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Mailspice is an email analytics add-on tool for online-marketers, agencies, and developers within small, medium and large enterprises. The platform provides users with e-mail tracking, analysis, and reporting for detailed insights into email campaigns and newsletters. Users can get real-time statistics on engagement and activity, clicks, heatmaps, geolocation, and time zone data.

Mailspice enables users and organizations to track engagement and activity to monitor if emails had actually been opened or immediately deleted, as well as find out if readers read through the emails or just quickly glanced over them. Users can strategically target email recipients based on their time zone and location to target appropriate markets using the platform's geo-location and time features. Click-through tracking and heatmaps provide data on the links that were clicked on the most, with visual representations that display “hot spots” for where readers spent the most time, and “cold spots,” for areas the readers ignored.

The solution works with every email service provider (ESP) by inserting a unique Mailspice code into any email template. Reporting and exporting features allow users to export tracking and analytics data to spreadsheet applications such as Excel, and generate PDF reports. Users are able to store and post-process all email activity on-premise, and integrate Mailspice analytics into their in-house CRM, data warehouse, or big data solution.


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mailspice screenshot: Get detailed engagement and device tracking with geographical heat mapsHow to Track Email Marketing KPI's with mailspice analyticsmailspice screenshot: Retrieve real-time statistics on top email clients, clicked links, and moremailspice screenshot: Find out what time most emails and newsletters are opened and get live data on user activitymailspice screenshot: View quick summaries on the performance of email campaigns mailspice screenshot: Mailspice analytics works with any email service provider by inserting the analytics code into the template

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Engagement Analytics
Real Time Data
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Key features of mailspice

  • Multi-variate testing
  • Drip campaigns
  • Behavior driven rules
  • Works with all email providers
  • Advanced email analytics
  • Advanced email reports
  • Compliance
  • Data privacy by design
  • On-premise data post-processing
  • Activity tracking
  • Geolocation & open time
  • Click-through tracking
  • Heatmaps
  • Tracking data & analytics reports
  • PDF reports
  • Analytics code
  • Personal data anonymization by default
  • Agreement on Commissioned Data Processing (ACDP)
  • Open statistics
  • CRM integration
  • Big data integration
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Reader engagement tracking
  • Link tracking
  • Device tracking
  • Target groups
  • A/B testing
  • Data safety assurance
  • In-house storage
  • Post-processing
  • Auto-responders
  • Newsletter management
  • Template management
  • Enterprise API
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Marketers can go beyond the basic key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as “opens” and “clicks” with Mailspice analytics, and get data on reader activity & engagement, target groups, and more.

Mailspice’s A/B split-testing feature enables email designers to compare different versions of the same email design to make design desicions to generate better results.

Developers and enterprise IT departments can respond to flaws in a timely manner by using Mailspice analytics to track and resolve technical or deliverability issues.

Users can strategically target their email recipients using geo-location and time zone features to get the right emails to the appropriate audience.

Mailspice works with any email service provider (ESP), simply by inserting the special code into email templates.