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Church Office Online

Web based church management software

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Church Office Online overview

Church Office Online is a web based church management software with its own iOS and Android apps . Using Church Office Online’s mobile apps, users can add new members, edit existing member profiles, manage groups, review completed and incomplete follow-ups and tasks, assign interactions to staff, take event attendance, register visitors, communicate with members, and more. Integrations with Twilio and MailChimp allow users to send out mass emails and text messages to church members, notifying them of emergencies, cancellations, changes to meetings, and keeping them up to date with church news

Church Office Online empowers members to manage and update their own profile information, without allowing access to other members’ personal or sensitive information. Members can view and download annual contribution statements, search for other members in the online directory, see events on the church calendar, and be reminded of birthdays and other important church anniversaries.

Church Office Online’s child check-in feature allows parents to check their children into events using their mobile phones once they are within half a mile of the church. Name tags are printed automatically on check-in, with matching numbers for parents and children to increase security, and the option to include health and allergy notes on children's badges.

Church Office Online’s integrated online giving lets users create multiple funds to accept online, mobile and kiosk donations. Through the custom-branded online giving page, members can set up recurring contributions, which are automatically collected, and users can also enable Facebook integration to allow members to donate directly from the church’s Facebook page. There are multiple payment options available, such as debit card, credit card, and eChecks, and users can choose which forms of payment to accept. Church Office Online also enables users to view giving trends, high and low donation months, and month-to-month donation comparisons, as well as creating donor contribution statements and custom reports.


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Church Office Online screenshot: Church Office Online includes Android and iOS appsChurch Office Online's 2012 Management SoftwareChurch Office Online screenshot: Users can access a full directory of church members in Church Office OnlineChurch Office Online screenshot: Each church member has their own user profile in the Church Office Online databaseChurch Office Online screenshot: Users can take attendance through Church Office OnlineChurch Office Online screenshot: Church Office Online allows users to send out mass communications by voice message, email, or text messageChurch Office Online screenshot: Users can view a full activity log in Church Office Online's dashboardChurch Office Online screenshot: Church Office Online produces graphs of attendance for users to track changes over timeChurch Office Online screenshot: Users can view and edit members' personal and contact details in Church Office OnlineChurch Office Online screenshot: Church Office Online allows users to select from multiple different member types, including first time visitor, non-attending, and pastorChurch Office Online screenshot: Church Office Online also includes a child check-in feature

Church Office Online reviews

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Bert Eskridge

CRC Tweaks 1

Reviewed 2012-10-10
Review Source: Capterra

I would definitely recommend COO to a small to medium size church who wants to keep things simple for decent pricing such as my church. The overall look of COO is pleasing and not intimidating. Thus far it is user friendly. The casual computer user would find it simple enough to use. This was VERY important in selecting COO. Many congregants/volunteers are occasional or casual computer users. It was important to find an application that they would find to be user-friendly and comprehensive.

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Connie Stegeman

Highly Recommend

Reviewed 2012-10-03
Review Source: Capterra

Church Membership Online has been a great tool for our Church and I would highly recommend it. It offers many user friendly, useful, tools that help make my job easier. I appreciate the fact that I could begin immediately using the program without attending off site training seminars which are costly. They are very dedicated to continuing to enhance the features of the program to meet the need of growing churches.Choosing a new membership management software can be very stressful and overwhelming. I really appreciated the free trial period offered. It gave me a chance to work with the program to see if it would meet the needs of our church with no cost or obligation. It took a lot of the pressure off. The data import from previous software based program was very smooth. I found the program to be very user friendly. I can easily find answers to any questions I encounter through the Knowledge Base online. On the one occasion I did need to contact Customer Support I found them to be very friendly, helpful and quick to respond. The video tutorials are also very helpful. The ability to allow members of the congregation to access certain areas of the program allows them to access the most up to date contact information for fellow members and in return, saves me the time of answering phone calls to relay that information and also money as we no longer need to print a directory.

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Julie Kokes

Love Church Membership Online

Reviewed 2012-11-12
Review Source: Capterra

We love this database and would highly recommend it to other churches. It can do a a little or a lot for your church. We searched several database products before trying the 60 trial with Church Membership Online. We were thrilled with the product, and paid for a year's subscription. This was a great decision for our church. We really like all of the features that Church Membership Online offers. The directory is most helpful to all ministry leads. I can easily keep the database updated without having to reprint directories for all ministry leads. We have recently linked the calendar on Church Membership to our website. This has simplified the process of keeping all information current and up-to-date. The attendance feature is streamlined and easy to use. There are many features of Church Membership that we have yet to tap into - someday! Great product, easy to use, dashboard makes all features readily available! Love it!

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Steve Allen

Getting used to the new version

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-07
Review Source: Capterra

We've been using COO for about four years. The new upgrades have some very good features but take some time to get used to. Some glitches in the financial management parts. Still needs some work in a more flexible arrangement on the input page for individuals. Support has been helpful and responsive. Looking forward to using the new features. Relatively easy to use. Automatic updates included in the price. Good support.

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Violet Asem

Church Office Online Review

Reviewed 2012-10-27
Review Source: Capterra

I highly recommend this program and this company to anyone, church or other religious organization interested in a program such as this. You have been such a blessing to us and to many in God's Kingdom and it is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless you and use you and your programs to further His Kingdom. I love all the features I am using on this program. This was definitely a God sent because I was looking for a church program to use for our church for financial records. It was also a blessing to discover other records are automatically generated in the process. I like the fact that the church can maintain membership records through this program by basically just entering contributions. This program is able to record different demographics. The different reports that one is able to produce at the push of a button and from just recording contributions is unbelievable. The other feature is that of customer support. I have found such support impeccable. So far I have spoken to Mike Smith several times since I signed up for the program and he makes you understand everything so easily - the respect to the individual customer is commendable. He truly makes you not be ashamed to come back with the same question. I cannot wait to try other new features down the pipe.

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Pricing is based on number of records.

0-250: $35/month
251-600: $75/month
601-1200: $105/month
1201-2500: $200/month
2501-6000: $375/month
6001-10000: $500/month
10000+ contact for pricing

5% discount for paying annually.

Church Office Online features

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Additional information for Church Office Online

Key features of Church Office Online

  • Mobile check-in
  • Online giving
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Group messaging
  • Role and permission creation
  • MailChimp integration
  • Multiple calendar management
  • Equipment and room reservations
  • RFID check-in support
  • Name badge printing
  • Data import as Excel or CSV
  • Attendance management
  • Interaction records
  • Mass email, SMS and voice messages
  • Targeted communications
  • Personal contact information management
  • Contribution statements
  • Child check-in
  • Custom information fields
  • Custom reports
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Users can send text messages to individual members and groups for emergency notifications, changes to planned meetings, cancellations, or prayer alerts.

Integrated online giving allows users to accept online donations into multiple funds, as well as mobile and kiosk giving, with options for automated recurring donations, and social media integration to let members donate directly through the church’s Facebook page.

Parents can check their children in on their mobile phones before arriving at the church, and name tags are automatically printed with matching security numbers for parent and child, plus notes on health and allergies.

Members can manage and update their own profiles and contact details, download contribution statements for their records and taxes, search the online member directory, and view the church calendar, all without being granted access to sensitive information.

Through the Church Office Online mobile apps, users can add and edit member profiles, manage groups, review tasks and follow-ups, assign member interactions to staff for completion, take attendance and track absences, send mass communications, and more.