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End-to-end eDiscovery suite for organizations & firms

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Discover360 is an end-to-end eDiscovery suite that empowers corporations, enterprises, & firms to manage their workflows for legal holds, preservation, collections, & compliance. The platform indexes data from multiple sources into a single repository to facilitate early case assessment and review.

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Legal document management software for compliance teams

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Hanzo is a data discovery software designed to help legal and compliance teams identify, collect, and preserve enterprise datasets. Administrators can capture data from teams' messages and other interactive web content and replicate it for investigation and review.

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Liquid Lit Manager


Electronic discovery software for the healthcare sector

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Liquid Lit Manager is an eDiscovery software that helps legal teams in healthcare, education, manufacturing and other sectors collaborate on cases, budgets and strategies across various legal issues. It allows managers to combine case-related documents in PDFs and split them according to file sizes.

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