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Comcate Service Request

Public Works Solution and Work Order Manager

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Comcate Service Request overview

Comcate’s WOM gives public works staff the ability to remotely manage work orders, schedule follow-up tasks and generate reports in the field. Public Works managers trust Comcate’s Work Order Manager to ensure work order management efficiency and excellence


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Comcate Service Request features

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Key features of Comcate Service Request

  • Automatic tracking of work orders, time and materials
  • Automatic report generation and email delivery
  • Manage work orders in the field
  • Tasks and activity history
  • Attach documents and files
  • Assign work order ownership
  • Follow-up reminders and escalations
  • Instantaneous search of case history
  • Track by staff member
  • Assign tasks
  • Reports can be tailored
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Manage Operations More Successfully

• More work orders can be managed per person with faster resolution.
• Track by staff member and assign tasks to manage accountability.
• Easy-to-use, intuitive interface increases productivity.
• Reports can be tailored for activity and show time to resolution.
• Reports may be scheduled for automatic generation and email delivery.
• Manage operations more efficiently and demonstrate success.