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Maintenance Pro Web

Web-based maintenance management solution

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Maintenance Pro Web overview

Maintenance Pro Web is a cloud-based maintenance management solution which offers tools for asset management, maintenance tracking, work order creation and assignment, parts and labor tracking, inventory control, purchase order management, fuel tracking, reporting, and more.

Maintenance Pro Web enables users to track and manage assets and equipment using a range of characteristics, including their make, model, unit number, serial number, and more, and categorize equipment by its type, location, or other keywords, with the aim of speeding up the locating of equipment. Preventative maintenance for assets can be scheduled based on the required date interval between preventative maintenance tasks, or by meter, such as hours, miles, or kilometers. Maintenance Pro Web automatically notifies users of upcoming maintenance tasks, as well as work orders, and low inventory.

Users can generate and assign work orders for repair and preventative maintenance tasks, with technicians automatically notified by email if they are assigned a work order. When work orders are closed, and maintenance is recorded, detailed maintenance histories are generated for assets, enabling users to evaluate the cost effectiveness of continued repairs on equipment.

Maintenance Pro Web allows users to define employee permissions for viewing inventory, work orders, assets, and more. Fuel transactions can be recorded and fuel histories tracked to monitor consumption and economy. Users can also view, print, and export a range of charts and reports to monitor asset maintenance, including asset lists, and cost analysis reports.


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English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Maintenance Pro Web screenshot: Users can view a full summary of their equipment statuses in Maintenance Pro WebMaintenance Pro Web screenshot: Maintenance Pro Web's dashboard allows users to view open work orders, low inventory, overdue tasks, costs, and moreMaintenance Pro Web screenshot: Full maintenance histories are recorded for equipment in Maintenance Pro WebMaintenance Pro Web screenshot: Users can create reports on operating costs and repair costs in Maintenance Pro WebMaintenance Pro Web screenshot: Maintenance Pro Web automatically schedules preventative maintenance tasksMaintenance Pro Web screenshot: Work orders can be created and assigned to technicians in Maintenance Pro Web

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Premium: $25 per user, per month

Maintenance Pro Web features

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Additional information for Maintenance Pro Web

Key features of Maintenance Pro Web

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Parts usage tracking
  • Automatic notifications
  • Work orders
  • Inventory tracking
  • Asset management
  • Equipment categorization
  • Keyword tagging
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Labor tracking
  • Maintenance histories
  • History tracking
  • User management
  • Permissions management
  • Purchase orders
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Cost analysis reports
  • Work order assignment
  • Repair requests
  • Renewals and expirations
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Fuel tracking
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Assets can be tracked and managed by make, model, unit number, serial number, and more, with Maintenance Pro Web.

Notifications are automatically generated for low inventory, work order, due maintenance, and more.

Preventative maintenance can be scheduled by meter (hours, kilometres, or miles) or date interval.

Employees can submit repair requests from their mobile devices, and requests can be logged and tracked from start to finish.

Maintenance records and closed work orders are collated into maintenance histories, which enable users to evaluate the cost effectiveness of equipment.

Fuel transactions can be recorded and used to monitor fuel consumption.