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HR Experts: Top 20 Human Resources Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Nov 30, 2016

When you're a startup or small business, HR can get overlooked. We've compiled a list of HR experts on Twitter that share useful tips and resources to help.

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When you’re a startup or small business, HR can often get overlooked. You know you need accounting, salespeople, and a technical team to get started, but how important is recruiting, onboarding, leave management, training, performance management, and company culture?

Not only will focusing on these aspects from the getgo ensure that your business has a solid foundation, you’ll also create a company where people are happy and want to work, which leads to further success. That may sound obvious, but unless you have a background in HR, it probably won’t be top of mind.

That’s where the experts come in. We’ve put together a list of the top 20 HR experts on Twitter who share tips and expertise to help you out.

The factors used to put this list together include number of followers, their activity on Twitter (including retweets and replies), and the pagerank of their Twitter profile.

Matt Alder

Recruitment specialist and futurologist Matt Alder tweets and regularly shares articles about HR trends, with a focus on mobile and social. Matt also produces a regular podcast on issues affecting the industry.

Follow @mattalder

Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn founded HR blogs @FistfulOfTalent and HR Capitalist, which focus on talent management. Kris is a prolific writer who tweets about ways to improve the recruitment process in innovative ways.


Trish McFarlane

Trish has her fingers in a lot of HR pies - she is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and cofounder of @womenofhr, a community that supports women working in the industry.

Follow @trishmcfarlane

David Shepherd

David Shepherd specializes in the compliance side of HR, and his Tweets focus on employment law, benefits, pay, and general HR trends.

Follow @oldshep

William Tincup

As president of HR Recruiting Daily, William Tincup is a writer, speaker and adviser who regularly tweets about staffing news. William engages regularly with his followers, and often tweets from conferences.

Follow @williamtincup

Melissa Fairman

HR specialist and industry blogger Melissa Fairman mixes work-related tweets on subjects such as “10 Things Your Co-Workers Don’t Need to Know About You”, with Cleveland observations and general tech trends.

Follow @HrRemix

Matt Charney

Self-styled snarky tweeter Matt Charney has his own unique style on the social network. When he’s not tweeting articles from Recruiting Daily, Matt gives his own take on the latest HR news.

Follow @mattcharney


Sabrina Baker

Sabrina Baker’s Twitter account is a great resource for small businesses looking to learn more about HR issues and procedures. Sabrina regularly tweets a mix of trends and tips to help you keep on top of industry issues.

Follow @SabrinaLBaker

Greg Savage

With a focus on recruitment, Greg Savage mainly tweets articles from the industry, such as “20 reasons your boss hates you” and “4 Interview Mistakes That Will Stop You From Hiring Top Talent”.

Follow @greg_savage

Lisa Rosendahl

As co-founder of, Lisa Rosendahl is an adviser and mentor for companies and individuals working in the industry. Lisa tweets a mixture of articles from the WomenofHR blog, as well as pictures of food and dogs.

Follow @lisarosendahl

Neil Morrison

Neil Morrison focuses on the company culture side of HR, with a wide range of tweets on areas such as the hiring process, diversity in the workplace, and human resources in the publishing industry, along with tweets about London’s terrible trains.

Follow @neilmorrison

Libby Sartain

As former head of HR at Yahoo and Southwest Airlines, Libby has more than 30 years of experience in the human resources industry. Her tweets touch on topics such as ageism in the workforce, and the difference in work styles of Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Follow @libbysartain

Ryan Kahn

Unsurprisingly given his Twitter handle, Ryan Kahn tweets advice on how to succeed at interviews and get the job you want. He intersperses articles giving advice with inspirational quotes.

Follow @hired

Yvette Cameron

In her role as senior vice president of SAP-owned HR suite SuccessFactors, Yvette Cameron’s aim is to engage and inspire employees. Yvette tweets around areas such as mentorship, diversity, and how technology has the power to transform human resources.

Follow @yvettecameron

Sue Meisinger

Sue Meisinger is an HR veteran, as former CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management. Sue tweets articles for HR professionals around leadership, professional development and recruiting.

Follow @suemeisinger

Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik is an independent HR analyst who also hosts a YouTube series called “Firing Line with Bill Kutik”. Bill is a champion of the importance and benefits of tech in HR, which is reflected in his tweets.

Follow @billkutik

Jeanne Meister

Founder of Future Workplace executive development firm, Jeanne Meister tweets about how to better engage, motivate, and inspire employees to improve company culture. Jeanne also gives tips to help workers build their personal brand and impress during the hiring process.

Follow @jcmeister

Marc Coleman

Another future workplace visionary and HR tech advocate, Marc Coleman tweets inspirational quotes to motivate employees, as well as industry trends such as big data and analytics.

Follow @HRNEurope

Mark Stelzner

Mark Stelzner founded HR advisory firm @VoiceOfHR, as well as free career management program @JobAngels. Mark tweets about the more human side of HR, touching on areas such as employee benefits and work-life balance.

Follow @stelzner

Jennifer McClure

Diet Coke lover and HR adviser Jennifer McClure tweets mainly about recruiting and leadership. Jennifer also focuses on areas such as talent shortages, and the resurrection of HR as a business partner within companies.

Follow @JenniferMcClure

Which HR experts do you follow on Twitter?

If there are any HR experts you think we should add to this list, leave a comment below or tweet me @karenmccandless.

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