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Visual Gantt chart and project planning software

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GamePlan overview

GamePlan is a visual, intuitive Gantt chart and project management software for teams and individuals in any industry, including manufacturing, consulting, technology, construction, and marketing. The software, which is suitable for long term projects or companies managing multiple projects at a time, creates color-coded Gantt charts which serve as visual plans of action.

Resource-leveled project scheduling is provided through a visual whiteboard user experience. Users plan their project by drawing out their project workflow on the GamePlan virtual whiteboard, and as they plan, the project schedule automatically updates and is displayed in a Gantt chart. This helps to eliminate mistakes and ensure that all stakeholders understand the visual plan.

GamePlan's Gantt charts display entire resource-leveled project schedules and allow effective project tracking and goal setting, based on what's achievable with a team’s availability, while GamePlan's scheduling engine automatically calculates an achievable project timeline, for sharing with teammates and clients.


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GamePlan reviews


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Václav Bárta

Excellent visual project planning tool

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-09-06
Review Source: Capterra

Good tool with unique feature and very prompt and responsive support.I was looking for quite some time for a tool that would really make my life easier during the project planning phase. There are many tools out there with many nice features, however, as for the planning phase, they all miss out. You can create WBS, you can plan in Gantt, do a a network diagram, but all these methods are, from my experience, very non-intuitive, hard to read, and thus hard to get buy-in of the stakeholders. In this GamePlan I finally found what I was looking for, at least for the planning part. The visual planning is very intuitive and straightforward, which - coming from real-life experience - significantly helps all stakeholders to understand which activities are needed, their dependencies, complexities, and helps to reveal activities which might have been forgotten. The nice thing is that you can actually use the functionality for mind-mapping, too, and then transform it to activities flow (a project network diagram, actually, just much more easy to read and understand). The automatic transformation of the diagram to Gantt chart is awesome as well. So you can provide traditional view on the project plan to all those who require it. And you can export the data into Excel and play with it further, e.g. use it as input for Office Timeline.

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Timothy Harvey

Enterprise Leadership Tool

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-10-08
Review Source: Capterra

The software is completely logical. The key for me was to learn the underlying rules written into the software. It quickly became intuitive and, frankly, it's like having a superpower to be able to project the complex contents of my brain out onto a whiteboard, and have so many schedules tracked so that I've been able to focus on other things, and not worry about forgetting important elements of a plan. The software keeps projects on track, but also provides team leaders with an excellent method of communicating the relative engagement and efficiency of human resources. The automatically-generated Gantt Charts provide excellent communication tools and the whiteboard is intuitive to use. Most importantly, perhaps, the software shows what is actually achievable. This is where GamePlan excels: it takes into account complex schedules and available resources to accurately project what deadlines can or cannot be met.

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Blake Hodder

Gamplan use for production planning

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-13
Review Source: Capterra

Fantastic application for aiding in project management and auto scheduling. They are keen on providing an excellent user experience.- Ease of use. Can very quickly plan out a project or production schedule. - Customer support is excellent. - keen on improving the product. - Worth the cost.

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S.M. Boyce

Makes my life so much easier...

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-06
Review Source: Capterra

GamePlan makes my life so much easier. It allows me to schedule out my books and projects so that I always know if I'm going to meet a deadline... and if I'm going to miss it, by how much. It's a cleverly designed tool that makes me feel calmer and more in control of my business, projects, and deadlines. I'm super grateful this exists.

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Collaboration Tools
Drag & Drop Interface
Gantt Charts
Progress Tracking
Project Management
Project Planning
Project Tracking
Task Management
Task Tracking

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Additional information for GamePlan

Key features of GamePlan

  • Bar chart
  • Color coding
  • Drag & drop
  • Percent-complete tracking
  • Prioritization
  • Project / product planning
  • Project scheduling
  • Templates
  • Traditional Methodologies
  • Virtual whiteboard
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• GamePlan is a project planning software for businesses of all sizes, with one or multiple time-sensitive projects running at a time. The software is also suitable for use by individuals running long-term projects which require a plan of action and timeline.

• Users can draw out a project workflow on GamePlan's virtual whiteboard, and the software's powerful scheduling engine turns it into a visual Gantt chart.

• GamePlan produces a daily agenda for each team member to follow, providing everyone with a clear direction, list of tasks, and task deadlines.

• Any changes made to a project workflow by users on the virtual whiteboard are automatically reflected on the project schedule and Gantt chart.

• The software estimates project delivery dates and shows all possible reasons that could result in the delay of a project's delivery.