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Personalized marketing for multichannel retail businesses

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TargetOne overview

TargetOne is a retail management system that provides analytics-powered and personalized marketing solutions for multi-channel retail businesses and e-commerce providers. The platform enables effective, targeted campaigns based on insightful analysis across multiple digital channels. Users are able to track and measure the performance of each channel, tactic, campaign and asset.

TargetOne’s omni-channel targeting allows organizations to execute personalized promotions and campaigns across email, SMS, and mobile apps. The solution helps ensure consistency across all channels by enabling event-triggered and scheduled campaigns. Users can centrally manage and control communication frequency, including subscription touch history, channel preferences, and unsubscribes. Customer lifecycle insights help organizations identify opportunities, while channel insights allow users to measure and track responses and engagement.

TargetOne’s personalized recommendations come from an ensemble of algorithms, or data mining models, that help organizations adapt the most effective marketing approach. Personalization tactics include item cross-sells, top selling items, similar items, and items frequently bought together. A/B testing helps identify the most effective methods of communication for different segments, including automated test execution and winner identification.

Micro-segmentation features enable organizations to create target segments based on customer profile attributes, transaction behavior, and more. TargetOne’s intuitive user interface allows for merging and de-duplicating of multiple segments. Users are able to monitor signals coming from channels like mobile apps and point of sale systems, to present appropriate offers in real time. Users can define rules based on online store basket context or customer interaction to sway customer purchase behavior.


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TargetOne screenshot: Track channel responses and understand the impact of each channelTargetOne Personalized Marketing OverviewTargetOne screenshot: Micro-segmentation for contextual targetingTargetOne screenshot: A/B testing and automated test executionTargetOne screenshot: Lifecycle insights that help track channel responses TargetOne screenshot: Execute personalized promotions across email, SMS and mobile appsTargetOne screenshot: Omni-channel targeting to ensure consistency of communication across all channelsTargetOne screenshot: Get insights on new, best, engaged and lapsed customers

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TargetOne features

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Real Time Data

API (50 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (49 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (61 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (47 other apps)
Credit Card Processing (43 other apps)
Customer History (46 other apps)
Customer Loyalty Program (58 other apps)
Data Import/Export (41 other apps)
Discount Management (44 other apps)
Gift Card System (48 other apps)
Inventory Management (44 other apps)
Inventory Tracking (65 other apps)
POS (89 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (64 other apps)
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Search Functionality (47 other apps)
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Additional information for TargetOne

Key features of TargetOne

  • Qualitative analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Intranet compatibility
  • Scheduling
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Task management
  • Data mining
  • Targeting and personalization
  • Create targeted lists
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Personalize promotions
  • Recommendation engine
  • Aggregate insights
  • Track shopping behavior, campaign responses and social engag
  • Scheduled and triggered campaigns
  • Track and measure effectiveness
  • Analyze customer transaction
  • Recognize customer lifecycle and lifestage
  • Analyze shopping behavior
  • Analytics based personalization
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Item cross-sells
  • Top selling items, similar items
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time contextual targeting
  • Define rules based on customer interaction
  • Omni-channel targeting
  • Multiple channels
  • Promotions across email, SMS and mobile apps
  • Centralized governance
  • Channel insights
  • Pre-built connectors
  • Multi-layer authentication
  • eCommerce
  • Multi-location
  • Sales tracking
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Customer relationship managers and marketers can personalize promotions using TargetOne's analytically-driven recommendation engine.

TargetOne's channel insights help track channel engagement and responses, while enabling organizations to understand the impact of each channel.

Users are able to execute personalized promotions for highly targeted customers using TargetOne's predictive analytics.

Lifecycle insights enable organizations to identify opportunities for customer reactivation, basket size improvement, trip frequency, and more.

TargetOne provides users with pre-built connectors and defined processes that drive faster self service data loading.