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Parapet® Integrated Risk Management

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Parapet overview

What is Parapet?

Using a unified approach, Parapet helps you manage your enterprise's risks, compliance, audit, health and safety in one place. Parapet enables you to develop a culture that is risk-aware and prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Parapet also helps the enterprise adopt technologies that improve decision making and performance.

Parapet enables users to identify, record and track risks conveniently from a central location with risk organization and categorization tools, a risk library, a risk/asset register, and risk management planning tools. Based on the risks and controls selected in the risk assessment, Parapet creates an automatic validation plan. Users can create or import controls to mitigate or reduce risks. Parapet provides a controls catalog for compliance requirements like ISO, PCI-DSS, NZISM, and more.

Auditing tools allow users to record the effectiveness of selected controls in the validation plan. Users can run and capture multiple audits internally or externally. Notifications and role-based permissions ensure authorized staff are informed on audit results immediately. Parapet creates remediation plans using risk or audit results. Users can track remediation tasks and their progress with automated and scheduled reports. Assurance plans enable users to monitor reoccurring controls for the entire business or per individual. Parapet integrates seamlessly with the user’s CMDB (configuration management database).


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Parapet screenshot: Parapet collates evaluated risks and shows reports as required by users

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Parapet features

Automatic Notifications
Compliance Management
Reporting & Statistics

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Audit Trail (292 other apps)
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Customizable Reporting (390 other apps)
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Additional information for Parapet

Key features of Parapet

  • Asset categorization & mapping
  • Assurance
  • Assurance plans
  • Business Continuity Management
  • CMDB integration
  • Control mapping
  • Controls catalog
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
  • IT Risk Management
  • Integrated risk management
  • Remediation Management
  • Remediation plans
  • Risk libraries
  • Risk/asset register
  • Validation planning
  • Vendor Management
  • audit Management
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See a real-time, colour coded visualization of all risks, compliance, remediation, assurance with Parapet as your partner. Parapet is based on following platforms:
1. Risks Management
2. Standards, Policy and Procedure Management
3. Monitoring & Metrics
4. Tasks & Notification
5. Report & Dashboard