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TigerLRM logo



All-In-One Sales Enablement Software for Sales Teams

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TigerLRM comes fully equipped with built-in features and tools that cut down on sales guesswork and presumptions. Designed to increase adoption and instill best practices throughout the sales cycle, TigerLRM keeps the sales team focused on driving closes.

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Pipedrive logo



CRM built by salespeople, for salespeople

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Manage all your leads and deals using Pipedrive's visual sales pipeline tool. Move deals across different stages with drag-n-drop and use filters to zoom in.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud logo

Salesforce Sales Cloud


Cloud-based CRM & Sales Automation

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Manage your leads with Salesforce Sales Cloud, tracking lead activity across the sales pipeline, routing and assigning leads, and tracking marketing campaigns.

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Leadfeeder logo



Generate B2B sales leads from website visitors

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Leadfeeder identifies website visitors from Google Analytics data as prospects or customers, tracks their behavior, and automatically sends leads to CRM systems

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Bigin by Zoho CRM logo

Bigin by Zoho CRM


Pipeline-centric CRM system for small businesses

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Bigin is a pipeline-centric customer relationship management software designed to help small businesses manage sales pipelines, schedule follow-ups, and update customer records.

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monday sales CRM logo

monday sales CRM


Close deals. Automate the rest.

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monday sales CRM offers an intuitive and powerful lead management solution to capture leads, nurture sales pipelines, optimize your sales cycle and generate sales, all on one flexible platform. You can use code-free automations, integrations, customizable dashboards and workflows, and multiple data

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Terminus logo



Account based marketing for B2B marketers

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Terminus is an account-based marketing software that offers tools including target account identification, account-based advertising, sales intelligence, account-based analytics, web visitor intelligence, web personalization, and more. It enables B2B marketers to plan and manage ABM at scale.

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ZoomInfo logo



Lead generation and buyer intent data for B2B organizations

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ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg is a cloud-based lead generation platform for B2B organizations. It uses buyer intent data to help sales and marketing teams prioritize prospects. Intent insights are provided for online research activities, organizational changes, funding announcements, and more.

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Influx MD  logo

Influx MD


Sales & marketing solution for healthcare professionals

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Influx MD is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution designed for healthcare professionals from solo, group or hospital medical programs, with a built-in CRM

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Chili Piper logo

Chili Piper


#1 Meeting Lifecycle Automation platform for revenue teams

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Lead Distribution Software That Automatically Routes Qualified Meetings to the Right Reps.

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HoneyBook logo



Client management for freelancers & SMBs

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Tools for the modern creative professional: manage leads, contracts, payments, and more. Start a 7 day free trial today.

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ActiveCampaign logo



Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM/Sales Automation

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Connected email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and account management for businesses looking to connect and engage with customers. Send follow-up that adapts to customer behavior so you're sending the perfect message at the perfect time. You’ll have happier customers and higher conversions.

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SalesWings logo



The maker of the B2B Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Automate your lead qualification, ensure leads’ quality, and timely handover to sales in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The B2B Studio has arrived

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Blitz logo



Automate sales & marketing follow up activities

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Blitz is a sales management platform that automates sales tasks, processes, and follow-up activities when working with clients, leads, and referrals, and helps keep management and sales teams up to date and on the same page while communicating with contacts

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SutiCRM logo



CRM for sales, marketing & support teams

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SutiCRM is a SaaS CRM for businesses of all sizes, designed to automate sales, marketing & support processes, with a 360 degree view of customer data

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Onpipeline logo



Customer relationship management (CRM) with visual pipeline

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Onpipeline is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for sales teams that offers visual pipeline management, as well as email and calendar integration. The solution can be used to manage contacts, sales, tasks, deadlines, leads, and more, from one central location.

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Copper logo



The CRM designed for Google Workspace

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Designed for businesses using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Copper keeps business relationships in one place, automates repetitive tasks, and helps you stay organized with projects and deadlines. Get started in minutes!

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Really Simple Systems CRM logo

Really Simple Systems CRM


The Powerful CRM for Growing Teams

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Our CRM and lead management software lets you effectively manage and track every sales opportunity through each stage of your pipeline to successful closure. The integrated system brings together your sales and marketing, creating a streamlined, centralized hub for great customer relationships.

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Outreach logo



Sales Execution Platform

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Do you have inbound leads slipping through the cracks? With Outreach Engage, leads are appropriately routed to reps and entered into personalized sequences that utilize proven playbooks & messaging. Help your reps more easily engage with potential buyers by orchestrating all key sales activities.

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WhatConverts logo



Call, lead and conversion tracking with real-time reporting

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Manage all marketing leads with marketing data in one place. Manage and track phone calls, web forms, web chat and transactions in one dashboard.

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Capsule logo



Take care of your customers and sales opportunities

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Capsule is the smart simple online CRM. It's used to build stronger customer relationships, make more sales, save time, be more organized and collaborate.

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LeadMaster logo



CRM & Lead Management Solution

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Lead Capture, Lead Tracking, Lead Nurturing, Lead Distribution, Lead Scoring, Lead Analytics. You'll know exactly what's happening with every lead. No more lost leads!!

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Seamless.AI logo



Inside sales and lead generation software

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Seamless.AI is an inside sales and lead generation software that helps businesses find relavant contacts, build account lists, manage prospect information, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in search engine to extract business contact details based on company names, employee designations, roles, and seniority.

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Driftrock logo



Multi-channel Lead Generation Platform

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Capture, track and convert 3X more leads by integrating your CRM or Email system to ensure safe and secure sync.

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TeamDesk logo



Custom online database creation. Low code database software.

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Online database software for Leads Management. You can easily build a unique web database app to gather, share and manage data you are using in your routine work. The system is fully customizable. TeamDesk provides unlimited records, unlimited storage, unlimited support, stable rates and free trial.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Lead Management

When you are a salesperson dealing with dozens—possibly hundreds—of leads, it can get difficult to keep track of each of them. You can easily forget who you were supposed to call back, email details to, or supposed to follow up with. And every lead feeling neglected is a lost opportunity for your business.

Instead of manually managing all your leads, you can use lead management software to streamline the process. The tool will help you know the position of a lead in the sales cycle. It will also help you schedule meetings and follow-ups, reducing recurring tasks in your daily operations.

To help you find the best lead management software for your business, we’ve prepared this guide. Here’s what we'll cover:

What is lead management software?

Lead management software is a tool that helps businesses gather, store, and manage information on prospective clients/customers, also known as leads. The tool captures lead details from multiple sources, such as your website, social media pages, online advertisements, and any existing database. It then consolidates all the information into a centralized database for all stakeholders in your sales process to access. 

The tool helps you manage communications with leads by sending emails, messages, and notifications as well as by scheduling online and in-person meetings. The tool also enables you to set automated lead nurturing campaigns such that your leads receive emails basis their online behavior with your business. For example, if a lead had opened your email but not responded to it, you can set a lead nurturing campaign to automatically send them a follow-up email in a couple of days. 

The tool also tracks leads throughout the sales life cycle, from capture to conversion, making it easier for you to determine what the next step for each lead should be. 

What are the deployment options for lead management software?

Lead management software is typically offered in two deployment models:

Cloud-based deployment: With this type of deployment, the responsibility of hosting and maintaining the solution lies with the vendor and you can use it via a web browser or a mobile app. Such solutions are usually priced on a user/month basis. A majority of lead management solutions fall into this category. 

On-premise deployment: With this type of deployment, the responsibility of hosting and maintaining the solution lies with the user. You can purchase the software with a one-time licensing fee. You might also need to pay extra for any technical support or updates you require. While a few lead management solutions do fall into this category, they are harder to find and usually suitable for enterprise clients that own servers or private cloud. 

Key question to ask a vendor: Considering the time spent on implementation, personnel training, and data migration, what would be the expected time between buying the solution and rolling it out to the sales team for everyday use?

What are some common features of lead management software?

With several lead management solutions on the market, it can be a confusing process to choose one for your business. To help you out, we’ve listed some important features below:

Lead capture: Capture leads from multiple sources, such as advertisements, social media, online stores, and cold calling, and consolidate them into a centralized database.

example of lead capture

Leads dashboard in Zoho CRM

Lead flow management: Distribute leads among different salespeople, designated as owners. Some solutions manage the lead flow automatically according to the burden on each salesperson, while other solutions allow users to do this manually.

example of lead flow management

Lead flow management in Pipedrive

Pipeline management: Track leads’ status throughout the sales life cycle and have complete visibility into the leads in the sales pipeline.

example of pipeline management

Pipeline management in Hubspot CRM

Lead scoring: Automatically score leads on different attributes to ascertain which ones are most likely to convert to clients. The scoring attributes can include job title, demographics, online behavior, and any other variable you deem important.

example of lead scoring

Lead scoring in Freshsales

Lead nurturing: Design and automate outreach campaigns for leads in different stages of the sales life cycle. Send emails, newsletters, and/or notifications based on their online behavior. Some solutions also allow users to manually run lead nurturing campaigns and send outreach emails.

example of lead nurturing

Custom content workflows for lead nurturing in EngageBay

Reporting: View detailed reports on your sales and lead nurturing activities. Some solutions also allow users to generate custom reports and export them for further analyses.

example of reporting

Reporting in AmoCRM

Key question to ask a vendor: Will the software integrate with my email client, website, and third-party lead capturing sources such as social media and online advertising platforms?

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.