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NetSuite logo



The World’s Leading, Most Deployed Cloud ERP Solution

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NetSuite provides an end-to-end cloud retail management system for accounting, inventory and order management, CRM, point-of-sale, and ecommerce with a singular instance of data across your entire manufacturing, wholesale and retail operations.

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Omnia Dynamic Pricing logo

Omnia Dynamic Pricing


Algorithm-based pricing optimization solution for retailers

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Omnia's Dynamic Pricing is an integrated product-level pricing, marketing and promotions module that supports retailers with automated algorithm-based pricing

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S2K Enterprise for Retail logo

S2K Enterprise for Retail


ERP software

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VAI’s S2K Enterprise provides a single platform for the entire supply chain, from order taking to shipping. Functions include sales and retail, warehouse management and more.

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SKU IQ logo



Connected Retail - Sync your POS and eCommerce inventory.

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With SKU IQ you can save time by automatically having your POS and e-commerce inventory sync in real-time! We connect all major POS (Square, Clover, Lightspeed) with all major e-commerce systems (Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce).

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Retail Choreography Suite logo

Retail Choreography Suite


Award-winning Retail Choreography platform and CX tool.

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Qudini by Verint is the market-leading retail choreography platform helping international retailers and banks to enhance the customer experience, increase store team productivity and drive profitability.

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ChannelEngine logo



Marketplace Integration Suite

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ChannelEngine enables globally distributed e-commerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and partner ecosystem to maximize sales and profit.

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Flipsnack logo



Create magazines, catalogs, brochures and other publications

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Flipsnack is an online, browser-based publishing tool used by people all around the world to create and publish digital catalogs, magazines, brochures, portfolios, reports, photo albums, newspapers, and many other types of publications

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Pepperi logo



Sales Automation & B2B eCommerce for Brands & Wholesalers

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Accelerate growth, reduce overhead and improve transparency by connecting field sales and B2B eCommerce on a single, flexible, enterprise-grade platform. Pepperi - B2B Sales Platform is built for brands & wholesale distributors of consumer goods.

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CStoreOffice logo



Back-office operations management software for retailers

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CStoreOffice is a cloud-based back-office operations management software designed to help single or multiple retail outlets, convenience stores and gas stations manage price books, fuel inventory, shelf labels, and more. Supervisors can track ticket sales, settlement reports, and loss of profit.

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AIM logo



Cloud-based point of sale (POS) software for retailers

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AIM is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) software, designed to assist retailers with inventory control, purchasing, employee management, customer loyalty programs, and sales reporting.

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eHopper logo



Free POS software for retail & restaurants

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eHopper is a free, cross-platform, cloud-based POS software designed for use by retail & restaurants using Android, iPad, Windows PC and Poynt mobile terminal.

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Helcim logo



Billing, Invoicing and Payment Processing with Helcim

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Helcim offers better payments for your business. Use the Helcim Product and Inventory Manager to keep your business organized and running efficiently. Data automatically syncs across all your sales channels, whether you’re selling through your POS, at a retail location, online or by sending invoices

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Powerful ecommerce platform, optimized for all billing needs

visit website is the go-to subscription ecommerce platform for lasting bonds between brands and people.

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ACE Retail POS logo

ACE Retail POS


Jewelry Store POS

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A complete retail POS platform for small to medium size jewelry stores.

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Cumulus Retail logo

Cumulus Retail


POS & eCommerce for Small Business That Works Well & Right

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Cumulus Retail software is a retail management solution for small and mid-size retailers. The product helps manage business tasks through one platform and offers a combination of e-commerce, point-of-sale, digital marketing, and back office features to ensure real-time visibility.

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Trade Promotion Intelligence logo

Trade Promotion Intelligence


Create transparency at every stage of the promotion process.

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Leafio Promotion Intelligence - it’s a leverage power of algorithms to keep your focus on gaining a competitive advantage and growing your business.

Trade promotion management functionality:
🔹sales promo calendar
🔹selection of products for promotions
🔹sales forecast
🔹supplier conditions

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Leafio Inventory Management logo

Leafio Inventory Management


100+ retail chains experience an inside-the-solution engine.

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Leafio AI-based technologies for retailers guarantee highly accurate orders, sales growth, inventory turnover improvement, and waste reduction.
Earn more, make fewer mistakes, and work more efficiently using advanced software to streamline routine supply chain processes.

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Shelf Efficiency logo

Shelf Efficiency


End-to-end merchandising process

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Leafio Shelf Efficiency is an advanced retail shelf space management platform.
Improve margin, sales and customer satisfaction by planogram optimization, floor planning and task execution in stores. Seamlessly orchestrate and control complex layout management with minimal effort.

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iLost for Business logo

iLost for Business


The all-in-one Lost & Found solution

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iLost optimizes Lost & Found processes for both organisations and people that loses their belongings. User and customer experience comes first!

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Multiorders logo



Multichannel Order, Inventory and Shipping management tool.

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Multiorders is a cloud-based, multi-channel shipping and inventory management software designed to assist eCommerce sellers in automating their shipping processes and controlling inventory across all sales channels from a single platform.

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Quant logo



Cloud solution for retail space planning and planograms

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Quant is a cloud solution for the management of retail space, product categories, planograms, shelf labels and automatic ordering developed by ExTech s.r.o.

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True Client Pro logo

True Client Pro


Customer relationship management system for small businesses

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True Client Pro is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help small businesses handle leads, workflows, and online bookings. The application enables event planners to manage recurring tasks, track sales and revenue streams, generate custom reports, and interact with clients via a unified platform.

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Epos Now logo

Epos Now


Secure electronic point of sale (POS) system

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One POS system that sits at the centre of your retail operation. Manage your stock, staff, sales, data and payments from anywhere. ?

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PayPal logo



Comprehensive solution to serve your business needs.

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PayPal Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to serve your business needs and your customers, whether you’re just getting started or already a thriving enterprise or marketplace.

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Google Cloud logo

Google Cloud


Modular platform for computing, hosting, storage & more

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Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more.

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