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Marketing Analytics Software

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Adverity logo



Get Data. Get Insights.

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Adverity is an integrated data platform that enables companies to reduce complexity and make better decisions with advanced Marketing Analytics data.

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Agency Reporter logo

Agency Reporter


Fast. Easy. Beautiful. Attribution Reporting.

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Agency Reporter clearly shows the marketing impact marketing agency delivers to clients and is quick to deploy and demonstrate clear ROI on marketing services.

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AgencyAnalytics logo



The All-In-One Marketing Reporting Platform for Agencies.

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Agency Analytics is the all-in-one marketing analytics reporting dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. Connect with 50+ data sources to monitor & report all of your campaigns in one place.

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 logo

SAS Customer Intelligence 360


SAS CI360 reinvents marketing via data-driven decisioning

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No matter your level of marketing maturity, marketing solutions from SAS empower you to reimagine marketing. Adaptive planning, journey activation and a real-time decision engine enable you to create appealing, moments-based customer experiences that boost profitability and strengthen brand loyalty.

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Audiense logo



Consumer segmentation and cultural insights at the core

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Audiense Insights allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is. Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create a report, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles, creating highly personalised audience segments.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud logo

Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Stand out in Your Customer's Inbox

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Meet Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the leading marketing solution to increase engagement with every consumer.

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Funnel logo



Your marketing data hub.

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Funnel is the leading marketing data hub. We power your reporting and analytics to give you incredible control over your performance.

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Adriel logo



Your one-stop marketing data and insights platform.

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Adriel has all the tools you need to handle complex marketing campaigns and reach your advertising goals.

Goodbye endless spreadsheets, PDFs, and back-and-forth emails. Adriel is unified, business-ready marketing data at your team's fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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FunnelTap logo



Funnel ROI calculator and campaign forecasts

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Create funnel scenarios for your marketing and sales campaigns. Forecasts your marketing programs based on different variables and visualize your funnel performance.

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Bionic Media Planning Software logo

Bionic Media Planning Software


#1 Rated Media Planning and Media Buying Tool

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Bionic for Agencies gathers, standardizes, and delivers your media buying performance data. Build custom dashboards with Bionic Data Studio. Feed your marketing database with Bionic Data Pipe.

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Whatagraph logo



All-in-one marketing reporting tool for digital agencies.

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Whatagraph helps agencies and marketers make sense of marketing analytics data with automated, visual, and engaging performance reports. Connect your PPC, social media, SEO, and other marketing channels and build reports instantly!

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Tagger logo



Influencer marketing platform.

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Businesses can use an influencer marketing platform to locate and connect with influencers, launch marketing campaigns, and track ROI.

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Pyze logo



Actionable customer intelligence for brands & enterprises

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Pyze is an actionable customer intelligence suite which helps brands and enterprises to maximize user retention through AI-based engagement and personalization

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Instapage logo



Create landing pages without limits.

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Instapage makes it easy to continually optimize landing pages with built-in experimentation tools, including A/B/n testing, heat maps, and real-time analytics. Start building higher-performing pages today.

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Style Report logo

Style Report


Software for generating and sharing custom reports

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Style Report is a cloud-based reporting software designed to help businesses of all sizes generate and share interactive reports using structured and non-structured data via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to personalize the reports using custom parameters and configure security protocols across different data models and cells by roles, users, or groups.

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GivingDNA logo



Data analytics + wealth screening tool for fundraisers

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GivingDNA is a next-generation data analytics and wealth screening tool that helps nonprofits build super-targeted segments. Fundraisers and nonprofit marketers get insights that help you quickly profile and segment your donors and take the next steps toward custom donor experiences.

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Swydo logo



Google Ads and PPC reporting and monitoring tool

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Swydo is a web-based monitoring, reporting, and workflow solution for online marketers using Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and more

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Reportei logo



A social media management and digital marketing solution

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Reportei is a social media management tool that makes it possible to create professional digital marketing reports, perform surveys, and run detailed data analyses on main channels, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Google Ads. Available in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

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BL.INK logo



Link management, URL shortening, and analytics platform

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BL.INK is a link management software designed to help enterprises shorten, brand, track and control URLs. Teams can monitor and measure touchpoints across engagement journeys, edit vanity keywords and utilize graphs or charts to gain insights into clicks between date ranges based on geographical locations.

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Mediatool logo



Media Planning and Campaign Management Platform.

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Mediatool is a media planning tool that helps advertisers and marketing organizations plan, analyze and manage marketing activities & budgets across multiple campaigns. The platform includes a unified portal for marketers to receive feedback from clients and approve/reject media plans with comments.

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Solitics logo



Customer journey and marketing analytics management software

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Solitics is a cloud-based analytics software designed to help businesses create marketing strategies and gather and evaluate customer data in a unified portal to optimize customer engagement, marketing, data analysis, conversion rates, and other operations. The platform complies with ISO security standards and automatically encrypts communications to ensure secure storage, sharing, and access to data.

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FraudScore logo



Antifraud solution for online advertising

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FraudScore is a SaaS antifraud solution with separate products for ad fraud prevention and detection. The software works with desktop and mobile. Integrated with all leading ad platforms, has pixel, JS, API, PostBack integrations.

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Mailchimp logo



Email and advertising marketing automation platform

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Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that allows users to create, send & analyze email & ad campaigns, with email templates, landing pages, and a mobile app

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Google Analytics 360 logo

Google Analytics 360


Enterprise-class web analytics

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Enterprise-level analytics platform for marketers, BI staff, and online businesses to gain insights into customer website interactions.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub logo

HubSpot Marketing Hub


All in one inbound marketing platform

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With HubSpot’s inbound marketing software platform, you have access to integrated metrics that span your contacts database, marketing content & website traffic.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Marketing Analytics Software

What is marketing analytics software?

Marketing analytics software helps marketers measure, manage, and analyze multiple marketing campaigns. It helps track the performance of marketing efforts across channels such as email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertisements. It gives insights into customer behavior, website traffic trends, and return on investment (ROI) from marketing activities, as well as other metrics, to help marketers make data-driven decisions about how best to market their products or services. 

The software integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to provide insights into customers' buying behavior, facilitating better decision-making for future marketing activities. Furthermore, it enables A/B testing of different marketing strategies, such as split testing landing pages and email content to optimize conversions.

What are some common features of marketing analytics software?

  • Performance metrics: Measures the performance of marketing campaigns by tracking key performance indicators, such as website conversions, bounce rate, cost per customer acquisition, and ROI. This helps marketers analyze the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns, capture market trends, identify areas for improvement, and optimize future campaigns.

  • Multi-channel data collection: Collects data from multiple sources, such as websites, social media platforms, and emails. It helps marketers track customer behavior across channels to gain valuable insights into their target audience's interests and preferences.

  • Campaign tracking: Monitors the performance of campaigns—from initial launch to completion—across multiple channels (email, social media, and more).

  • ROI tracking: Tracks the return on investment for each marketing campaign. This provides insight into campaign performance and enables marketers to optimize their marketing strategy for better results in future campaigns.

  • Data visualization: Helps marketers visualize marketing campaign performance data on a unified dashboard to identify trends, outliers, and patterns within marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of using marketing analytics software?

  • Analyzes the success of marketing campaigns: Marketing analytics software provides insights into customer behavior, market trends, and product performance—helping marketers analyze the success of marketing campaigns. Using these data-driven insights, they can identify trends, spot opportunities for improvement, track customer interactions with content or products, and optimize budgeting decisions. 

  • Improves marketing campaigns: Marketing analytics software enables marketers to analyze key performance indicators for their campaigns, including website visits, click-through rates, time spent on pages, email opens/clicks, and more. With this marketing data, they can identify areas of improvement and potential growth opportunities, and alter existing campaigns to achieve desired results.

  • Tracks customer engagement: This software provides insights into how customers interact with your website, social media platforms, ads, emails, and more. Using customer engagement data, you can look into customers' purchasing behavior and preferences, which helps improve targeted marketing campaigns and product development initiatives. With marketing analytics software, you can also identify market trends that help you understand what works best with your target audience.

What are the potential issues with marketing analytics software?

  • Data integrity issues: Marketing analytics software relies on accurate and reliable marketing data to provide insights. If the data being used is incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated, the insights generated by the software may be flawed or misleading.

  • Expensive maintenance fees: Some marketing analytics solutions levy hefty charges as maintenance fees. These can add up over time and impact the ROI from investing in such technology, as businesses may fail to recoup their costs due to ongoing expenses for upkeep or support services. Additionally, these costs may go unknown until after purchase and setup, leaving businesses with no choice but to pay them to use the full capabilities of the system.

  • Missed opportunities due to lack of flexibility and scalability: Some marketing analytics tools limit a business’s ability to customize the software for its specific needs and its capability to scale up or down when needed. It increases the risk of missing out on opportunities due to limited insight into customer behavior and data analysis capabilities. It also increases the costs associated with upgrades or changes over time.

  • Complex software usage for beginners: A marketing analytics tool can be complex and overwhelming, with a steep learning curve for beginners. It makes it difficult for businesses to get started and fully leverage the capabilities of the software. Moreover, businesses may need to hire experts to help with training, implementation, and management, which can be costly.

How much does marketing analytics software cost?

Most marketing analytics platforms are priced on a “per month” basis, and their entry-level pricing plan ranges from $8 to $100+* per month. An enterprise product that’s priced higher may include additional features such as AI-based forecasting insight, audit logs, auto-generated customer segments for targeting, social media analytics, marketing automation, and deal insights.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of March 21, 2023.

Key considerations when purchasing marketing analytics software

  • Analyze predictive analysis capability. Predictive analytics help marketers understand customer behavior and provide insights into how they may react or respond in different scenarios. It helps optimize campaigns for maximum success and ensures efficient use of resources. Evaluate what types of data sets are available within the platform and how advanced its algorithms are to help you get an accurate picture before making a purchase decision.

  • Test customer segmentation accuracy. Accurate customer segmentation is essential for an effective marketing analytics platform. It helps target the right customers and better understand their needs, interests, behavior patterns, and preferences. After understanding the target audience, marketers can develop tailored marketing campaigns—ultimately increasing conversion rates and improving ROI.

  • Assess data visualization features: Data visualization helps identify market trends, allowing for more accurate insights into customer behavior and preferences, as well as potential areas of improvement and growth opportunities. Before making your purchase, ensure that your chosen software provides intuitive navigation tools, visual representations (charts, graphs, and tables), and customization options.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp's marketing analytics software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in GetApp’s directory that offer them. 


This marketing analytics software buyers guide was authored by GetApp's content team. We develop our guides using the author’s expertise, insights from 2M+ unique user reviews, and our proprietary data science algorithms to identify trends in user sentiment, preferences, and priorities. Some text was generated with assistance from AI tools.