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Rules-Driven Business Process Automation Platform

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Decisions Pricing

Starting from: $4839.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available

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Starting from: 95.00/month
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Starting from: 995.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
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Pricing model: One Time License
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Decisions Pricing Reviews


  • Great documentation, weekly webinars and events that help customers progress quickly as Decisions developers.Vitalii T.Read the full review
  • Easy to "Get Started" even without any technical background. Great support team that is always ready to solve customer issues or help customer to build Workflows/Rules.Vitalii T.Read the full review
  • The software has been incredibly flexible and has an opportunity to solve many issues within our corporation.Brian S.Read the full review


  • I've also struggled to understand why there would be a File Watcher Event that doesn't have the option to trigger a flow.Brian S.Read the full review
  • As I attempt to design flows, I keep running into steps with no documentation or description.Brian S.Read the full review
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Michael M.

Complete Solution

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2020-01-07
Review Source: Capterra


The out of the box steps cover 99% of what is needed in my every day workflow development. The one time that I needed a really low level file manipulation step that was not included and was very specific to our business process, I was able to create a custom module with the SDK. Creating and implementing the C# class was very easy. It is very powerful when you know you are not limited to what you are given and have the ability to create a solution for any challenge you run in to.

Would like more detailed videos, training, document, examples, etc that are specific to the last versions released. Since I started with version 5+, I am not as familiar with the history of this product and how it evolved.

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