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LEADSExplorer overview

What is LEADSExplorer?

Using LEADSExplorer you obtain:
* Company names of your website visitors.
* Their website.
* Pages visited.
* Their interest.
* Internet origin of visitors.
* Geographic location of visitors.
* Web analytics by visitor and company.

Allowing to:
* Qualify visiting companies as lead.
* Find contacts by company.
* Analyze visually visit behavior of leads and customers related to your nurturing.
* Improve customer retention.
* Have a CRM that is a source of information instead of a data entry system.


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LEADSExplorer features

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Additional information for LEADSExplorer

Key features of LEADSExplorer

  • Identifies company names of website visitors
  • Reveals interest in your products
  • Lead scoring: indicates level of interest
  • See visitors in real-time on your website
  • Get more leads from your website
  • Know when customers visit your website: time to contact them
  • CRM seamless integrated with your website
  • Takes away the rejection fear of cold calling
  • Cold call on warm companies
  • Connects visitors to their email address (after email)
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* Lead generation.
* Nurturing leads and clients.
* Customer retention.
* Get many times more leads from your website than currently.
* Cold call on warm companies: companies that are interested.
* Convert your website visitors into sales leads.
* Reach prospects early in their buying cycle: when they visit your website.
* Improve nurturing leads and clients by visual analysis of visits and communications.
* Customer Retention: know when to contact which client.