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DONATION is an easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful solution best suited to small and mid-sized organizations. Intended primarily for record-keeping of donors and donations, issuing receipts, reporting, and mail-merge, DONATION is not a fundraising system. (If that's your requirement you might want a more full-featured and customizable fundraising program - that's also more expensive!) Over 4,000 registered users in churches and charities in the U.S., Canada and around the world make DONATION their program of choice.


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Bill Schuurmans

Using a ledger and excel spreadsheet VERY time consuming and this has simplified everything

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-02
Review Source: Capterra

ease of data input the reports program they have kept it simple but with many programs within it at an affordable cost simple but detailed.

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Don Evans

Donation Program from Software4Nonprofits

Reviewed 2016-10-26
Review Source: Capterra

An exceedingly good program. I have been using it since 2014 and would not consider any other program. Excellent support! No flaws that I have encountered. Strongly recommended! There are many reports available within the program, probably all that anyone would need, but if you would like some other report it is not too difficult to create one and it can be memorized for future use. We are not currently using the Accounts program, because the church treasurer prefers to use QuickBooks, with which he is more familiar. I have used Accounts for several months and personally found it to be excellent. I would recommend both programs.Ease of use, very good reports, excellent and very fast support from Dan Cooperstock who developed the software. You don't communicate with someone working at a distant call centre, it is either Dan Cooperstock or Kwame Barko who answer your questions.

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Susan Achenbach

Perfect Fit

Reviewed 2013-10-27
Review Source: Capterra

After searching ( and I do mean SEARCHING) the internet for an easy to use, to-the-point software for recording charitable giving, I ran across Donation software created by Dan Cooperstock. I wasn't looking for a membership program, and I didn't need to record everyone's birthdates, groups, and blood types. I also wasn't interested in paying an arm and a leg. Donation software has been a blessing. I'm a little disappointed in email options for reports. Unless something has changed since I purchased it, you can't email reports to multiple recipients without saving the document as a PD, attaching the document to an email, and sending it your separate email program. We have several people in our church who receive a summary of each deposit, and it sure would be handy if I could do that. I've gotten into my routine of saving the report and including it as an attachment, so it's not the end of the world. Additionally, so far I haven't figured out how to easily build a report for a single fund/donation category. There are committees in the church who need a report on only one fund from time to time (i.e. memorial, capital building campaign, etc.) Those things being said, I'd still highly recommend this program to anyone who asked, and I'm grateful someone saw the need to create it. There's one caveat, and it is that I haven't gone through a year end. However, if it's as seamless as the weekly recording/deposits, there'll be no problem. Pros: Price is right. Easy to use. Intuitive. Report appearance is attractive. Cons: Report options aren't extensive when it comes to single donation categories and emailing.

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Robert Vanderhill

Donation Software Very Suitable

Reviewed 2009-07-13
Review Source: Capterra

There are many features I have not investigated as they have not been my priority. If you think of one, it is probably already implemented. I find it a good program for tracking our church's donations. * This software is simple to install and get you started on data entry. * It grows on you as you become more familiar with it's operation. * It is versatile in that it can be used for several entities. i.e. we have a Mission Church in Toronto which is part of our ministry and the records for that ministry can be separated or integrated into our overall book-keeping. * It has a quick data entry feature called "One date donation entry" which we use for data entry from weekly offerings. * It has multiple report forms. * Easy to migrate from year to year. * Prints Donation receipts per Canada Revenue Agency specs. * Restricted functions with Limited user access. * Easy backup and restore feature. * Pricing relative to size of your organization. * If you have a good idea on a feature not included, notify the software writer and he is very willing to investigate implementation.

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Kevin Edwards

Directly addresses the exact needs of a church treasurer - without unneeded complications.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

Saves time and provides peace of mind. No doubt, ending year including receipting and starting next year. Or maybe correcting errors from year ended. Or maybe notifications and changes as required from changes to Revenue Canada. Or maybe the immediate response when needed.

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Free for the feature-limited Lite version, $80 for the regular Standalone version, $150 for the multi-user Network version in the first year. Annual Renewal fees (half those amounts) allow you to continue your eligibility for support and upgrades in subsequent years, but are not required.

DONATION features

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Additional information for DONATION

Key features of DONATION

  • Installed Windows Software
  • Powerful SQL-based database
  • Receipts for Canada (including Quebec), USA, and Australia
  • Over 30 built-in reports, and custom reports
  • Flexible mail-merge letters
  • Mail-merge receipts can be used if you need your own wording
  • Over 90% of most users' work will be done on the main window
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Users of Cooperstock Software's DONATION program love it because of its easy of learning and use.

DONATION for Windows helps you to: Track donations; Manage donors; Issue charitable receipts (including official U.S. and CRA-compatible Canadian charitable donation receipts); Track church contributions, giving, offerings or tithing; and Send mail-merge correspondence.

DONATION is ideal for Treasurers, Bookkeepers, Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Financial Secretaries, Envelope Secretaries, Executives or Directors and Pastors.