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Automated compliance & cloud security operations

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JupiterOne overview

JupiterOne is a cloud security and compliance solution that was built to help software as a service (SaaS) companies manage and secure their cloud-based infrastructure, while simplifying the path to compliance. Users can create and manage the entire security process from policy creation, to compliance and certifications, and operate a secure cloud infrastructure even as the company grows and evolves.

JupiterOne provides users with a singular view into security operations, and helps simplify the ability to identify and remediate issues as well as produce evidence of compliance. Built for small security teams, JupiterOne can help organizations reach and maintain compliance on various security frameworks without the need for additional employee overhead or compliance consultants. With direct integrations into AWS, GitHub, Okta and others, JupiterOne helps companies stay up to date with their digital environment, helping identify areas where vulnerabilities exist.

JupiterOne also provides the ability for a company to use a simple query search (and prebuilt query library) to produce evidence of compliance, identify potential vulnerabilities and more. JupiterOne's graph viewer provides a unique visualization into relationships within an organization’s digital environment, helping users track down problems and enabling them to discover where remediation should take place.


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JupiterOne screenshot: Visualize all relationships with interactive graph viewerJupiterOne screenshot: Always have a current asset inventory across all environmentsJupiterOne screenshot: Use the smart search tool for more advanced and precise searchingJupiterOne screenshot: Build and maintain robust policies and proceduresJupiterOne screenshot: Pinpoint resources and identify issues with a simple searchJupiterOne screenshot: Simple, natural language-like search across the cloud infrastructure to answer questionsJupiterOne screenshot: Do a quick search for items that exist in the digital environmentJupiterOne screenshot: Direct integrations connect systems and environments

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JupiterOne pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
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Companies can choose to pay per use ($1 per resource per month) or a flat-monthly rate.

JupiterOne features

Access Control
Application Security
Audit Trail
Compliance Management
Third Party Integration
User Management

Activity Dashboard (28 other apps)
Activity Tracking (16 other apps)
Authentication (29 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (19 other apps)
Password Management (24 other apps)
Permission Management (20 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (19 other apps)
SSL Security (35 other apps)
Secure Data Storage (19 other apps)
Single Sign On (30 other apps)
Two-Factor Authentication (26 other apps)

Additional information for JupiterOne

Key features of JupiterOne

  • Simple search
  • Digital environment visualization
  • Produce evidence of compliance
  • Automatically created & maintained asset inventory
  • Direct AWS integration
  • Direct Okta integration
  • Direct GitHub integration
  • Direct BitBucket integation
  • Build and maintain security policies & procedures
  • Search for users/resources/statuses in the environment
  • Natural language-like search
  • Streamline certifications
  • Automate management
  • Context-aware security automation
  • Risk management
  • Security operations
  • Compliance audit tasks
  • Visualize each dynamic instance, service, function, table
  • Identify real threats
  • Extensive contextual insight & evaluation
  • Policy builder tool
  • Graph viewer visualization
  • Asset inventory
  • Smart search
  • AWS resource compliance
  • Third party integrations
  • Data filtering
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Get a unified view across resources and automate all risk management, security operations and compliance audit tasks in a centralized location.

JupiterOne provides organizations with an automatically updated inventory of assets of everything across all connected digital environments, with data filtering capabilities.

Expedite and reduce the resources required for industry certifications, and enable teams to adopt a DevSecOps culture and become more secure, productive, and efficient.

JupiterOne helps remove the friction from the sales cycle and improve the win rate while reducing the amount of resources a company needs to spend on pre- and post- sales security reviews.

Reduce the number of hours it takes to build out and maintain the digital environment by leveraging JupiterOne's tools for automation.