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W3B Project Management

Web-based project management solution for SMBs & enterprises

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W3B Project Management overview

W3B Project Management is an integrated part of the W3B business management suite which provides tools for managing teams, projects and tasks, and aligning these with strategic business planning. The solution caters to businesses of all sizes across various industry domains including manufacturing, retail, technology and e-commerce among others.

W3B's solution helps businesses to upgrade their project management activities from Excel based tools to an automated web-based solution which allows them to monitor key project activities effectively. Project managers can define project activities and effectively track their progress to ensure all project milestones are achieved on time. The solution helps managers in assigning resources to a project and defining roles for each individual resource.

W3B Project Management provides a personalized dashboard for monitoring daily activities and keeping relevant information handy. The solution provides a collaborative workspace wherein team members can view daily task list, attach notes, submit documents and share project-related information with other members. Business partners and third-party contractors can also send invoices for their work allowing managers to pay directly from the solution through PayPal or CC. All payments are automatically recorded in a central database for accounting.

W3B Project Management allows businesses to define service type and price per hour to that service or employee. This helps to automate the billing of projects as soon as the employee submits the number of hours spent on a project with other details. Other features include automated invoicing, reporting and expense tracking.


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W3B Project Management screenshot: W3B CRM – Intuitive dashboard displays key project informationW3B Project Management screenshot: W3B CRM – Create customer profileW3B Project Management screenshot: W3B CRM – Manage daily activities and schedule tasksW3B Project Management screenshot: W3B CRM – Create project description

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Ron Maas

W3BCRM at StarWalk Kids Media

Reviewed 2015-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

We highly recommend the Web3box CRM to anyone who has complex market requirements, and needs an effective, responsive support team to help them manage their customer contacts. StarWalk Kids Media publishes and sells subscriptions to a streaming collection of eBooks designed for children with access through their school, library or at home. Since the school and library market is complex and has many intermediate channels and buying entities, we needed a CRM that could track and segment contacts in multiple ways to represent individual customers as well as their purchasing and decision-making groups. Our sales team includes both direct and independent reps who have used Pivotal, Salesforce.com, ACT, Sugar, and Zoho CRM's. We wanted a multi-user CRM that was web-based, flexible, and affordable, and found the right fit with Web3xox CRM. While the Web3box CRM is all of those things, we found that the Web3box team listened to our needs and was able to quickly modify and adapt the CRM to our specific requirements. They imported our existing prospects and leads from our ACT database and made changes to accommodate the unique way we segmented our prospects. They made numerous additional modifications to accommodate best practices in our market, and have been responsive and effective in making changes and upgrades as needed, especially in the area of email integration and handling multiple contacts at a single location. The Web3box CRM is linked to our online marketing and sales sites, so capturing leads and responding to customer requests has never been easier. The ability to track and associate subscriptions to accounts is a core requirement, and the Web3box CRM manages this very effectively. We highly recommend the Web3box CRM to anyone who has complex market requirements, and needs an effective, responsive support team to help them manage their customer contacts.

Response from Web3Box Software

Thank you Ron. We are proud that StarWalk Kids Media use Web3Box CRM. We continue improving our services to meet your expectations.

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Norine Wiebmer

Incredible customer service

Reviewed 2015-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

Web3box was just the product I was looking for. I am responsible for both business development and coordinating independent contractors who are assigned to our client projects. I had no idea that an all-in-one product existed. I was thrilled to find Web3box. Now I can not only stay organized as I pursue a new business opportunity but I can align my team as they work with our clients- all in one system. Our team is virtual, so project management is imperative. They can track their hours and i can bill my clients right from the system. No need for a paper trail. It is all in one place! What sets Web3box apart from the other companies is their incredible customer services. They return your calls immediately. I am not very computer savvy so I prefer a live person who can simply walk me through a process. They are great communicators!! There are also easy to follow videos so you can always refer back to them. The system is easy to use and very intuitive. They also helped me to build a and embed my sales process. Now I can easily train the rest of my sales team!

Response from Web3Box Software

Hi Norine,
Thank you for the kind words!
Norine, we also thank you a lot for your inputs. Your sales team constantly helps and challenges us with ideas, requests, advices.
That is the way we built the perfect system here ... we listen to our customers and we improve the functionality based on their experience.


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Sonja Anderson

Perfect for Advertising Agency! Spectacular company!

Reviewed 2015-04-23
Review Source: Capterra

As the director of an advertising agency, I have wrestled with the way to have a dashboard that truly reflects everything going on with our customers, leads and team activity. I have dabbled with lots of big name software and have found I needed to always employ two - one for CRM and one for Project Management, and the two areas just didn't talk with each other from the 20,000 ft view. I need to see who is contacting who, how that is going, are the clients engaged, what is happening with a project, how does the sales funnel look, are people being active in connecting with their customers and leads. I decided to give Web3Box a trial and couldn't be happier. Their customer support and service is so extensive I was impressed right away. They didn't just walk me through steps - they customized the product to my needs and particulars and made it even MORE functional than before. They are priced right for our organization and they are truly a delight to work with. If you don't at least give them a try you'll be missing out. I have tried all the big name brands as I said, and this one far surpassed the functionality of any of them.

Response from Web3Box Software

Thank you Z'Onion Creative Group! It's a pleasure to work with your team.

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John Benfield

W3BCRM - Best in Class Experience

Reviewed 2016-03-18
Review Source: Capterra

As a Consultant, a President, and a VP/GM, I have had deep dive experience w/ W3B's Services and CRM product, in 3 different companies and business environments over the last several years, and with out hesitation, I can rate all 3 experiences as exceptional. The W3B's level of support is so thorough that the W3B team are considered more "partners, than Vendors" they are available around the clock for anything that arises, and their expertise and creativity has been a major factor that has contributed greatly to our successes. Faced with a wide range of technology , design, engineering and development needs, W3B has always had the talent and skills to meet and surpass our requirements. The W3B CRM Product has been easy to incorporate, extremely adaptable and customizable to various needs and requirements, and less expensive and more simple to adopt than its competition ( SalesForce, Sugar, et al). I am happy to suggest that anyone in need of Technology and CRM solutions give W3B serious consideration.

Response from Web3Box Software

Thank you John!

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Nicole Belanger

Great company with helpful, knowledgeable employees!

Reviewed 2015-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

Web3Box is a joy to work with. If you have a question or concern, they are extremely available to their customers. Anytime I reach out to the company, one of their employees helps me immediately. They are efficient, timely and friendly. They have made countless customizations for us, all of which have increased our own efficiency dramatically. They are willing to work with us when we have an idea, and they turn it into functioning software, and they do it quickly! Their CRM system is extensive and sophisticated. Before we had their software, our leads were sitting in countless spreadsheets. Now, they are organized by territories that we defined, and are sent to our distributors in real time. The transition is allowing our company to maximize on business opportunities and keep up with our rapid growth. I would recommend working with Web3Box to anybody who has software needs and wants to work with an accommodating and educated company.

Response from Web3Box Software

Thank you Nicole!

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W3B Project Management features

Activity Dashboard
Gantt Charts
Task Planning
Task Tracking

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Additional information for W3B Project Management

Key features of W3B Project Management

  • Personal dashboard
  • API
  • Billing & invoicing
  • PayPal and Authorize.net payments
  • Email integration
  • Document management
  • File sharing
  • Gantt charts
  • Export reports in Excel or pdf
  • List management
  • Set & track milestones
  • Flexible rates
  • Set permissions
  • Product catalog
  • Assign resources
  • Define type of service & hourly rate
  • Task management
  • Time & expense tracking
  • Project management
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• W3B Project Management is an integrated business management suite which also offers the benefits of a CRM and online accounting solution within a single solution.

• W3B Project Management allows businesses to define new projects, add tasks, track project schedules, record expenses and monitor project efficiency in real-time.

• The personal dashboard keeps a real-time track of project activities and alerts respective employees when any deviation from the normal course of project execution is observed.

• The solution offers automated billing & invoicing of projects based on the number of hours spent by the employees on that project.