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Apr 08, 2014
Project Management

Infographic Project Management Software: Top 7 Features of Wrike and Mavenlink

This is an infographic on best features of the popular project management software solutions Wrike and Mavenlink.

Mila NikolovaContent Analyst

In the past couple of years project management software has become key for the vast majority of businesses. Users range from freelance consultants to project managers in big corporations. As a marketer myself, I have been involved in a number of projects and have been testing quite a few applications for different purposes. This is why I decided to share my experience in a series of infographics.

Wrike and Mavenlink are cloud-based project management solutions that are quite popular on our marketplace and frequently get compared. In this first infographic from the series I share my favorite features of both solutions. I hope this helps you make the right decision for your specific business needs.

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