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Risk Ident


Software specialized for the prevention of online fraud

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RISK IDENT is specialized software for the prevention of online fraud. To aid the identification of fraudulent transactions, the package carries out automated evaluations and interprets data points to calculate results. RISK IDENT gives real-time results, which enables companies to take action.

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Access Rights Manager


Audit management for access rights

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SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is an access governance solution that manages and audit access rights across any IT infrastructure to mitigate insider threats and data loss.

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Cyber Security Services


Network security service for cloud & on-premise systems

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Cyber Security Services is a modular technology-enabled service offering by Advanced, which helps organizations ensure data protection across cloud, hosted, and on-premise IT infrastructure in compliance with ISO 27001 and National Cyber Security Center regulations.

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R&S Trusted Gate


Secure and data-compliant protection for cloud working

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R&S Trusted Gate provides secure, data-compliant solutions for cloud applications. The patented software is aimed at public services and global companies that work with sensitive data and collaboration tools via the cloud. It utilizes data-centric approaches and uses high-security standards.

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Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

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ThreatAware's breach prevention platform connects agentlessly to an organisation's IT security cloud apps and services, providing unparalleled visibility of the hygiene status for all devices accessing company data. Previously invisible vulnerabilities can be resolved directly from the platform.

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Cloud-based compliance management solution

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condignum is a cloud-based compliance management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries handle security requirements and risks. It allows administrators to automatically evaluate complex issues using knowledge databases within the platform.

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Google Cloud Platform


Modular platform for computing, hosting, storage & more

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Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more.

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Performance & Security for Any Website

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Cloudflare protects and accelerates million of website online using a single change to your DNS by offering CDN functionality and advanced security.

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Cloud-based cybersecurity and network monitoring platform

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DNSFilter is a cybersecurity management software that enables enterprises, K-12 schools, and universities to detect online security threats and malware using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, machine learning (ML) algorithms, and content filtering capabilities.

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JumpCloud Directory Platform


A cloud directory platform for secure access to resources

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Cloud-forward identity security and endpoint protection

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Endpoint-to-cloud security for businesses with remote teams

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Lookout is an integrated SASE solution that provides endpoint-to-cloud security, enabling remote teams to work from any location while protecting business data. It provides actionable insights that help businesses proactively identify potential threats such as ransomware, phishing attacks, and offensive web content. Lookout is designed to eliminate the need for standalone cybersecurity solutions.

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BlackBerry Protect


Threat detection and endpoint protection platform

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BlackBerry Protect is a cloud-based endpoint protection platform designed to help enterprises detect threats and protect devices from data breaches, grayware, and fileless malware attack. Features include role-based access control, real-time statistics, troubleshooting, and script whitelisting.

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Safer, Faster Website

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Incapsula is a cloud-based web application security platform to optimize, protect and enhance website performance. It allows website traffic to route through Incapsula’s global network of high-powered servers that accelerate outgoing traffic and optimize it for faster load times.

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Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard Software

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Track the progress of your strategic plan with Balanced Scorecard Software, Strategy Maps, dashboards, and instantly generated exports in PDF, PPT, and Excel.

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Cloud-based web filtering and internet security software

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SafeDNS is a DNS-based internet security and web filtering service designed to help businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits protect their network against malware, phishing, inappropriate content, and more whilst maintaining compliance with statutory regulations.

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Cloud and edge computing security solution

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Cloudbric is a network security tool that blocks web attacks through application firewalls, leakage protection, SSL certificates, and more. The software also offers functionality for remote access, website security, mobile security, and blockchain.

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Cybersecurity and Compliance Made Easy

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Apptega is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that assists IT and compliance teams with managing cybersecurity operations. Key features include framework mapping, compliance management, collaboration, budgeting, vendor management, data synchronization, and predefined templates.

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Monitor, Protect & Improve your customers digital experience

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Detect key vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks (Magecart) to reduce exposure to data breaches, reducing both ICO fines and financial losses. This protects your online reputation and customer trust in your brand.

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Data and device protection for businesses of all sizes

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DriveStrike is a cloud-based data and device protection solution which helps businesses of all sizes with data security and compliance. Key features include incident management, policy management, automated device recognition, real time monitoring, and remote locking.

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vRealize Automation


Infrastructure automation tool for the private cloud

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vRealize Automation (vRA) is a web-based configuration management software designed to help organizations streamline IT services requests made by authorized administrators, business users or developers from a secure portal whilst maintaining compliance with industrial policies.

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Application security management solution

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AppTrana helps businesses monitor, detect, block & protect applications and websites against hack attempts, security threats & DDoS attacks. The vulnerability detection functionality lets users conduct automated security scans to ensure safety against unknown vulnerabilities.

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Automate Security Testing from Threat Found to Ticket Closed

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Probely helps security experts & software developers find vulnerabilities, fix them and automate security testing with ease.

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Network monitoring and endpoint protection platform

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Falcon is a cloud-based endpoint protection platform designed to help enterprises detect, manage, and remediate threats in real-time to prevent data loss. Features include event recording, alerts, prioritization, credential management, and access control.

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Privileged Access Security Solution


Secure & protect privileged account credentials

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CyberArk Privileged Account Security helps control access to administrative & privileged accounts to reduce information leaks & risk by automating policies

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One click cloud firewall for remote & distributed workforces

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One click network security solution/SASE for in-office, distributed work, & remote work.

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