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RunSignup logo

Donation and event manaegemnt software

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RunSignUp is a donation management software that helps businesses organize processes related to race events, such as fundraisers, marketing, registrations, waivers, and more on a centralized platform. The promotion module enables staff members to create event webpages with information, such as custom menus, google maps locations, sponsor placements, and external URLs.

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Eventgroove logo

A zero-fee events & fundraising platform

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Eventgroove allows businesses to manage and execute successful branded events and fundraisers online.

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DealPotential Entrepreneur Platform logo

All-in-one solution for your fundraising journey.

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DealPotential for entrepreneurs is a AI-powered one-stop-solution for fundraising journey. Use it to find investors, become investment-ready, showcase your business to investors. and get a company valuation service using five different methods.

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Millennium logo

Cloud-based donor management platform

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Millennium is a cloud-based donor relationship management tool that helps associations, nonprofits, and schools with workflow automation, campaign creation, reporting, and other administrative processes.

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KindLink logo

CSR management and employee engagement platform

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Streamline your CSR management and reporting with KindLink. Engage employees, run community and sustainability campaigns with ease. From fundraising and volunteering to CO2 tracking and environmental support - bring your CSR in the digital era.

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ActBlue logo

Flexible fundraising tools and custom contributions forms

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ActBlue is a flexible fundraising solution designed for democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s in the United States. It offers tools to create branded contribution forms and analytics features to monitor conversion rates. Forms created using ActBlue are optimized for donor use on mobile devices.

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Causeview logo

Cloud-based fundraising tool for non-profit organizations.

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Designed for educational institutions and non-profit organizations, Causeview is a cloud-based fundraising solution that helps manage donor receipts and gift processing for the Salesforce platform. It allows organizations to integrate with donor databases to efficiently collect, manage, and deepen donor relationships along with data capture forms for streamlined data entry.

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Givecloud logo

Give More. Give Fast. Givecloud.

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Givecloud is the most reliable way to generate the devoted, long-term digital support your mission deserves

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Form Groups logo

Web based donation management software

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Online donations and fundraising platform for growing organizations

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Kambeo logo

Do Good. Change The World.

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Focus-driven crowdfunding, peer-to-peer pages, and 3rd party fundraising campaigns. Power up your fundraising and make a real difference in your community.

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Denari Software logo

Online donor and fundraising campaign management solutions

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Denari is an online donor and fundraising management solution for non-profit organizations, offering entry-level package eDenari and the more advanced Denari2

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Indiegogo logo

Fundraising software for businesses in the marketing sector

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Indiegogo is a fundraising software that helps businesses in the media production, apparel and fashion, marketing, advertising, entertainment, and other sectors plan and organize crowdfunding campaigns to collect funds. Administrators can create personalized FAQ pages to share details regarding campaigns with potential investors.

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Neon Giving Days logo

Fundraising solution to manage donor registrations

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Neon Giving Days is a fundraising solution that helps businesses handle donor acquisition and registrations, streamline website and form management, generate reconciliation reports, track donations, and more.

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GiveForms logo

Mobile-friendly donation forms

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GiveForms is a mobile-friendly donation forms management solution which allows customers to donate securely within websites, through integration with Stripe

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Donsplus logo

A donation checkout for nonprofit websites.

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An engaging and friendly donation checkout for nonprofit websites that doubles donations.

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omniAuctions logo

Online auction platform for building & managing auction site

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omniAuctions is an online auction platform designed to build and grow any type of auction site and full marketplace with no monthly fees. omniAuction is a full-featured solution enabling anyone to set up and manage online auctions, take bids, complete payments and manage inventory.

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CausePilot logo

Auction & fundraising system for managing donations & events

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CausePilot is an auction and fundraising software designed to help organizations manage donations, volunteers, tasks, and live events via a unified portal. It enables employees to create and host online campaigns, maintain auction catalogs, engage with donors, and send promotional content to guests via text messages.

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Pledge logo

What is your #PledgeToDoGood today?

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Solutions for impact-driven businesses and nonprofits to take their social giving seamlessly and scalable.

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Karani logo

Take all of the guesswork out of your fundraising!

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Take all of the guesswork out of your fundraising! Manage your fundraising and contacts in one place, online
Stay organized, track your finances, and build better relationships using Karani.

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GivingWay logo

Fundraising solution for connecting donors and volunteers

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GivingWay is a fundraising solution that connects donors, volunteers, and well-wishers to various organizations for raising funds. It enables businesses to reach people with the same goal and mission to foster the organization's needs.

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SacreServ logo

The Social Impact Network

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SacreServ is a cloud-based fundraising platform that provides a new way for people to connect with each other and their community. By connecting people with local businesses and causes, SacreServ helps local businesses grow; makes nonprofits more visible, and gives individuals an easy way to support their favorite organizations. It is a social impact network that connects nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and local businesses through the SacreServ app.

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i3 Education logo

Nutritionist software for educational institutions

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i3 Education is a K-12 software that helps districts manage events, fundraising, ticketing, payments, and nutrition services. The platform enables administrators to manage cafeterias across districts and accept payments online or in person using a unified interface.

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Give By Cell logo

Web-based fundraising platform for non-profit organizations

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Give by Cell is a fundraising platform designed to help non-profit organizations collect donations through text messages. The application allows employees to run online campaigns for raising funds, engage with donors, and store donor details such as names, addresses, and contact information in a centralized repository.

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CSR360 logo

CSR solution

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CSR360 is a cloud-based CSR solution that offers tools such as grant management, employee volunteering, corporate giving and more.

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Kentaa logo

Online fundraising for non-profit organizations

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Kentaa is a free online platform for non-commercial fundraising. It is primarily for non-profit organizations, associations, and non-commercial initiatives. The platform has ready-made, customizable templates for websites. There is also a Plus and a Premium version available.

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