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Raptech logo

Maximise Revenue Minimise Spend

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Raptech is the SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP and Analytics platform for managing end-to-end business operations and getting real-time insights.

Raptech is designed for SME's with simple and intuitive interface for easy adaptation. SME's can implement within shorter duration without much complexities.

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Extensiv Warehouse Manager logo

Inventory and customer communication management software

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Extensiv Warehouse Manager is a cloud-based solution designed to assist businesses with managing inventory, email communication, reporting, and more via a unified portal. It allows users to create their own custom reports and set up email alerts for various events such as new orders or stock levels reaching critical thresholds.

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QRwave logo

B2B E-Commerce With QR Codes: Just Scan To Order

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Mobile Inventory Management Using QR Codes and a Smartphone

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SupplyNote logo

Fix Your Supply-Chain.

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SupplyNote is a web-based supply chain management platform designed to help restaurants and cloud kitchens in the Indian market manage inventory, orders, employees, and customers on a centralized platform. Features include resource planning, order history tracking, payment processing, and reporting.

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Tidy logo

Project and stock management for a range of industries

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Tidy is a simple and powerful, cloud software solution designed to fully optimise your business and fulfil your inventory management needs.

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Etail Vantage Platform logo

An enterprise-class e-commerce integration platform

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Manage all listings across all channels with a single master SKU. Automatically update inventory levels as you buy and sell.

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RouteMagic logo

Empowering Your Last-Mile Sales & Distribution

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RouteMagic is a last-mile b2b sales and distribution platform for wholesalers and manufacturers to get better operational visibility and greater control.

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POS software for restaurants & cafes.

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ALLPOS is a cloud-based intuitive and innovative POS Software for Restaurants and Cafe's of any size.

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TranZact logo

Digitizing normal SMEs into extraordinary businesses

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For Indian SME manufacturers, TranZact is extremely simple-to-use Inventory Management and ERP software. It digitizes their entire business process right from sales inquiry to dispatch. It's as simple as excel but impactful as SAP. Also, integrated with Tally to streamline your accounting.

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CommerceBlitz OMNI Warehouse logo

Cloud-based warehouse and inventory management software

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CommerceBlitz OMNI Warehouse is a warehouse management software (WMS) designed to help businesses handle logistics operations such as drop shipping, inventory management, returns processing, and product distribution.

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E- Wine Liquor POS logo

Liquor management and point of sale (POS) software

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E- WINE is a liquor management software designed to help businesses streamline inventory management, point of sale (POS), and accounting operations via a unified platform. The application allows managers to create purchase orders, automate workflows, and gain insights into employees’ activities.

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RapidBar logo

Inventory management software for bars and hotels

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RapidBar is the easiest and fastest way to control the inventory of your restaurant, bar or hotel. RapidBar app is simple to use and meets all the requirements you may have regarding cost control, inventory audits, and supply chain automation.

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PSU Voorraad logo

On-premise software module for inventory management

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PSU Voorraad helps to manage inventory stock levels. It is a module from the PSU Accounting package that can also be used as a standalone application. This software provides all the necessary functionalities for stock and order management, including backorders and composite items.

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PBS Manufacturing ERP logo

Software for managing business resources and planning

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PBS Manufacturing ERP is an enterprise resource planning software designed to help small to midsize businesses manage inventory, orders, sales, quotes, and more via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to update and organize information about purchases, sales, and shop orders in a centralized dashboard.

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Britecheck logo

Artificial intelligence inventory management software

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Britecheck is a cloud-based inventory management software designed to help corporate organizations streamline the entire stock lifecycle, from planning refills across warehouses to generating reports in real-time. Administrators can utilize QR codes to track inventory movement and other details including quantity and location.

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Monstock logo

Revolutionize your inventory and flow management!

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Monstock gives the possibility of being able to perform better inventory management in order to streamline the process within warehouses while detecting in advance unknown products but also to see in real time the possible missing products and/or possible discrepancies.

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C3Max Stone logo

Digitalized inventory management distributors stone industry

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Cloud-based inventory management for Stone Industry

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Control Tower logo

Digitize your supply chain.

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Our mission is to digitize your supply chain to help create superior visibility and productivity. Control Tower Platform allows supply chains to be agile, scale, and improve costs.

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Divalto logo

ERP and CRM solutions for SMEs and mid-sized companies

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Divalto infinity is a cloud-based software for SMEs and mid-sized companies.

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Gojee logo

Xero certified, Australian owned & operated ERP solution

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Optimize your business performance with Gojee. You must have an existing Xero account. Automate processes like jobs, inventory, staff, scheduling, quotations, invoicing, timesheets, purchasing, payments, uploads, and much more with real-time reporting and insights. Australian owned and operated.

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Inveck logo

Cloud-based inventory management solution

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Inveck is a cloud-based inventory management system that counts inventory and provides data analysis reporting capabilities. It helps users stay on top of their business by providing them with in-depth intelligence which will enable them to improve efficiency, error detection, and overall business results.

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Recaho POS logo

Restaurant POS software

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For all your restaurant needs, one software. With Recaho's restaurant billing software, you can expand your online company, manage your restaurant operations, and sell your brand more effectively.

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Discovery Management Software logo

The only True Oilfield ERP

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Discovery Solutions is a True oilfield operations-based ERP system designed to streamline operations and accounting for oilfield service and supply companies.

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Sysgestock logo

Sales and inventory management EPOS systems

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Sysgestock is a cloud-based sales and inventory solution for businesses of all sizes.

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ocodo logo

Inventory management solution

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OCODO serves as inventory management software that enables companies to efficiently handle the entire ordering process.

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