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Skimmer overview

Skimmer is a cloud-based pool service management software which is designed to help pool service businesses paperlessly manage their operations. The platform offers tools for managing customers, technicians, service stops, routes, parts purchasing and tracking, chemical readings and dosages, service reports, invoicing, and more.

Skimmer’s customer database allows users to track and manage all of their customers, with the ability to assign multiple locations and bodies of water to each customer. All contact details, locations, and additional information and notes can be recorded and updated at any time. Routes between service stops are displayed on the integrated map, with travel times and distances automatically calculated, and users can drag-and-drop stops to optimize their daily route. Route stops can also be temporarily moved between technicians to cover overrunning jobs, vacations or sick leave, customers with special requirements, and more.

When service stops are completed, Skimmer automatically generates and delivers service reports, which can be customized with company logos, chemical readings and dosages, pool photos, and completed checklist items. Required parts can be added to the built-in shopping list for reference when next making wholesale purchases, and purchased parts are tracked through to installation and billing. Skimmer lists the required parts for each day’s service stops to ensure that technicians have everything they need to complete jobs, and users can track technician locations, start and end times, daily routes, and service stop details.


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Skimmer screenshot: Users can track technician locations and routes at any timedemoSkimmer screenshot: Routes are mapped in Skimmer, with automatic calculation of travel times and distances, and drag-and-drop reordering of service stops to optimize daily routesSkimmer screenshot: Service reports can be delivered to customers automatically, with photos of their pool after work has been completedSkimmer screenshot: All customer details can be recorded and managed in Skimmer

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Skimmer pricing

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Skimmer is priced at $0.50 per serviced customer, per month. Starting from $29/month.

Skimmer features

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Automatic Reminders
Customizable Reporting
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Additional information for Skimmer

Key features of Skimmer

  • Routing
  • Temporary route changes
  • Route customization & optimization
  • Offline access
  • Invoicing reports
  • Customizable branding
  • Route mapping
  • Automated reminders
  • Cloud sync
  • Service emails
  • Multi-location support
  • Customer management
  • Customer tracking
  • Service stop data tracking
  • Automated service reports
  • Photo capture
  • Chemical reading & dosage records
  • Shopping list
  • Parts tracking
  • Parts lists
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Service reports can be emailed to customers automatically when route stops are finished, and reports can be customized with company logos and post-service photos of customers’ pools.

Daily routes are displayed on the map with travel times and route distances calculated automatically, giving users insight into possible travel time reductions, and users can drag-and-drop route stops to rearrange their order with automatic recalculation of times and distances.

Skimmer provides users with at-a-glance information on technician locations, start and finish times, daily routes, and service stop details.

Chemical readings and dosages can be recorded and tracked, with users able to customize values and include data on service reports delivered to customers.

Required parts can be added to the built-in shopping list to remind users what is needed in their next wholesale purchase, and each item can be tracked from purchase through to installation and customer invoicing.