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Goalscape overview

Goalscape is visual information management software for goal setting and goal-oriented program, campaign and project management. It is also ideal for running presentations, workshops and meetings.

Designed, developed and used by athletes and coaches and inspired by the quest for Olympic Gold, Goalscape is ideal for defining, managing and communicating business goals and personal projects. Ambitious organizations and individuals all over the world use Goalscape to:
• Motivate through goals
• Communicate visually
• Set smart priorities
• Define strategies and plans
• Manage tasks and track progress
• Stay focused

Consultants, managers and team leaders can use it to build project templates and goal setting worksheets for reuse in future similar activities.

Other uses include:
• Problem-solving and fault tracking
• Balanced Scorecard analysis
• Skills and competencies requirements analysis
• 'Smart' job specifications
• Academic curricula
• Personal development and training


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English, Czech, French, German, Italian and 5 other languages, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish
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Goalscape reviews


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Oliver Shetler

It's not just the Software... It's the company and the people

Reviewed 2015-11-30
Review Source: GetApp

I had used Goalscape in the past, and without a real need for it, felt it was mediocre at best. However, when I found myself in a crisis, under pressure to accomplish way more than most people can accomplish in a short time, I found myself returning to Goalscape instinctually. There is no other app out there that allows you to budget your time and set priorities in an easy to comprehend way under a time crunch like Goalscape does. However, that is only the BEGINNING of the story. I happened to be trying to get the software at a time right when they re-vamped their entire website and business model to be cloud-based and subscription-based. I bought the software subscription, but, after trying everything within reason, could not download the app (as is expected when a new website launches in the first few hours). I went to bed and when I woke up, someone had already responded to my request for help and was on it for the entire day until we found a solution. He finally sent me an attachment file that downloaded the software perfectly. BUT, that's not even where the story really begins either: During the course of our conversation, I mentioned in passing that I had previously purchased a Goalscape Desktop license (which at the time had a promise of unlimited updates but no online service attached to it). The guy who helped me download the software tracked down that subscription, without my asking, found it under a different email address and transferred it to the new account I made all on his own innitiative. THEN, he told me that I was to be "grandfathered" into the system as a desktop user and that, while new customers must maintain a subscription to get software updates, I could cancel my subscription and keep my old user license with unlimited upgrades (which he so kindly attached to my new account). THEN, he offered WITHOUT MY ASKING, to refund my $99 dollar subscription fee if I wanted to cancel it and just get free desktop upgrades for life. So not only did this person (and the company as a whole) honor a promise they made to me and their other customers as a startup, but they were generous enough to refund me for my new subscription even though I never broached the issue myself! That is one incredible company! BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE! Even after this, it came up in conversation that I only had one "user license" left from my old subscription. I told the person I had been working with that I had wiped the hard drive of my old computer and sold it. He took my word for it and MANUALLY added the second device license back into my account and explained that in the future, when I need to change machines, I need to uninstall Goalscape alone first to recover the license for use on another machine. So now I can use Goalscape with free upgrades for life FOREVER, even when I change machines. Now that's customer service... I just want to say as an ending remark that I am very happy to know that there are people out there like those who work at Goalscape, so even if a copy-cat comes out with a duplicate one day, just know that these guys are incredible people and deserve your patronage. They are also working very hard to improve their product and will be coming out with major improvements in the near future, from what I have gathered. So get in on it before demand pushes their prices even higher! They have a great deal with a $99 yearly subscription. That's less than $10 dollars a month. Less than Netflix or Hulu Plus... -- Goalscape has incredible customer support and the staff will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you. -- Goalscape is already an incredibly powerful tool for determining priorities, budgeting time or money, or just for brainstorming when you need a visual aid to help you think about the things in your life. -- Goalscape can be useful to many people for personal projects as well as to collaborate with students or other people if you are a coach or social worker. And while roughly one hundred dollars seems like a lot at first, that's less than ten dollars a month when you break it down. It's affordable and you will get help when you need it, even if someone has to override system protocols to do it. -- Goalscape is working on MAJOR improvements to their software, including allowing users to customize the field that represents what the percentages of circles mean, allowing users to color code or possibly even gradate colors of different pieces of the "pie" so that one can see multiple dimensions of their project (for example, size in the circle could represent time, while segment color gradated from white to red or green or any other color cold represent importance). The color palate may end up being able to even represent 4 or more dimensions to the project (i.e. the four psychologically basic colors: red, green, blue and yellow).

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Wojciech Korsak

Visual Management with Goalscape

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

I use Goalscape to: - project management - sales management - planning & presenting actual office projects - create knowledge bases - present tree diagrams as scape diagram with contextual information Goalscape gives opportunity to manage in visual way. We can create diagram of structural data with elements like: - importance - progress - responsible - tags - dates. We can add : - notes - attachments. We can see data as scape diagram and as matching goal list or as a table. To create visual "tags", Goalscape has option to add colours to scapes and color dots to filter them later. It's possible to export diagram as: - PDF - docx - xlsx - goal map vector - goal map bitmap - csv data - MS Project - MindManager We can import: - Goalscape csv - MS Project XML - MindManager.

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Pete Lindley

Goalscape - sorts you out!

Reviewed 2015-12-02
Review Source: GetApp

I'm a very busy person with lots of projects on the go. Problem is that I try to do a bit of everything all at once, multitasking if you like. However, as we all know, multitasking doesn't work very efficiently. Audiobooks, books, pen and paper, spreadsheets..... Hectic! Then a quick Google search for "Goal Planning Software" and I came across Goalscape. Flashy, smooth, interactive, flexible, dynamic and ultimately SIMPLE! Goalscape can be used in all walks of your life, whether it be business, project, sports, life planning, career.... Goalscape works for everything! Register for an account and use the online web software, or download the desktop software or even use it as an app on your phone / tablet! Very versatile. There are templates that you can load in and tweak to suite your circumstances. Goalscape has helped me map out my various sectors that makes up my life. I can then sub divide these and see what I'm spending too much time on and what I'm completely missing out on. The Goalscape model restores balance and harmony to my life. Smooth, simple, versatile, portable, quick to get into. Nice help guides and videos to show you how to do things.

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Terry Yelmene

Devise, Breakdown and Attain Your Intentions

Reviewed 2015-06-23
Review Source: GetApp

Everyone has aspirations; whether they are subconscious, implicit, explicit, even accidentally prompted consequential aspirations. And, 'goals' are the means to attaining your intended aspirations. This is different than tasks I use a task management system and that's great, but attaining aspirations has always been a different sort of thing that I didn't manage. Then I found GoalScape. There is a natural goal-down into individual objectives that somehow parallels strategies-down into tactics. GoalScape's structure follows that construct perfectly. The interfact to accomplish this is a bit novell, but is easy to understand and adopt. Now I use GoalScape to my small team goals as well. This is a very functional practical tool for me.Naturally applied to manage the capture/monitor the attainment of goals. Easy to use. Native desktop, and mobile versions/operation as well as the web/SaaS.

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Goalscape Unlimited Online: $6 per month.

Goalscape Desktop license + 6-month Unlimited Online: $60 one time, non-recurring.

Goalscape Enterprise: Starts at $1,600.

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Additional information for Goalscape

Key features of Goalscape

  • Decide relative importance and set priorities
  • Highlight goals by Date, Responsibility or Tag
  • Infopoint videos covering all major functions
  • Define and structure a full hierarchy of goals and subgoals
  • Add detail in Notes fields and attach files in any format
  • Workflow planning: responsibilities, timescales and metrics
  • Import from and Export to MS Project XML and Mindmap MMAP
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Goalscape's simple yet powerful visual model provides a rich, meaningful overview of any information structure without losing sight of the detail. It matches the way the brain works in breaking down large, complex subjects into smaller, more manageable parts; so it is immediately comprehensible. The software has an engaging and intuitive interface that makes it exceptionally easy to use: absolutely no training required.

Having specific, inspirational, well-expressed goals is the most significant factor in motivating ourselves and others. Moreover a complete structure of goals and subgoals reinforces a systematic, effective, focused approach. So Goalscape is an essential tool for ambitious individuals and organizations who want to achieve anything worthwhile.

The circular 'multi-level pie chart' reinforces the fact that resources are limited – especially time. It displays the Relative Importance of each subgoal as the size of its slice, so when you make one subgoal bigger (more important) all the others must become smaller (less important). This provides an instant, clear representation of project priorities.

Goalscape supports all goal-directed activity, from brainstorming and ideas sessions to presentations and workshops. Best of all, you can use the same goalscape for the project itself: it supports detailed scheduling and planning, including roles and responsibilities, metrics and milestones.

Progress is shown as shading on the goal map: progress in subgoals reflects up into their parents in proportion to its importance. So you can see straight away how you are doing in different areas and overall: any large goals that are not being filled in demand attention!

There are many other useful features, including file attachments; smart search; a highlight facility to show goals with common dates, responsibilities or tags. And there are 'Infopoint' tutorial videos available in the software itself that explain all the major functions.

Goalscape is integrated with other tools like MS Project, MindManager and Basecamp and sophisticated reporting functions for exporting Goalscape information in PDF, DOCX, HTML, XLSX and CSV.

There is also a Cloud version, Goalscape Connect (see separate listing) and a companion iPhone app (which is free).