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NuORDER overview

NuORDER is an eCommerce & order entry platform for brands and retailers across the fashion, health, food & beverage and consumer goods industries. NuORDER's 2-way ordering system for brands and retailers simplifies order management and buyer outreach. It's an online trading portal that lets retailers and merchants browse products the online digital catalogs of hundreds of suppliers and share product suggestions with colleagues before clicking to buy.

Team members can use NuORDER to share, recommend and comment upon preferred items and styles. Retailers can compile lists of products in the NuOrder web or mobile app and click into each to view more detailed product specifications before placing an order.

NuORDER was designed to replace paper order forms, spreadsheets and fax process to streamline the sales process for brands. The application enables all users - retailers and merchants as well as brands - to go paperless with their buying and ordering.

Through the NuORDER portal, suppliers and retailers can also prospect for new business. Orders can be placed 24//7 and the application is available to users offline.


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NuORDER screenshot: Switch between brands on the NuORDER iPad app without having to log outNuORDER screenshot: NuORDER Orders view on an iPadNuORDER screenshot: Go paperless and create orders on the web or iPad with NuORDERNuORDER screenshot: Create, send and receive custom Linesheets with NuORDERNuORDER screenshot: With NuORDER's Recommended Tab, retailers can view recommendations from their rep

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NuORDER has allowed us to grow our wholesale business!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-03-19
Review Source: GetApp

The set up was very simple and quick. Love that they have a dropbox integration that will automatically match photos to products! Their support team was incredible- we were setting this up literally two days before a big show. They were helpful with training too, though we were familiar with the workflow from a previous system. One thing that always frustrated me about our old system was that it had all line sheet info but I couldn't print out a look book or create a custom line sheet to email to someone. This has been huge for us. When we get to market and are missing a sample, I can quickly create a custom line sheet for that missing item and email it out to everyone once it arrives and is photographed. You can also see analytics as to when someone has viewed the line sheet and if they've started a draft order or not. We love the new brand + boutique portal. We've had several wholesale inquiries all from our brand page that gives a preview of our line, price points, and aesthetic. We're opening accounts in the most random places thanks to NuORDER's exposure! And when you tell boutiques that you're using NuORDER they all sigh in relief. Not only is the app easy for you, but your buyers love it too. And the app is a must-have! Our showroom is spread out with gift pieces free floating in the front and heavy apparel in back. Having the ease of carrying an iPad or iPhone around and scanning directly from that device has cut down on ordering time tremendously. Another great thing is that one a store has registered with NuORDER, their data is shared across the platform. So say I grab someone's first name but they don't give a last name, the system will recognize the email associated with that buyer and auto fill in missing information. Absolutely incredible. Our entire team is super comfortable with this software and is so happy we made the switch. We highly recommend NuORDER!

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Abe Valenzuela

NuORDER makes it very easy to sell to my dealer base.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-07-29
Review Source: Capterra

I was using several platforms to manage orders and inventory and my orders had too many errors. After implementing NuORDER it made selling easier and faster. My sales reps sell more effectively and my CS team isnt taking orders anymore so they can focus on marketing and support.How easy and short it makes the sales cycle. World wide support

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A useful b2b sales and marketing tool for vendors and retailers

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-03
Review Source: Capterra

Being able to review products by line sheet or season, as well as to search with filters makes browsing and finding styles simple. The ability to put together orders and submit them is also indispensable, and being able to view past orders is also useful. NuOrder also allows vendors to put together notes and email them to prospective customers.The ability to browse styles and view availability is indispensable for today's wholesale marketplace.

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Amanda Goldstein

NuOrder has made my life so much easier!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-30
Review Source: Capterra

We've worked in the fashion industry for over +5 years, ever since we began to work with NuOrder our lives have changed for the better!!It has simplified the way us and our accounts process orders, receive line sheet information and write orders at tradeshows.

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Laura Vinson


Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-08-19
Review Source: Capterra

Basic functions are not standard in this platform. Reporting is very limited and the standard reports aren't terribly useful.(IE: sales dollars received over a month or any period of time isn't possible.) Some functions should be easier to manage (IE: the ONLY way to alter inventory is a CSV upload.) The customer service is uneducated. Every question receives an "I dont know", we cant do that, or an attitude and a lack of understanding of the actual question or need. Its irritating at best and dysfunctional typically. Even trying to explain to them why we couldnt pay an invoice that didn't actually add to the right amount was a process that took far too long to correct (and they continued to ask why it couldnt be paid). This is an exhausting company to work with.Linesheets once created are easy to read.

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Key features of NuORDER

  • Native mobile app
  • Offline access
  • Order entry
  • Order management
  • Sales reporting
  • Single Sign On
  • Web portal
  • Order approval
  • Retail inventory management
  • Sales orders
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NuORDER enables retailers, brands and merchants to go paperless with their ordering processes.

With the NuORDER iPad app, users can submit orders, send custom recommendations, save, send & access draft orders, add new companies and add new buyers, all when offline.

Through the web app, users can access the admin section, set up a Linesheets tab, access reporting, access the Marketplace and manage the orders tab.

Brands can create custom Linesheets by fabric group, season, ATS, best sellers etc. and send them to retail buyers in just a few clicks.

A thumb's up icon appears on each product detail page within NuORDER enabling merchandising team members to comment upon, share and recommend preferred items and styles.

Brand sales & marketing teams can use NuORDER to find new accounts by searching NuORDER's marketplace directory of retailers and inviting them to shop their brand.