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A new approach to practice management for accounting firms.

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Karbon is a new approach to practice management for high-performing accounting firms. Scale with confidence, get Karbon.


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Karbon reviews

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Mariel Diaz

The Superman-Batman-Crocodile Dundee-Indiana Jones-Dog Whisperer of Team Communication and Project Mgmt Tool

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-07-12
Review Source: GetApp

Have you ever wanted ONE SPOT to check email, delegate task, manage projects and customers? Karbon is IT. NOthing else compares to this robust, all inclusive system. Forget Twist and Slack, and your gmail or outlook, zendesk and all the rest. This program, while made for the accounting industry, is the perfect solution for any industry, and even a single individual could use it, but it shines with many users. No more multiple things to check and manage, it's all in one place. From Triage, you empty your inbox for email and @ tags from within the system and assign emails to other team members, create work from emails, and all correspondence tracks back to both contacts and pieces of work, so nothing is ever lost or hard to search. This is the most intelligent productivity solution available; I've tried many to disappointing results and now will stay with Karbon and not continue to look further. You can see work for the whole business, for yourself, and separately for your team. You can assign work to others, you can even assign tasks to clients and people outside your team, so they have their own checklist, which has comments and attachments - no more 10k emails! You can break down work into sections with different checklists and assign each task it's own team member and due date. You can drag and drop tasks to different dates. You can have templates for work to make creating work easy. You can make client tasks in these templates and also schedule repeating work. I can't go on, there are too many things that are amazing about this program. Do yourself a favor and try it out. I put it off for 8 months and after 2 days was hooked. 5 months later, it just keeps getting better and easier as we get more proficient using the program to its full potential. AMAZING! Nothing less than Amazing. Nothing slips through the cracks with Karbon.Everything about Karbon.

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Elizabeth McIntyre

Huge Potential to help me support the accountants in my firm

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-05-31
Review Source: GetApp

My Motto for every day is "How can I help you today" and Karbon is my best asset For helping others. When the accountants in our office need a report or need to know if something has been done and they are too busy to check I can filter All Work in KARBON and bring it down to the file they are looking for in a very short time. I can have their answer back to them quickly and in a manner, they can use. I can check for each client what tasks are overdue and through notes on the file keep all the involved managers and partners aware of timing for their involvement in the file. When you learn to use the filters correctly the information you need is easily accessed and up to the minute. Karbon and I work as a team to send emails, keep notes, report findings, and make sure that "no client ever falls through the cracks - and calls to say "you forgot this - now I have to pay a penalty..."

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Revolutionary accounting software that, if used to its full, will transform your practice or firm.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

Increased visibility of all projects and undertakings in the practice. Ability to monitor deadlines and schedule reminders. The automated aspect of the software is an indispensable quality for our industry and the option to create client tasks which are housed in their own space (outside of email threads where they often end up getting lost or missed) and the automatic reminders that underpin these, have transform our service delivery times and accountability measures. The templates for work items which serve as company systems and procedures as well as project management allows us to monitor staff performance while resting assured that work is completed accurately and timely. We have more visibility than ever before and the software promotes the creation of new work in a way which defines 'how' it should be completed and so we now have operating systems and checklists for all our work. We know exactly what is and isn't being done.

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Diane Oliver

The Project Management Tool that Manages YOU!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-31
Review Source: GetApp

It's completely streamlined our business, increased profitability and reduced time wasted on looking for things, or duplicating tasks. It's really easy to setup and maintain and you don't need an administrator to manage it for you. We have much more control over our emails now, assigning them to work and colleagues and setting up work such as on-boarding, system setup, or IAS and BAS is a breeze using templates. Client tasks help us receive information from clients in a more timely manner. There are too many features to list! But I'd pretty much tried everything on the market prior to Karbon and this - well it just ticks ALL the boxes and does what it's meant to do!

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Dayna Ajala

What a great practice management Tool!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-14
Review Source: GetApp

Karbon is a such a great tool for our team communication and overall management of our business. It helps to keep everyone on our team in the know with regards to what is happening with our clients with the easy to use features of assigning tasks, creating to-do lists & checklists, and following up on work. It's also helped take following up with clients off of our plate with their "assign to clients" feature that includes auto-reminders! Our team acclimated to Karbon rather quickly and they continue get excited when learning about new features. I do need to mention that the customer support is excellent! Our questions/needs are responded to almost immediately. Lastly, Karbon is continually adding features and listening to what their customers are asking for...and it shows with their updates that are frequently being communicated. In short...WE LOVE KARBON

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Karbon has three different pricing plans with the most popular one being Team. Karbon offers an annual and monthly subscription.

Karbon features

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Additional information for Karbon

Key features of Karbon

  • Accounting integration
  • Audit trail
  • Task planning
  • Track status of work and tasks for all practice teams.
  • Task scheduling
  • Integration with Gmail, Office365 and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Job management
  • To-do list
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Create custom workflows per work type.
  • Stop working in silos, share all comms and files in Karbon.
  • Workflow management
  • Email archiving
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Schedule work and create a set of recurring tasks.
  • Configure different statuses per work type.
  • Set custom templates for all recurring work.
  • Create job templates and standardize work.
  • Automatic emails file retrieval; ad hoc storage for contacts
  • Workflow, task, team, job and client management for firms.
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Improve visibility and centralize communication across the entire accounting practice with Karbon using Karbon's Kanban boards and custom workflows.

Become more productive and free from email jail: convert emails into a checklist of tasks that are assignable as well as actionable.

Improve client service delivery and satisfaction by consolidating all client information, as well as automating document collection with client tasks.

Streamline your firm's workflow and drive accountability and ownership within each team member.

Standardize your processes and gear up for scale.