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Open source security and licenses compliance

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WhiteSource is the leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management, helping companies comply with the PCI Secure Software Lifecycle standards.
It integrates with your development environments to detect open source libraries with security or compliance issues.

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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer


Web-Based SIEM & Log Management Solution. Affordable Prices.

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EventLog Analyzer is a web-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution, which assists small to large organizations with the monitoring of network devices, servers and applications. Key features include auditing, traffic analysis, threat detection, and compliance management.

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Software for managing application risks and vulnerabilities

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Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (CxSAST) is designed to help businesses conduct static analysis for identifying vulnerabilities in custom codes and open source applications. It enables DevOps teams to scan source codes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), mitigate risks, and gain insights into the system's security framework.

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Automated cryptographic security auditing for applications

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Cryptosense Analyser enable Fast and Cost-effective PCI DSS Cryptography Audits

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Digital River


Global commerce, simplified

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Digital River is a complete back end commerce integration for global payments, fraud, tax, and compliance.

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Alviere Hive


Embed financial services with ease.

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Embed Financial Products Into Your Business with our platform. Inherent to all our products are the most advanced risk management tools on the market today that work proactively to assure compliance, authenticate and protect customers, while identifying and blocking fraudulent transactions.

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Atomicorp OSSEC


Security & compliance solution for installed/hosted systems

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Atomic Enterprise OSSEC is a cloud-based security & compliance solution designed to help businesses automate processes for providing security for workloads in on-premise, cloud & hybrid environments. Built on an open-source security framework, users can monitor log events & route them to SIEMs.

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ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus


Auditing, monitoring and reporting tool for Office 365

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O365 Manager Plus is a cloud-based reporting, auditing, monitoring and management solution for Office 365. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it helps users manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, & other services from a centralized dashboard.

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Cloud-based data discovery and classification platform

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Qostodian is a cloud-based data security platform, which assists businesses with data discovery, classification, access control, and risk assessment. Administrators can monitor data flows between teams and detect risky behavior in real-time.

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Static code analysis tool for web application security

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RIPS is a static code analysis solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate and manage security testing in Java & PHP applications, detect risks/threats and implement corrective actions. It enables users to maintain and monitor scores on configurations, security and quality of applications.

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Tokenization, key and encryption management platform

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TokenEx offers flexible, scalable, and affordable solutions for securing sensitive payment information, reducing PCI scope, and achieving compliance. We work with almost any payment method and can integrate with any processor.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) management platform

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VComply is a cloud-based governance, risk & compliance (GRC) management software which uses an Entrust, Verify, Analyze & Sustain (EVAS) framework to simplify compliance. The platform offers compliance dashboards, a compliance library and workroom, real-time alerts, risk management tools, and more.

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Secure collection, protection & exchange of sensitive data

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VGS platform by Very Good Security enables users to securely collect, protect, and exchange sensitive data such as card details, personal finance data, identification documents, vacation rental payments, & credentials, using data redaction and alias value systems which cannot be reverse engineered

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