participant engagement and productivity.

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jsPlumb logo

Building connectivity quickly.

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jsPlumb provide a means for a developer to visually connect elements on their web page.

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VisionFlow logo

Product dev., ALM, ITSM, Help Desk, Project Mng. and CRM

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VisionFlow is a powerful, web-based software with modules for Issue Tracking, Customer Support, CRM, Time Management, Document management, Product and Release management, Asset Management and much more. VisionFlow offers extensive functionality but is easy to use and flexible at the same time.

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Overflow logo

User flows done right.

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Overflow gives designers and product managers the ability to create interactive user flows and stunning design presentations.

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ClickCharts logo

Flexible Diagram Drawing and Creation

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ClickCharts is a flow chart and mind mapping solution that helps businesses design diagrams from within the centralized platform. Staff members can generate visualizations to generate insights into organizations, processes, UML diagrams, and more.

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Astah UML logo

On-premise diagram tool for software design.

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Astah UML is an on-premise diagram tool that allows users to create various UML diagrams such as class diagrams, ER diagrams, sequence diagrams, and activity diagrams. The tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Astah UML helps users create flowcharts, compare figures, switch icons, and more. Additionally, it also provides an API that facilitates integration with other software development tools, allowing users to extend its functionality.

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Cloudcraft logo

Cloud architecture visualization

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Draw smart AWS cloud architecture diagrams

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netTerrain Logical logo

Automated network documentation & drawing tool

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Automatically map the network and create user-friendly diagrams with logical and physical network views.

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Astah System Safety logo

MBSE tool for safety-critical systems

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Astah System Safety is a MBSE tool that supports safety analysis, design, and assurance. It enables creating diagrams and models like ISO26262, STAMP, STPA, GSN, SysML, SOTIF, ASAM SCDL, and safety concepts for system engineering of autonomous systems.

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