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Forms Automation Software

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Forms On Fire logo
Category Leaders

Mobile forms, dispatch, task and workflow solution

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A mobile app for inspections, audits, safety reports, orders, and many other tasks. Save time with pre-filled fields from your systems. Save time by eliminating needless travel to deliver forms. Save the time it takes to re-enter, re-assemble, file, and distribute forms to those who need them.

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Jotform logo
Category Leaders

Powerful Forms Get It Done

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Trusted by over 10 million users, Jotform's form builder is the easy way to create and publish online forms from any device.

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PandaDoc logo

Create, edit, track, and eSign documents quickly and easily

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PandaDoc is an all-in-one tool to create, edit, track, and eSign documents quickly and easily. Discover a better way to generate professional-looking proposals, quotes, and contracts. Join 50,000+ businesses that automate document workflows, speed up the pipeline, and win more deals with PandaDoc!

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Heyflow logo

Software for lead gen, funnels, landing pages & more

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Capture more leads and convert traffic into customers with engaging clickflows, funnels & interactive forms. Create them quickly with our drag & drop builder and match your brand perfectly with our endless design options. No coding. Integrate with your marketing campaigns easily.

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Formstack Forms logo

The Smart Way to Collect and Manage Data

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Formstack Forms simplifies the data collection process allowing you to create beautiful online forms in seconds. Spin up forms and survey’s in seconds all from one centralized app.

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TrueContext logo

Leading mobile data collection and workflow platform

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TrueContext, formerly ProntoForms, is the leader in mobile forms and workflows. Built for field teams, TrueContext makes real-time, accurate data collection fast and easy. Empower your field employees to complete complex inspections, audits, and other tasks wherever their jobs take them.

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Bitrix24 logo

100% free CRM, collaboration, and communication tool suite

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Bitrix24 is a free cloud and open source collaboration platform providing CRM, document management, tasking, time management, and project management tools. Over 12 million companies rely on Bitrix24 in 186 countries.

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Cognito Forms logo

Online form builder with powerful features

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Cognito Forms enables users to create responsive online forms that collect payments, gather information, and automate tasks. The features of this platform include data lookups, document merging, file downloading, repeating sections, save and resume, advanced calculations, conditional logic and more.

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SafetyCulture logo

Save time and effort by replacing paper based systems.

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Equip your frontline with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are. iAuditor is used to conduct over 1 million inspections per month across all industries for safety, quality control, and operations.

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DocOrigin logo

Professional document generation software

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DocOrigin is a document generation solution with a form design component and data transformation filters that will integrate with new or legacy systems. Its merge and print engine generates high-quality documents in many formats, while offering configuration flexibility to fit into existing systems.

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Jolt logo

Comprehensive Digital Food Safety & Operations Software

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Jolt is an operations platform for any business, encompassing employee management and food safety compliance. The software helps businesses to decrease labor costs and improve staff accountability, productivity and efficiency

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Typeform logo

An online form builder that lets you collect data with ease.

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Make everyone feel like #1. Typeform is an online form builder that makes people feel heard. By making the forms interactive and well-designed, users are more likely to respond with complete, thoughtful answers, which means better data for you.

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Formstack Suite logo

Workflow automation platform

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Formstack is a workflow automation tool that combines data collection, document generation, and eSignature to automate manual processes.

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UpKeep logo

Asset Operations Management Software

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UpKeep is an Asset Operations Management solution combining CMMS, EAM, and APM for maintenance, reliability and operations teams which allows users to manage their team, assign work orders, sync devices, and more.

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Caspio logo

Build online database applications without coding.

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Caspio is the world’s leading NO-CODE platform for building online database applications without having to write code.

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FormsCenter logo

Electronic data capture software

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FormsCenter is an electronic data capture software designed to help healthcare organizations collect data accurately through adaptable forms. It centrally stores large volumes of data so that users have all important or required information at their fingertips.

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Checkit logo

Cloud-based workflow management platform

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Checkit Operations Management is a cloud-based and on-premise workflow automation platform designed to help businesses in the healthcare, retail, pharmaceutical, and various other industries monitor employees, assign tasks to team members, manage stock placement, and more.

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Pneumatic logo

Business process and workflow management software

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Pneumatic is a workflow management software designed for teams across several industries including human resources, finance, marketing, and sales. It helps organizations manage operations related to task creation, status tracking, performance monitoring, and more.

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FSM Lite logo

Simply Powerful Forms

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Simplified Task management solution powered by forms to create, assign and track tasks

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ASC Forms logo

Web-based forms & records management solution

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ASC Forms is a secure, web-based forms and records management solution which enables organizations to create and capture information on custom online forms, while supporting regulatory compliance management, rules-based workflows and smart form features such as drop selectors and date controls

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Weave logo

The all-in-one customer communication software

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Weave is the all-in-one customer communications and engagement platform for small business. From the first phone call to the final invoice and every touchpoint in between, Weave connects the entire customer journey.

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Zoho Forms logo

The Online Form Builder For Mobile Teams

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Build powerful forms online. Gather actionable data, integrate with other apps online and automate your workflows on the go. 

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Users also considered logo

Project management software for serious construction teams.

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ProjectTeam is a project management solution for construction teams of all sizes designed to increase communication, track changes, and improve workflow. ProjectTeam’s key features include file management, issue tracking, access control tools, as well as real-time reporting.

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GW Apps logo

Business application development solution.

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GW Apps is a comprehensive no-code platform that enhances business processes with custom app development, a versatile form builder, and advanced workflow automation.

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Zuko Form Builder logo

Build forms that are effortless to complete

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A cloud-based form builder created to deliver optimal UX and maximize the number of leads / customers completing the form.

The user journey is based on 10+ years of form optimization experience and has analytics built in to ensure that the form-visitor experience is frictionless.

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Buyers Guide

Forms Automation Software

What is forms automation software?

Forms automation software automates the process of creating, managing, distributing, and processing online documents. The software speeds up the documentation process for users by eliminating the need for paper and manual intervention in handling tedious tasks, such as finding misfiled paper documents or analyzing electronic documents. Users can use the tool to create digital forms, electronic surveys, contracts, and reports.

Forms automation tools can be used across all industries, irrespective of the business size. For instance, healthcare businesses can use the platform to collect patient information while retail businesses can utilize it for invoice generation. Likewise, customer service teams can use form automation for generating support tickets. 

What are some common features of forms automation software?

  • File storage: Securely store online documents in a centralized, searchable repository. The documents can be accessed by multiple parties anywhere and at any time. It also reduces the risk of data loss and corruption.

  • Forms creation and design: Create digital documents, including reports, forms, and surveys using a drag-and-drop form editor and customizable templates. The software allows you to choose and add different fields in your form and customize the layout as per your requirements.

  • Process/workflow automation: Streamline document workflows by automating repetitive tasks, such as building forms, surveys, and contracts, setting up email workflows at the time of form submission, and processing documents.

  • Electronic signature: Sign forms electronically. The feature is helpful for both customers and clients, especially when documents require review, approval, or validation.

  • Offline access: Access, fill out, and submit forms even with limited or no internet access. The forms update on their own once you have a stable internet connection. 

What are the benefits of forms automation software?

  • Reduces storage and paper costs: Going paperless is a trend that is increasingly becoming popular these days. Forms automation software leverages digital medium to store your documents that can be accessed with ease, anytime and anywhere. This immensely helps reduce your storage costs. Moreover, paper is expensive. The software helps you eliminate paperwork and thereby saves costs associated with managing, printing, and sharing offline documents.

  • Facilitates easy and secure file sharing: Forms automation platform enables users to share digital documents with ease, with a large number of users, and in multiple formats, such as PDF, Excel, and web forms. As compared to manual document sharing, forms automation offers security features, such as SSL certification, data encryption, GDPR compliance, and password protection that help secure your forms. 

  • Improves team productivity: It can take a long time to create and fill out documents. With form automation, employees can automate all these time-taking manual processes with ease. The software also offers a library of customizable form templates that can be used to create and customize forms quickly. From automated form filling to confirmation messages, notifications, and faster processing, forms automation software helps save time and increase productivity.

  • Minimizes calculation errors: When it comes to generating online forms and invoices, forms automation automatically calculates fees, taxes, and prices for you, leaving minimum scope for manual errors. The software automates the data collection process and facilitates rule-based data entry. It imports the majority of data from pre-existing forms, which significantly reduces data entry errors.

What is the cost of forms automation software?

Most forms automation software products are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and their entry-level pricing plan ranges from $6 to $45* per month. An enterprise product that’s priced higher may include additional features such as version control, archiving and retention, full-text search, and audit management. 

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of March 16, 2023. 

What are the key questions to ask when choosing forms automation software?

  • What is the level of automation and the number of forms supported by the platform?

While some form automation tools allow users to design and share an unlimited number of forms with limited custom fields and automation workflows, others have a restriction on the number of forms supported by the system. However, these offer more customization and automation capabilities. Before finalizing the best forms automation software, ask your vendor about the number of forms supported by the platform and the level of automation in a given pricing plan.

  • Does the software offer a digital signature feature?

Your shortlisted tool should allow your clients, employees, and customers to digitally sign documents that require further verification. This is an imperative feature of a forms automation system that not only validates the integrity of an online document but also streamlines the process of document review and approval. 

  • What are the available data security features?

Data security is an important aspect to be considered in forms automation tools. While evaluating potential solutions for your document needs, ask the vendor about the available data security features offered in the software. In general, consider features, such as safe storage, data encryption, user verification, and security controls in a forms automation platform. 


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp’s forms automation software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in the GetApp’s directory that offer them.