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Verizon Connect Work

Field service management software for SMBs

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Verizon Connect Work overview

What is Verizon Connect Work?

"I find Verizon Connect WORK a very powerful tool which allows me to have greater control of the scheduling of our jobs as well as more productive allocation of my individual staff members" - Jed Stewart, JedPlumb Pty Ltd

Verizon Connect WORK gives you onsite job visibility. Users are simplifying their day by knowing exactly what their staff are doing without them having to dig through piles of paperwork.
• Manage your Field Workers
• Client Management
• Invoicing and Quoting
• Customisable Reports


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Verizon Connect Work user reviews

Value for money
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Joanne Stahlman

Verizon WORK

Reviewed 2016-03-31
Review Source: GetApp

Stahlman-England, INC began using Verizon WORK in January 2015. The overall program was easy to implement and the Customer Support was beyond expectations! This program was less expensive than all other Service Programs and accomplished a lot more with regard to “real-time”, invoicing, reports, quotes, and customer follow-up. This Program has enhanced our business and the endless features Verizon WORK offers, is still being discovered and incorporated into our business plan EXCELLENT FOR CONSOLIDATED CLIENT INFORMATION, SERVICE APPOINTMENTS & SCHEDULING, INVOICING, PROFITABILITY, AND DETAILED REPORTS!

• Verizon WORK gives me, as Director of Corporate Operations, essential detailed productivity reports within seconds. • Instead of needing 2 to 3 different software programs, Verizon WORK alone produces these reports. • With a click, I have reports of total revenue including breakdown of labor, parts, travel time and actual job duration. • Our technicians are able to sell more by doing quotes instantly. This exciting, real-time “Quotes” feature allows our office to email these figures within an hour, thereby closing more sales than ever before. • Verizon WORK has allowed us to streamline and fast-track our paperwork; one-hour tasks are now done in minutes. Verizon WORK enabled our transition from piles of paperwork to next-generation technology.

PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT of certain issues. Example, more than one email address, speed of program when changing on the dashboard.

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Jay Cantwell

Dipping Your Toe into the Abyss of Digital Transformation

Used occasionally for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-12-12
Review Source: Capterra

It is a phenomenal step towards a digital environment for the under served home services sector. Implementing Verizon Connect Work is a step in the right direction! At the end of the day Verizon is a telecom company and looking to upsell their products into your business.

I love the fact that Verizon Connect focuses on the technologically under served realm of the home services market. These business's technology initiatives take a hard stop at email and spreadsheets. When implemented and used correctly, Verizon Connect Work (formerly Fleetmatics WORK) can bring to the surface revenue opportunities that business owners and stakeholders were oblivious to. Being typically their first go at new technology, Verizon Connect Work is usually welcome because of the ease of implementation and use. The technology is priced right and the ROI is enormous! The ROI stems from getting off the paper, chalkboards, notepads and alleviating lost invoices. At the end of the day the software is the home service industries first step towards digital transformation in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In response to Verizon Connect Work being described by former users as "A Starter Software" or "Technology Training Wheels", there is high churn being there are more robust softwares that encompass the entire life of a work order. With out mentioning any software company names, Verizon Connect Work's book of business is on a mass exodus to other players. To add, their is limited to zero customer support and the buying process wasn't very enjoyable.

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Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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JoAnna Dokos

Unkept Promises

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-02-19
Review Source: Capterra

It's a scheduling software that started on an internet base and tried to go to mobile and has failed in my opinion. They will roped us in with promises that they didn't keep. This is why we decided to leave.

I loved how easy it was to navigate and filter to find the invoice/ticket/customer that I needed really fast. I loved how I could keep whatever information I needed with customized info boxes. Dispatching out to Employees was easy and the old App for the Techs out in the field could do many things. IT worked great on the desktop end.

When we 1st signed on we were promised that the program would keep track of our inventory. We are a HVAC business and we have a lot of parts to keep track of. It wasn't working great when we started and the old app was ok with it. Then they Upgraded and had a new App and they completely trashed the inventory program and didn't tell us. Since we are located with lots of country and rural areas we were told that the app can work offline and update the main programs once it got back in data range. This has never worked properly and my Techs were calling me to update their tickets because the app wasn't working. The New App upgrade came everything went downhill. Techs could no longer create their own jobs (and we have Techs for on-call weekends) Techs could no longer show discounts to the customers on the invoice. The app still didn't work out in rural areas. It doesn't not work very well on the Mobile end. Everytime I had Customer service on the line they tried their best, but since everything that we as a company needed they couldn't provide we didn't want to stay with them.

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Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 4/10

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Great app

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-27
Review Source: Capterra

Used for 3years. Was very useful and feature full.

It has many many functions. Full of cool features. Very useful.

Confusing some times. There are so many features and tools.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Jamie Donaldson

Product has limited capability and the customer service is some of the worst I've ever dealt with.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-17
Review Source: Software Advice

Would not recommend this company as a work platform. From the limitations of their platform to the extent of their billing issues to the poor customer service, this is a poor provider all around.

Dispatch board is a decent portal for scheduling. Beyond this there has been very little positive with this program that I would recommend.

Used the system for 2 years. In that time, they have multiple programming issues. Including an error that took recurring jobs which were scheduled for 2 days and booked hundreds of calls for the same recurring issue months out. Resulting in thousands of calls on our schedule that needed to be removed once at a time. Took days to delete and further spent days helping their tech department to resolve the issue. Their programmer found an error in their system and did correct it but sorry about our luck for the cost and time to repair. Reimbursed us for a months service as thats all they could do. We have had numerous billing errors over the past two years and getting any resolution from them takes a minimum of 6 calls in my experience. Nobody is capable of making any decision regarding assisting a customer. We notified them that we were cancelling the contract with 90 days notice (60 required) and got confirmation of this. 2 weeks later I inquired as to the cancellation and was told nothing was in the system. Cancelled again following their process. Found out again that this hadn't been done. Wanted to lock me into another year of payment.

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GetApp Analysis

Fleetmatics WORK is a cloud-based field service management software that lets you manage your clients, job orders, schedules, fieldworkers, and invoices from one central location. It enables you to get rid of redundant paperwork and numerous phone calls by automatically sending out notifications to field agents whenever a job update is posted.

The Fleetmatics WORK mobile app gives fieldworkers the requisite information they need to get the job done, such as job location, driving directions, specific job instructions, and even last-minute changes to the work order. They can capture and attach pictures of the job site, parts to replace, and other pertinent work details to keep customer records up-to-date. They can also send invoices from the app as soon as the work is complete, and digitally capture customer signatures using their mobile devices.

Some of Fleetmatics WORK’s core features are client and fieldworker management, scheduling and dispatch, quotes and invoices, reports, and accounting software integration.

What is Verizon Connect Work?

Fleetmatics WORK is an all-in-one software solution for field service businesses. It oversees dispatch management, customer database administration, quotes and estimates, billing and invoicing, inventory control, job management, workforce scheduling, service history tracking, and more.

It empowers dispatchers in the home office to instantaneously see where their fieldworkers are, what jobs they’re currently working on, and who’s available to take on additional assignments. Because everything is in one centralized cloud repository, overtime and paperwork are kept to a minimum, affording you and your staff more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Who is Verizon Connect Work For?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: Service-based industries such as plumbing, HVAC, events management, lawn and garden care, wholesale distribution, construction, environmental services and equipment, health care
  • Business size: Small businesses to large enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Managers, dispatchers, field service personnel
  • Budget/point: More information on pricing from the Fleetmatics WORK sales department
  • Example customers: TruElement, JedPlumb, LDB Construction, and Carpet Cleaning Kings

Main Features

Client and Fieldworker Management

Fleetmatics WORK functions as a hub where all your client information and fieldworker data are kept, allowing you to locate essential information without digging through heaps of files and folders of paperwork.

Client information such as their locations, contact details, phone call particulars, and other documents are in one central database, making it easier to determine where your clients are coming from and which job types are giving your company the most revenue. The Fleetmatics WORK fieldworker tagging system gives dispatchers the ability to sort worker schedules and assign jobs on a best-fit basis.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Imagine still managing your fieldworker schedules with a whiteboard. As long as no major job order changes happen throughout the day, this method will probably work just fine. But what if a job order suddenly gets cancelled or additional requests are made to an existing work order? What about emergency appointments from long-time customers? Numerous phone calls will need to be placed so that dispatch and the field workforce are on the same page.

Fleetmatics WORK allows you to take control of your worker schedules regardless of the frequency with which things change. Every time a job update is made, notifications are pushed to your workers’ mobile devices. You also instantly see when emergency job assignments are acknowledged or when additional work is needed at a job site.

Quotes and Invoices

Fleetmatics WORK enables your company to save on paper costs by turning a quote into a job order and completed work into an invoice with just a few clicks. Once payment for an invoice is received, one click and the job is closed.

With Fleetmatics WORK, you can create custom quotes and invoices, and charge varying pay rates as appropriate. The app also has the ability to accept credit card payments via Stripe.


So you know how your business is doing, Fleetmatics WORK has a reporting functionality that gives you instant visibility into your jobs, clients, fieldworkers, and other custom data you’d like to track. Reports include timesheets, job summaries, inventory, as well as revenue reports by client, product, or service. They can be exported into Excel or PDF formats and distributed as necessary.

Fleetmatics WORK also supports customized reporting through its Dynamic Reports feature. From the main menu of your admin account, select Reports, then Create Dynamic Reports. After naming the report, you will be prompted to choose a category, add the necessary reporting fields, including filters and sorting level, if any.

Accounting Integration

With Fleetmatics WORK’s built-in integration with accounting apps like QuickBooks, SAAS, Xero, and MYOB Live, you only have to enter information once into the system and they automatically show up in your accounting platform. You can also directly download your invoices into your accounting program.


Fleetmatics WORK has ready-made integrations with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero, and MYOB.


Fleetmatics WORK pricing can be requested from their sales team.

Bottom Line

  • One convenient cloud-based location to manage your clients, jobs, field personnel, and paperwork
  • Instantly syncs job updates from the job site to the office, and vice versa
  • Easy integration with commonly used accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB
  • Billing and invoicing in just a few clicks
  • Available as a native mobile app from the App Store and Google Play
  • The mobile app can be used even in places where there’s no Internet connectivity, and automatically syncs once you’re back online

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Key features of Verizon Connect Work

  • Timesheet management
  • Invoices
  • Accounting integration
  • Client portal
  • Contact history
  • Client database
  • Data import
  • Invoice management
  • Job management
  • Multi-location support
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Offline access
  • Real time reporting
  • Recurring tasks
  • Summary reports
  • Timesheets
  • Whiteboard
  • Activity dashboard
  • Work history
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Billable hours
  • Tagging
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Reduce paperwork
Control and Manage your schedule via your mobile device.
Fieldworker Alerts via push notifications, SMS and email
Customized forms
Invoice and Quote from the field
Signature Capture straight from your mobile device
Travel, start and finish times tracked
Driving directions straight to your mobile device
Capture photos uploaded directly from mobile device
Document attachment capabilities
Simplified Backend Processes