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Solution Spotlight: Google’s Search Results for Asset Tracking Software

Oct 16, 2020

We shine the spotlight on the top asset tracking software results on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). Learn about pricing, features, and more!

Olivia MontgomerySenior Content Analyst
Solution Spotlight: Google’s Search Results for Asset Tracking Software

In GetApp's Solution Spotlight series, we explain which software is at the top of Google's search engine results and how each can meet your specific needs. To identify the systems featured here, we entered the term "asset tracking software" in a Google search the week of September 24, 2020, in an incognito window with the location set to the U.S. The first five solutions, excluding comparison blogs, are described here in alphabetical order.

Implementing asset tracking software is a logical step forward from using a manual system, such as spreadsheets, to track your business' assets.

Whether it's your IT hardware or another type of essential equipment, inefficient tracking methods lead to lost items and confusion, and ultimately cost your small business both wasted time and money.

Dedicated software helps you avoid these issues, and can also extend the life of your assets with features such as predictive and preventive maintenance.

What is asset tracking software?

Asset tracking solutions are made up of a combination of software, barcode scanners, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, and GPS asset tracking and barcode scanning via an asset tracking app. 

They streamline four main functions of asset tracking:

  • Documenting asset features and maintenance schedules

  • Calculating fixed asset depreciation

  • Identifying asset locations

  • Tracking physical assets via asset tag, barcode scanner, and/or RFID reader

Choosing the asset tracking tool that offers the right combination of features and capabilities for your small business isn't always easy; you need a way to compare the options side-by-side.

Don't worry; we've got you covered. The five asset tracking solutions in this piece rank highest in a Google search for "asset tracking software." Higher placement on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) indicates that these products are searched for frequently, and that other potential buyers are researching these specific tools.

We'll discuss the key features of these tools and look at their pricing, as well as provide additional resources where you can learn more about the benefits of an asset tracking solution and make the best choice for your business. Let's dive in.


Asset management software AssetCloud (formerly MobileAsset) enables businesses to manage fixed assets with a smartphone or Wasp mobile asset tracking device, with features including the ability to check assets in/out by user, view the chain of command for assets, and pull reports. 

The tool's key features include:

  • Standard and custom reports: Use any of the 25 pre-built reports or create custom reports based on your needs. You can also schedule critical reports to be automatically sent to you.

  • Contract management: Use one centralized database to manage all of your contracts, service agreements, and software licenses. You can set alerts for upcoming contract expiration dates.

  • Asset depreciation: Use any of the five customizable depreciation methods to establish classes and calculate depreciation for accurate record-keeping and accounting.

AssetCloud pricing

Cloud-based AssetCloud pricing starts at $995. The self-hosted license option, AssetCloud OP, starts at $1,795 for the basic package. AssetCloud also offers a free trial. 

AssetCloud comparisons

You can compare AssetCloud to other asset tracking solutions by checking out GetApp's AssetCloud alternatives page.

A glimpse of AssetCloud

Here’s a screenshot of how to create a new asset in AssetCloud on the desktop version:

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a cloud-based platform that offers asset tracking along with features such as facilities management, ticketing, purchase order management, and compliance. You can access the tool on any device, both online and through the free mobile app.

The tool's key features include:

  • Asset tracking: View asset details such as location, contract expiration, insurance information, depreciation values, maintenance history, and scheduled or needed maintenance. 

  • Automated reporting: Use built-in report templates or generate custom reports. You can choose the file type for report exports (e.g., PDF, PDF with photos, or CSV) or email reports and asset information directly from the software.

  • Mobile capability: The iOS and Android mobile apps allow users to access asset details, reference reports, and conduct audits on their preferred device. Scan barcodes, check assets out and in with geolocation, and add photos, video, audio, and other details all within the app.

Asset Panda pricing

Asset Panda pricing starts at $1,499 per year and increases based on the number of assets your need to manage. Their packages support an unlimited number of users. Asset Panda also offers a free trial. 

Asset Panda comparisons

You can compare Asset Panda to other asset tracking software by checking out GetApp's Asset Panda alternatives page.

A glimpse of Asset Panda

Here’s a screenshot of the Asset Panda mobile app, highlighting various assets stored in the app:


AssetTiger is a cloud-based asset management software provided by and provides tracking of equipment and assets via mobile barcode scanning, set alerts and reminders for assets needing action, and manage vendor contracts and licenses.  

The tool's key features include:

  • Contract management: Manage your contracts and licenses, including setting alerts for upcoming expiration dates and other changes or needed actions

  • Mobile asset management: Use your iOS or Android mobile device to scan barcodes, add or edit items, take pictures, tag assets, and set parent-child relationships for assets. 

  • Reporting: AssetTiger provides templated, predefined asset management reports. You can add information about status, depreciation, maintenance, and check-out times for assets. You can also save and reuse an unlimited number of custom reports.

AssetTiger pricing

AssetTiger is free for tracking up to 250 assets. Yearly subscription costs for tracking 250+ assets starts at $100, and goes up from there. All plans offer an unlimited number of users and include the mobile app.

AssetTiger comparisons

You can compare AssetTiger to other asset tracking solutions by checking out GetApp's AssetTiger alternatives page.

A glimpse of AssetTiger

Here’s a view of the dashboard in AssetTiger’s mobile app:


EZOfficeInventory is a full-suite asset and inventory management system that can track and manage assets through the asset lifecycle, end-to-end .

The tool's key features include:

  • Purchase orders: Create and track purchase orders that will update item inventory automatically. Purchase order reporting can help with vendor management and procurement costs. 

  • Availability and maintenance: An availability calendar shows assets that have been reserved, checked in or out, or under maintenance. You can configure data fields to store information such as asset condition and repairs performed.

  • Barcode scanner: Supports RFID, QR code, and barcode scanning from third-party vendors. You can also design and create your own barcode label. The free mobile app supports QR code and barcode scanning for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

EZOfficeInventory pricing

EZOfficeInventory subscription pricing packages start at $35 per month and increase from there based on needed features and number of assets. All packages start with supporting up to 250 assets and an unlimited number of users. EZOfficeInventory offers a 15-day free trial. 

EZOfficeInventory comparisons

You can compare EZOfficeInventory to other asset tracking solutions by checking out GetApp's EZOfficeInventory alternatives page.

A glimpse of EZOfficeInventory

Here’s a snapshot of a reporting dashboard in EZOfficeInventory:


FishBowl is a manufacturing and inventory management software system that lets users manage multiple warehouses, support pick, pack, and ship functions, track and trace with serial and lot numbers, and manage inventory via mobile devices.

The tool's key features include:

  • Asset management: Track and trace parts and items via serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, and/or revision levels. Pick, pack, and ship products to fulfill orders and set up automatic reorder points to avoid stockouts. 

  • Barcode scanning: Generate barcodes and use scanners for real-time inventory tracking. You can use third-party devices or turn your mobile device into a scanner using the FishBowl Go iOS or Android mobile app.

  • QuickBooks integration: Integrate your inventory management with QuickBooks accounting for auto-generated purchase orders and packing lists and scan item barcodes instead of manually typing them into QuickBooks. 

FishBowl pricing

FishBowl pricing starts at $4,395 for a non-expiring license for the product, meaning you own the software forever. Annual support and maintenance packages are available. FishBowl also offers a 14-day free trial. 

FishBowl comparisons

You can compare FishBowl to other asset tracking solutions by checking out GetApp's FishBowl alternatives page.

A glimpse of FishBowl

Here’s a screenshot of an inventory management dashboard in FishBowl:

Let us help you make a decision

These additional GetApp resources can help you make an informed business decision for your asset tracking software needs.:


The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication. 

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