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Mar 19, 2020

3 Top-Rated Remote Monitoring Tools for IT Management

Three top-rated tools that allow you to monitor your software, hardware, and network assets remotely

Harshit SrivastavaSpecialist Analyst

The risk of theft or loss of IT assets, such as laptops and servers, that store critical information would cause panic for most business owners. The potential for confidential data loss and reputation damage is a worry for many businesses with remote employees, especially.

But not for Mark, the owner of a small marketing firm. Mark’s employees work remotely, and they often travel abroad for client meetings. This increases the risk of their work laptops and mobile devices getting stolen or compromised.

Mark isn’t panicking, though. He uses remote monitoring tools to update the software applications his employees use and to remotely troubleshoot these applications or wipe data from lost systems.

The scenario of managing security for remote workers isn’t unique to Mark. Many businesses have full-time employees or freelancers based in different corners of the world using proprietary company data and tools. The internet and increased use of cloud applications have made it possible for employees to work from anywhere. 

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3 top-rated remote monitoring software

Remote monitoring solutions are IT management software tools that help users track, manage, and protect their technology assets from any location. In this article, we compare three top-rated remote monitoring tools, based on user reviews on GetApp, that help users manage their IT operations remotely. 

Read more about our methodology at the bottom of this page.* These systems are presented alphabetically. 

Three top rated remote software options for IT management chart
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1. LogMeIn Central: Endpoint management tool with remote control and deployment features

LogMeIn Central is an endpoint management tool that helps IT managers automate routine tasks, such as software updates and patch deployments, as well as perform those tasks remotely. 

In addition to providing security features such as anti-virus and user management, the software supports centralized remote monitoring of servers and workstations and the deployment of software from anywhere. It also offers third-party integration capabilities.

LogMeIn Central’s remote monitoring capabilities:

  • Remotely access and control desktops.

  • View multiple remote desktop monitors on the local screen.

  • Remotely monitor the performance of desktops and system health of all IT assets in your network.

  • Generate advanced reports and receive real-time alerts on the status of systems.

  • Control desktops from your Android or iOS devices using LogMeIn Central’s mobile access features.

LogMeIn Central tracking and monitoring of computers according to location and access rights screenshot

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of GetApp reviews, here’s what real users of LogMeIn Central think about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • The wide array of customization options and features.

  • Users say the mobile app is intuitive for monitoring systems using Android or iOS devices.

  • Easy to use and reliable features for remotely managing a high volume of devices and systems.

What could be improved

  • The basic software version offers limited features, and users feel that upgrading is costly.

  • Navigating between multiple monitor screens sometimes results in system lag, according to reviewers.

  • At times, users report slowness and connectivity issues, making it difficult to view the remote desktop screen clearly.

Who should consider LogMeIn Central?

With a base plan that lets users manage 25 systems, LogMeIn Central can be used by businesses that have 25 or more computers.

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2. NinjaRMM: Remote monitoring solution with endpoint management functionality

NinjaRMM is a network monitoring and management tool that helps businesses manage workstations, laptops, desktops, network devices, and servers remotely. It allows users to secure endpoints with the help of configuration management functions and anti-virus integration.

NinjaRMM’s features include remote command lines, remote control, file explorer, and scripting, so IT managers can solve IT and network issues remotely. It also facilitates organization-wide IT changes.

The software subscription includes a mobile application, which allows IT staff to monitor device and network activities from their smartphones.

NinjaRMM’s remote monitoring capabilities:

  • Manage the performance of Windows and Mac workstations and alert users when performance drops below normal levels.

  • Remotely monitor network devices, such as printers, firewalls, and routers.

  • Automate IT tasks using trigger-based commands, aka scripts.

  • Manage anti-virus activities and track security threats online.

  • Track IT inventory, such as computers, laptops, software subscriptions, and software licenses.

NinjaRMM monitoring asset health screenshot

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of GetApp reviews, here’s what real users of NinjaRMM think about the software’s remote asset monitoring features.

What they like

  • Automation features such as scripting save time, as they automatically detect and remediate issues.

  • The software is easy to set up and install, according to reviewers.

What could be improved

  • The reporting functionality is basic, and users would like to see advanced reports and better customization capabilities.

  • Some users reported a lag when trying to integrate NinjaRMM with TeamViewer, a popular remote support solution.

Who should consider NinjaRMM?

IT teams at small and midsize businesses and managed service providers (MSPs) that need a remote monitoring and endpoint management solution for managing their IT issues.

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3. Pulseway: Remote monitoring tool to manage your IT infrastructure

Pulseway is remote IT asset monitoring and management software that works with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. It offers real-time status reports about system resources, network performance, virtualization devices, logged-in users, and more.

Businesses can manage and monitor their entire IT infrastructure using Pulseway’s mobile or web app (both included in the software subscription). The tool also offers features such as network discovery, OS patch management, command traceability, Active Directory monitoring, notification history logs, and custom reports.

Pulseway’s remote monitoring capabilities:

  • Respond to system issues and fix problems remotely by sending commands from any mobile device or laptop.

  • Remotely execute commands, restart devices, apply important updates, and manage ongoing processes.

  • Remotely control network computers and peripheral devices, such as mice and screens, without opening additional ports or creating a firewall.

  • Track metrics and information such as CPU usage and device location as well as details about the hardware sensors and processes running on your network infrastructure.

  • Read event logs, execute and control services from any location, and schedule reports.

Pulseway asset discovery and deployment in Pulseway screenshot

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of GetApp reviews, here’s what real users of Pulseway think about the solution’s remote asset monitoring features.

 What they like

  • Many users rate Pulseway’s remote desktop capabilities positively, especially the patch management, scheduling, and update features and the ability to restart devices remotely without setting up a new port or firewall.

  • Reviewers also like the alerts and notifications sent by the software about critical functions and other issues.

 What could be improved

  • A few users report issues such as keystrokes not working and trouble navigating the remote screen when connecting to remote devices.

  • The mobile app is sometimes slow, according to users; offers only basic remote control features; and has no shortcuts for frequently used commands. 

Who should consider Pulseway?

Pulseway offers software versions targeted at IT teams of both small and large businesses. The software is available in both hosted and on-premise models and can also be used by managed service providers (MSPs).

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Next steps

Many factors go into making a good software purchase decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a remote monitoring solution.

  • Identify your business’s particular needs. Do you need the software for remote software deployment, remote desktop sharing, remote control of sessions, or one or more of these?

  • Shortlist IT management software that offers the particular remote control features that you need. There’s no point in paying more for features you don’t need.

  • Check out free tools and opt for free trials and demos to shortlist software best suited for your business and within your budget.

Other helpful resources

Choosing remote monitoring software that’s right for your business can be challenging, as many solutions offer similar features, and vendors often use highly technical jargon on their websites and product manuals. We help you by simplifying things.

Visit GetApp’s IT management software directory to access the complete list of products that offer asset management and remote control. Read real user reviews to make better purchase decisions, and use our comparison tool to get a quick side-by-side comparison of products based on features, price, and integrations.


To identify the products featured in this article, we used the following approach:

  • We selected all GetApp-featured IT management products that had more than 20 reviews and a minimum rating of 4.5 between March 12, 2019, and March 12, 2020.

  • From this list, we shortlisted only those tools that offered asset management and remote control capabilities.

  • Thereafter, we evaluated the shortlisted tools on the basis of pricing such that the base plan price didn’t exceed $5 per device per month.

  • We sorted the remaining products by overall user rating to arrive at our top three recommendations.

Note: The content in this article provides the points of view of GetApp's reviewers and doesn’t represent the opinion of GetApp.

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