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ARMATURE Fabric for Accreditors

Accreditation and certification solution

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ARMATURE Fabric for Accreditors overview

ARMATURE Fabric is a web-based accreditation management solution that helps accreditation and certification bodies manage standards, self-assessments, audits, and data collection. The solution is powerful and easy to configure, and allows the user to track all people, programs, and organizations they manage.

The software helps organizations measure and calculate risks through issue capture and remediation tools. The software also allows the user to link issues to standards, track compliance across organizations, conduct and create custom audits, and integrate audit data with the current business systems.

The features of this platform include CAPA, document control, external and internal audits, change management, deviation requests and more. The platform enables accreditation businesses to keep track of all the organizations that they’ve worked with, including their accreditation history, key contacts, related documents and more. ARMATURE Fabric also allows users to customize the solution per their business needs, set user roles and permissions, create forms and questionnaires, and manage and update quality standards.

With ARMATURE Fabric, accreditors can keep tabs on organizations, individuals, and groups and capture the relationship history in a single place. Users can also create and manage codes, standards, and policies and even link them to non-conformances and assessment results. The software can integrate with various third-party platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, NetForum, QuickBooks, custom-built software, SalesForce, and other management systems.


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ARMATURE Fabric for Accreditors screenshot: Users can create their own custom forms and fields to collect accreditation data from programs and institutions 2018 04 ARMATURE Fabric™ OverviewARMATURE Fabric for Accreditors screenshot: Assessments can be carried out online by institutions to assess accreditations and compliance

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Additional information for ARMATURE Fabric for Accreditors


ARMATURE Fabric allows users to keep track of every individual in the accreditation network, and manage surveyor information, contact information, and committee membership.

Users can make specific stages optional and control who can upload or comment on files, add custom fields and more, through customizable permissions.

ARMATURE allows the user to track each accreditation program individually and maintain separate contact information.

The self-service portal allows the user to track where they are in the accreditation process.

ARMATURE enables the user to run their organization easily and keep tabs on people, what is coming up next and what is due when.