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P3 Software

Cloud-based print management software solution

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P3 Software overview

What is P3 Software?

P3 Software (P3Expeditor) is a web-based print management solution that helps users to manage the various printing tasks including the purchase of materials, supplier management, cost analysis and report generation. The solution helps to manage the entire print procurement and production lifecycle from the initial specification to project delivery.

Features offered by P3 Software include a secure global server network, efficient reporting systems, direct order interface and analytics & metrics for various parameters such as costs, savings and supplier performance. The tool centralizes all job and pricing data and helps to improve reporting, accountability and oversight.

The software helps to build customizable job specification templates, creates simple or detailed job cost RFQs and automates procurement of print materials. The system works with print service providers who reply with their prices and quotes. The buyers can then evaluate and respond to the print service providers with contracts and job orders. The tool also supports a job calendar that helps to identify and set alerts for deadlines as well as offers detailed and custom reports to manage and analyze metrics such as purchase volume, costs, supplier performance and savings.

P3 Software helps to meet the printing needs of agencies, governments, corporations, print management companies, in-plant facilities, print brokers, resellers, universities and non-profit organizations. Some of its customers include Princeton University, Petco, McGraw-Hill Education, EatonVance, Astella, Aetna, WellCare, Brown-Forman, Philips, American Red Cross and UNICEF.


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P3 Software screenshot: Branded purchase orders can be emailed to suppliers directly from the systemP3SoftwareSystemP3 Software screenshot: Simple and detailed job cost RFQs help to analyze costs and savingsP3 Software screenshot: Customizable job specification templates help to address specific print requirementsP3 Software screenshot: Print management software helps to manage various tasks related to print workflow including procurement, costing, analysis & reportingP3 Software screenshot: The bid and buy approach enables users to get the best prices from various print service providersP3 Software screenshot: The calendar feature helps to track deadlines for all jobsP3 Software screenshot: Users can create print workflow related job specification documentsP3 Software screenshot: Users can respond to the selected suppliers with customized job orders

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Great Value for the money! Very Intuitive software!!! Wonderful reactive support!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-14
Review Source: GetApp

You just can't beat P3 Software! It's a great product for the money! Has a ton of awesome features! Custom reporting, Bid multiple items within 1 RFQ. Mailing section to specify mailing requirements. You have control over most menus and their operation. You can make your own custom bid sheets! Client web interface to load all your clients forms by form# and spec! Making reorder a wiz! Same web interface for your internal staff to send estimate request to your internal estimating/outsourcing department! You can brand these web interfaces as well! I can't say enough good things about the P3 software and the staff that supports it! Our rep has been a joy to work with anytime we need assistance or to customize the software to our specific needs integrating with our systems including integration with our suppliers. Like our shipping supplier! The software is flexible enough to buy anything or manage any type of product! Not just print.... You can also utilize the software to manage internal production! It's that flexible!

There is not much I dont like about the software. I would like to say if someone has a problem with the software. Thinking it's "terrible" as another review said. My guess they do not know how to use it and need to learn before they post such negative review. Just not fair! I have used many software packages within this buying space! They are a top contender with even the best software packages out their for outsourcing print.

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P3 Software features

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Key features of P3 Software

  • Bid & Buy
  • Client portal
  • Product configurator
  • Enhanced CRM
  • Forms creation
  • Customer accounts
  • Order management
  • Print procurement management
  • Job templates
  • Customer proposal (estimate)
  • Secure print documents
  • Reporting system
  • Supplier selection
  • Print workflow management
  • Global server network
  • Cost analytics
  • Historical data access
  • Centralized job & pricing data
  • API
  • Tracks production management
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• P3 Software is a cloud-based print management system that automates the procurement and sourcing of print materials from various suppliers, helping users to save time and reduce costs.

• The software offers cost analysis reports, billing reports, supplier performance reports and other custom reports that help to analyze the effectiveness of the system.

• The product helps users to gain control of all print suppliers and print costs, eliminate excess expenses and create a lean printing workflow.

• P3 Software enables the use of bid & buy workflows, best market price on every project, providing enterprise-wide oversight and centralization of all job and pricing data.

• The tool provides a client portal that allows employees within an organization to request printing quotes, create job templates and submit job orders.