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ProProfs Project overview

ProProfs Project is an online project management tool which allows you and your team to organize projects, delegate tasks, track progress, collaborate, create reports and much more. It is that perfect tool for all your project management needs. With advanced features such as project calendar, gantt charts, time tracking and invoicing, managing projects cannot get simpler. Whether you are a freelancer or a project manager of a fortune 500 company, ProProfs Project is a tool you need to stay on top of your game and deliver in time.

With smart integration options and collaboration possibilities, ProProfs Project is the smart solution in organizing projects, delegating tasks, tracking and creating reports. Whether you are a new guy or an experienced professional, it only takes minutes before you start nailing those deadlines and exceed expectations of your clients.


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ProProfs Project reviews


Very good

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Miguel A. Gonzalez, CSM, CSPO

Projects Done Right!

Reviewed 2015-07-26
Review Source: GetApp

Prior to employing the use of Project Bubble to track all of my website projects, I reviewed, download and tested close to a dozen other comparable project management tools. Although my heart was set on a scrum-like tool, Project Bubble was the clear winner due to its functionality and value. Furthermore, it was simple enough for my clients to access and keep track of their status, without having to explain or train them in the process of an Agile-based process, which most are not familiar with. And because most of my projects were extremely short, Project Bubble offered the best user experience of all other tools I tried. Project Bubble is simple, while packing a great amount of functionality and value. It is a very powerful collaborative tool as well. Everything from tracking high level features and functions in my projects to tasking, sub-tasks, comments and file attachments... Project Bubble has it all. While many are now starting to actively seek applications designed around Agile methodologies like the popular Scrum and Kanban processes, I still recommend Project Bubble, despite its lack of Agile support. As a certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner, as well as an avid Scrum enthusiast, I am still able to actively fulfill the delivery of projects using Project Bubble. I believe it is one application worth looking into as an affordable, highly functional, project management tool.Project Bubble is very intuitive and simple to use. It provides an exceptional collaboration platform for communicating with clients. Provides project status at a glance. Its reminder features are great for keeping projects on track.

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Heyonil López

Easy, simple and very useful.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-19
Review Source: Capterra

Ease and organizationWith just a glance you can follow your projects and see the progress they have made. If doubts or concerns arise about a project, the team can work on the spot (this is very useful and practical). It is great to assign tasks to members of the work team and also, you can share files.

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Alicia Landry

Love everything about it

Reviewed 2015-09-23
Review Source: Capterra

I'm a Graphic Designer and I went online and searched through dozens of project management softwares (not an exaggeration!) I was looking for certain key features: A project management software that had client access, ability to comment, invoicing and tracking expenses. On top of that, the software had to be easy to use and a nice interface - because, hey, I'm a designer and I like things looking pretty! This one really stood out to me, so I created a trial. I had questions for the product team as well and they got back to me within the day, most times within the hour! I kid you not, within the first few days my clients were telling me how awesome this system was. Mind you, we were doing all our communications by email before, so this was a huge step up. The features that I love about this project is: - EASY TO USE - Easy to use and nice interface - MY LOGO - I can customize the system with my own logo - SHARING IMAGES - I can upload images and mockups and my clients can upload any images they would like to share as well - COMMENTING - Ability to have conversations/comments back and forth to each other and get notifications by email, when they have posted on a project - PROGRESS PERCENTAGE - Anywhere from 1 - 100%, I can specify how far we are along in the project by setting a percentage to each project - PROJECT STATUS - By specifying each project with a colour of green, yellow or red, I can easily indicate which ones I am waiting back on from the client and which ones I need to work on There are more features I can't all list here without writing a story. Really impressed and I plan on sticking with Project Bubble for a long time to come.

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Jim Moore

Suitable even for a pretty small business

Reviewed 2015-07-27
Review Source: GetApp

I was running a virtual marketing agency - about 10 people working together as dictated by each client/project - on paper, in a ledger book. I had a consultant shop the market for a better solution, and after research she came to me with Project Bubble. It has been a time- and life-saver for me. All my independent contractors can log in and create their own Tasks, or add time to ones I create. Invoicing is so simple, especially since i charge different rates to different clients (I have about 50 clients in a given year). It's much easier for me to keep track of how much I owe each contractor (previously a nightmare, since I pay them only when I get paid by each client). The learning curve for PB was very short, and I've found through trial and error that it does way more than I know or use; whenever I run into some problem or need, I'll dig around and discover that the answer is already built in. Overall, this has changed the game for me. Much more time to spend working, much less on tracking and managing.

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The Bigger Boat

Excellent project management system for agenices

Reviewed 2014-02-14
Review Source: GetApp

We're a small digital marketing agency and we've used Project Bubble for over a year now. Before that we had load of demos and used various systems, like basecamp, etc. We found that most either looked bad, were difficult to use, or over complicated and the better ones charged a lot. Project Bubble is reasonably priced, looks great and it gives you the flexibility to be as detailed or light on project management as you want. We use it for all our projects, but it's especially useful for retainer clients who have a set amount of hours per month. The end of the month timesheet reports for clients is perfect for us. It's also useful for quote feedback, we can see how long certain projects take quickly, so we know if they are profitable or we need to re-visit the pricing. PB constantly bring updates out that improve user experience and always listen to suggestions. We've not looked back since starting with PB and would recommend it to any team wanting an online project management solution - especially if they want to track time.Time tracking for users and projects, time logged Vs quote overview, team and user task ownership, file sharing, production schedule planning via the calendar.

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Solopreneur: $19 per month – 10 projects
Team: $49 per month – 50 projects
Unlimited: $199 per month - unlimited projects

ProProfs Project features

Gantt Charts
Project Planning

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Additional information for ProProfs Project

Key features of ProProfs Project

  • Simple project management interface
  • Learn in minutes
  • Team collaboration
  • Time & budget tracking
  • File sharing
  • Full mobile support
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Shared calendaring
  • Color coded Gantt charts
  • iCalendar synchronization
  • Sub-tasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Open API
  • Priority support on all plans
  • Traffic light system
  • Timesheets for each user
  • Daily email reminders
  • Email integration
  • Free for small teams
  • 256-bit SSL security
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●Budget Management
●Project Planning
●File Sharing
●Gantt Charts
●Milestone Tracking
●Percent-Complete Tracking
●Status Tracking
●Task Management
●Time & Expense Tracking