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Sprout is a corporate health and wellness platform that gives employees quick and central access to holistic health information, personalized recommendations, social networks, challenges, health risk surveys, groups, and more. Sprout is designed to help identify and reward positive health behaviors in the workplace with employee engagement and recognition tools, plus features such as gamification, incentive management and a wellness portal. As an online solution with native iOS and Android mobile apps, Sprout enables users to access health information anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device.

Sprout’s employee engagement tools, like user-generated content, targeted communications, gamification, rewards, incentives, and more, serve to enhance wellness program participation in the workplace. With employee recognition features such as rewards, incentives and social interactions, Sprout helps users recognize and celebrate employee achievements and accomplishments. Gamification tools are designed to make health and wellness activities fun and interactive through leaderboards, goals, challenges, activity tracking and rewards.

Incentive management functionality aims to strengthen positive workplace behaviors, allowing employees to set goals and receive recognition and rewards for progress made or for achievements reached. Sprout also integrates with leading activity tracking apps and devices and provides users with actionable, real-time insight into health risk assessment data. Sprout’s wellness portal ensures employees have single and central access to all of their health and wellness information. Employers can use the wellness portal to share communications and update other employees on the latest company wellness information.


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Sprout screenshot: Sprout leverages real health data to build personalized program recommendations for employeesSprout Wellness - sproutatwork.comSprout screenshot: Accumulate points and check out the leaderboard to see how employees rank against each otherSprout screenshot: Employees can determine their wellbeing score and start a new goalSprout screenshot: Employees can discover new communities and articles which interest themSprout screenshot: Gamification tools allow employees to challenge other colleagues in a healthy competitionSprout screenshot: Employees can check their stats and celebrate their achievements via the mobile appSprout screenshot: The Sprout Partners Platform provides a fully configurable dashboard offering real-time insights across all users

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Jazmine Findell

Love Sprout!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

Overall I would recommend this software to everyone, its a good way for anyone to keep track of there health and be motivated about it. Sprout has a lot of great features, I really enjoy how many different categories they have for health activities like move, eat, and feel. I think its great that you can keep track of all aspects of your health and it's amazing that they create a community for people where you can post images and write about what you are going through, I think all companies should use Sprout at work to encourage employees in their health journey. Sprout makes it really easy to keep track of what you do on a day to day basis. Two features I really like are that you can join challenges of all sorts, from drinking water to different types of exercise. The other feature is that you can join groups for cooking/recipes there is a whole range of different groups to join. It is worth a try!

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Hailey Naramore

Sprout Review

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-11
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, I have had a good experience with Sprout! It helps keep me accountable with exercise. Not only does it provide a recording platform for exercise, it also allows me to track other health goals.Sprout is easy to use and is very helpful in tracking activities. I like that you can backdate activities so if I forget to log something I can do it later. I like the different categories because they make me think about doing other activities which are out of my norm. I also like the ability to see other peoples activities and get motivation and or ideas from them!

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Mindy Smith

Sleep Therapeutics

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-30
Review Source: Capterra

Our company has been using this site for 3 years now and it has been very motivating for myself and keeps me constantly wanting to improve my health and wellness. I enjoy the challenges our Company creates with the support from Spout Staff and my coworkers. The overall experience has been awesome and I look forward continuing my journey on the Wellness Sprout train.Sprout has been a very user friendly program with easy to navigate tabs on both the desktop and mobile app. The ease of tracking on a daily basis helps to keep my wellness goals in check. Their Custom Service support team is always very prompt and very helpful and by far one of the best I have dealt with.

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Victoria Wolf

More than just the physical!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

Many companies have instituted wellness programs that have focused either solely or primarily on their employees physical health. After all, a physically healthy employee is more likely to show up to work on time. A physically healthy employee is more likely to not call off. A physically healthy employee typically spends less time at the doctor's office or emergency room for personal visits. But the physical health of a person is but a mere portion of what represents total body health. SPROUT has designed a program that both promotes and rewards mental, spiritual, and emotional health equally with physical health. Not everyone can run a marathon, or even want to run a marathon, but recognizing that rigorous housework is also exercise helps the participants feel involved. This platform helps you to focus on your entire health, not just one segment. Meditation and deep breathing, making healthy meal choices, taking time for yourself with a hobby, or volunteering your time......all of these help comprise the overall health of a person.

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Daniel Welborn

Simple and clean... maybe too much so

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

I observe that it seems to be motivating people in my company to do more activity, and that's the whole point, so that's good. People are naturally competitive and they seem to be paying attention to the challenges and the leaderboards. I say "people", because me personally, I'm an avid road cyclist and I already do a ton of activity regardless of Sprout, but I do note that others have taken to competing and chasing me on Sprout, so it's working. :)It is simple and clean. The challenges and leaderboards seem to work to push people to do more activity.

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Additional information for Sprout

Key features of Sprout

  • Health monitoring
  • Health coaching
  • Program management
  • Personalized program recommendations
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Activity tracking app integration
  • Team, personal & company-wide challenges
  • Social media & usability best practices
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee recognition
  • Segmentation filters
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Leaderboards
  • Activity tracking
  • Reminders
  • Communication management
  • Configuration management
  • User-generated content
  • Event calendar
  • Rewards & incentives
  • Real time data
  • Health risk assessment
  • Gamification statistics
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Sprout allows employees to set goals and receive recognition and rewards for hitting achievements, serving to drive positive behaviours in the workplace.
Sprout utilizes real health and wellness data to deliver personalized program recommendations to employees.
Gamification tools aim to enhance employee engagement and participation by making health and wellness activity fun and interactive through leaderboards, goals and challenges, activity tracking and rewards.
Sprout’s wellness portal ensures employees have quick and central access to all of their health and wellness information. Employers can also share communications and company wellness updates conveniently from the wellness portal.
Native iOS and Android apps allow users to connect and compete with colleagues on the go, enabling employees to track their health goals via mobile devices.