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Team.Do overview

Team.Do is a simple project and task management platform for companies who are looking to keep track of tasks and their progress. Users can plan tasks, manage their calendar and contacts, and store files all in one place. The solution serves any size company within any industry, especially airlines and supporting companies who handle operations in relation to safety (SMS) and quality (QMS) programs.

Team.Do offers custom dynamic fields that align tasks according to the company or project requirements. Users can sort and filter the way tasks are displayed, as well as set permissions for projects and team members. Users can track ongoing work in a simple calendar and tasks table display with email alerts. The platform fully integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook with automatic synchronization features. Users can manage recurring tasks, as well as daily, monthly, and yearly routines.

Team.Do provides users with integrated online contact and lead management for improved task and project management efficiency. The platform helps companies optimize team collaboration even when outside the office with native mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Users can manage tasks and projects, as well as upload images while on the go. Team.Do offers high-end security with encrypted communication, firewalls, and secure cloud storage.


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Team.Do screenshot: View title, owner, priority and project in the tasks list Team Do Task ManagementTeam.Do screenshot: Create a new taskTeam.Do screenshot: Add images and due date, access, contacts, and moreTeam.Do screenshot: Sort tasks by ID, due date, assigned-to, priority, status, and moreTeam.Do screenshot: Choose to display certain fields Team.Do screenshot: The projects view shows all ongoing projectsTeam.Do screenshot: View contact details Team.Do screenshot: Add custom fields Team.Do screenshot: Mark tasks as complete Team.Do - Task management

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lior student

Best SAAS task management that is fully customizable.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-09-19
Review Source: Capterra

here is my bottom line: unlimited custom fields (for some reason they call them dynamic fields...) unlimited sub tasks which I can assign to DIFFERENT members of my team (and each subtask has all the functions of a full task) and all of this also works on their android and iphone apps.

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Avi soffer


Reviewed 2015-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

We are a medium sized company an have been searching for a a year for a no nonsense effective task and record management system. ALL of them have been overkill and or simply not what we need for true communications between employees and records of client activity. A week ago we found Team.Do and our company is in love. It is as if they knew exactly what many if not most companies need to be organized and cut straight to the point. This product will be huge. Great job Amir!!

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Amir Shilo

Actual people who know their software on the other side of the phone!

Reviewed 2015-07-02
Review Source: Capterra

Great, easy to use software, functionality worked well for us (We're an international marketing consultancy). The Kicker was their free phone help line, which helped us with an issue we had. It's so nice to see actual people on the other side of the phone line instead of a web of self-serve help files!

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David Quarles

Great and simple Management web tool !!

Reviewed 2015-07-02
Review Source: Capterra

Its web based generic tools that seems to fit many type of project in my site. My co-workers and external stuff seems to love it since its "quick and easy" 1-click apps. not too many alert and reminder, etc... Simply to use! no need to train no one!

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Heather T

Does exactly what I need

Reviewed 2015-07-10
Review Source: Capterra

This web-based software is easy to use, and does everything that I need of a program that helps me manage the many tasks of big projects we're taking on. Works great, no problems at all, and I love that I can keep track of everything in one place.

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Team.Do pricing

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Plus: $30 per month

Professional: $60 per month

Business: $90 per month

Enterprise: $110 per month

Platinum: Contact Team.Do

Special plans for non-profit businesses.

Free plan available for personal use.

Team.Do features

Collaborative Workspace
Progress Tracking
Project Time Tracking
Task Tracking

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Additional information for Team.Do

Key features of Team.Do

  • Time tracking
  • Percent-complete tracking
  • Task management
  • Task tracking
  • Task planning
  • Add dynamic fields
  • Sort and filter display
  • Set permissions to projects and team members
  • Plan and track progress
  • Calendar
  • Full synchronization
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Recurring tasks
  • Contacts
  • Lead management
  • Team collaboration
  • Security
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls and daily backups
  • Secure cloud storage
  • iPhone and Android apps
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With Team.Do, users can plan and track progress on tasks and efficiently manage daily, monthly, and yearly routines including recurring tasks.

Custom dynamic fields allow users to sort and filter tasks according to their company and project requirements, or personal choice.

Team.Do offers full synchronization and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Mobile users are able to manage tasks, projects and upload images with Team.Do's native iPhone and Android apps.

Team.Do provides security and encryption including firewalls and daily backups for cloud storage.