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Fleet management technology to eliminate distracted driving

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Cellcontrol overview

Cellcontrol is a fleet management solution designed to eliminate distracted driving in commercial fleets by enabling businesses to gain control of their drivers’ mobile devices while a vehicle is being operated. Organizations are able to enforce distracted driving laws, as well as driver safety policies and programs, and get real-time insights into driver performance with reporting, scoring and feedback. Cellcontrol works across all types of vehicles, mobile device platforms and carriers.

With Cellcontrol, users are given complete control over employee mobile device usage while behind the wheel. Through the system, administrators can create personalized policies that restrict access to handheld calls, text/SMS messaging, email, social media apps, games and other inappropriate usage, while still allowing for mission-critical tools such as navigation or emergency calls. Policies are customizable at driver level, enabling specific drivers to have distinct protection settings. Once a mobile device is in safe mode, drivers are protected from distracting behaviors that lead to dangerous driving. Auto-response settings inform incoming callers and text message senders that the individual is currently operating a vehicle, and can respond once they reach their destination.

Cellcontrol’s DriveTag feature with smart detection enables the collection of data which is transmitted through the mobile app across a bluetooth connection. Managers and administrators receive drivers’ safety scores straight to their mobile device after every trip. Users can check up on braking, speeding and various other driver behaviors included in the safety score and provided to drivers. Dashboards and reports can be configured to each company’s needs, enabling users to see insights at-a-glance such as the number of blocked calls, text messages, or apps during a selected period of time to ensure compliance and proper utilization. Visual charts and graphs display a breakdown of protected miles, while dynamic alerts notify users of any exceptions in real time.


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Cellcontrol screenshot: Management Console empowers companies with built-in reporting and monitoring providing actionable insights and data to improve driver performanceCellcontrol overviewCellcontrol screenshot: Managers and administrators can visualize the driver's trip and get full reports on driving behavior and device dataCellcontrol screenshot: Managers receive their drivers' safety scores straight to their mobile device after every tripCellcontrol screenshot: Braking, speeding and other driver behaviors all are considered in the safety score

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Meliss Chaney

Rear End Collisions Cut In Half

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-17
Review Source: Capterra

Even with the lack of customer service that we experienced in the beginning, the benefits far outweighed the trouble reaching someone. The first year we put Cellcontrol in place, we had 50% less at-fault, rear end collisions with our fleet of 150+ vehicles on the road. The only factor that was changed was adding Cellcontrol, so that has to be the reason.The software was pretty easy to learn. We like the fact that if one of our vehicles/devices are not in compliance, our management team gets an alert. We also use this to verify an employee was not using a device if they happen to be involved in an auto accident.

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Matt Koster

Matts review

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-17
Review Source: Capterra

Overall working with CellControl has been a good experience. From the initial sale, to implementation CellControl's team has been quick to respond and helpful. The software makes us MUCH more confident our team is not distracted while driving! We have cellcontrol on about 100 phones at our company. Other than an issue I detail below, CellControl 100% meets our need. With safety being #1 priority this is a no-brianer. The cost is reasonable and customer support has been good. Some at our company say it works too well! :)

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Scott Lucas

Cellcontrol crushes distracted driving (at least with a cell phone).

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-08-14
Review Source: Capterra

We have reduced at fault accidents by up to 76%, and nearly eliminated aggressive driving. The Cellcontrol team does a great job supporting their product. They are always helpful & professional when we need support. Distracted driving is a real problem. I highly recommend Cellcontrol for businesses, families, and everyone looking to be safer behind the wheel. It is easy to use, and saves our company big on preventing accidents & improving driver safety, and not just with the cell phones. With the telemetry data we collect, we are able to enforce driving policies and get a very good idea of how individual drivers act behind the wheel. We are also curbing aggressive driving and speeding, thank to Cellcontrol.

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Tyler Seever

Very Solid Technology

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-08-14
Review Source: Capterra

Overall CellControl was a good business decision and we have seen a large reduction in at fault accidents as a result of this technology.-Detailed Info and Metrics -Moderate-Great Customization -Real time Speeding Alerts -Monthly, Weekly, Daily Reports on your specified info -Enable/Disable Handsfree for drivers -Customize rules per group or per driver -Dashboard can display a wide array of options for you

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Zach Middleton

Cell control works amazing!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-12-27
Review Source: Capterra

We drove over 2.5 million miles last year with 220 trucks. This app ensures that our drivers stay alert and focus on driving. The added benefit is the decreased accidents due to distracted driving and the increased safety of our drivers on the road!The software does exactly what it is supposed to do! It blocks use of the phone while driving. Our business opted for the hardware trigger in addition to the application because of the increased accuracy and other reporting functions. It almost works too well. I say this because I was shocked at how often I reached for my phone instinctively while driving, only to be reminded by Cell Control that it is not safe. This application is changing our work culture for the better! I would highly recommend this.

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Key features of Cellcontrol

  • Accident tracking
  • Driver management
  • Mileage tracking
  • Driver management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Productivity analysis
  • Time tracking
  • Trip logs
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Create policies
  • Eliminate access to texts, email, handheld calls, games
  • Intelligent distracted driving prevention
  • Data collection
  • Driver safety scores
  • Smart detection
  • Behavior tracking
  • Management console
  • Built-in reporting and monitoring
  • Actionable insights and data
  • Reports portfolio
  • Dynamic alerts / real-time notifications (mobile & email)
  • Dashboards
  • Scorecards
  • Compliance and utilization reports
  • Miles protected
  • Blocked insights
  • Graphical charts
  • Data visualization
  • Policy configurations
  • Restrict permissions
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Improve worker health and safety by optimizing the safe driving of workers by restricting access to handheld calls, text/SMS messaging, email, social media apps, games and other inappropriate usage while behind the wheel.

Reduce liability, risk and expense from accidents due to distracted driving by configuring controls for each individual driver, with notifications and alerts in real time.

Cellcontrol helps increase operational efficiency by providing businesses with a comprehensive dashboard to monitor trends, scores and rankings per driver.

Ensure the organization stays compliant as the complexity and volume of laws and regulations continues to grow by enforcing them through Cellcontrol's proactive solution.

Get instant access to data-driven insights and actionable reports with Cellcontrol's global cloud-based management system with access from any mobile device, including Android and iOS.