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Altosight overview

What is Altosight?

Altosight is an AI-backed, eCommerce price monitoring tool for manufacturers and eCommerce stores that enables organizations to track competitors’ prices or retailers' minimum advertised price violations, with streamlined product matching and automatic detection of new products. Manufacturers and distributors can also track the prices of their products sold through eCommerce stores and marketplaces, and identify any unauthorized sellers.

Altosight automatically monitors the prices of products in any eCommerce store or marketplace, and can track even the most complex websites. The price intelligence solution highlights and tracks minimum advertised price (MAP), as well as minimum suggested retail price (MSRP) violations, helping organiztions to enforce them. Altosight also helps brands to find new products automatically, and replaces any expired product links within 24 hours.

eCommerce stores are able to track competitors’ product prices from their websites or other marketplaces, compare them with their own, and calculate the difference automatically. Altosight's product matching processes use machine learning (AI) and human verification to accurately find the correct product. Users can also assign a minimum price for each product they want to monitor, and receive alerts if a store violates that price. Users can also count the number of violations per retailer on a weekly or monthly basis.

Reports can be sent out daily, providing users with an update on the brand’s and competitor prices each day. The information can also be imported into third-party ERPs or other systems. Brands can view their weekly averages and compare them to their competition, as well as stay informed on where the market is headed. Price analytics allow users to monitor specific products’ prices over time within any eCommerce store or marketplace, and keep track of their average prices per channel.


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Very good

Value for money
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Amazing Service & exceptional customer care!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-05-14
Review Source: Capterra

- easy of use - full customizable - great customer care - high accuracy

- I can't wait for online dashboard in order to avoid excel files

Response from Altosight

Thank you Chris for your review. Next week you will have the login details to view your data online along with more capabilities!

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Dimitrios M.

I am very happy as user of the Altosight software.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-06-15
Review Source: Capterra

Altosight offers a very good software, at a very competitive price. At the same time they offer an excellent customer service support.

As the market is very dynamic, sometimes constant adjustments are required in order to provide a very accurate

Response from Altosight

Thank you for your review Dimitrios and your kind words.

Indeed your market is highly dynamic and the structures of the websites change often so they need usual updates from our part.

We are working to bring more features to Altosight as well as website structure monitoring, so we can update the crawlers within a few hours. Stay tuned!

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 8/10

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Altosight pricing

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The pricing largely depends on the number of eCommerce stores tracked, their difficulty to be tracked, the number of products, possible customizations and whether Altosight does the product matching or the client.

For very few products and eCommerce stores where Altosight does the matching, the price starts at $30 per month.

Altosight features

Reporting & Statistics
eCommerce Management

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Additional information for Altosight

Key features of Altosight

  • Manage and handle various international currencies
  • Manage multiple teams and operations from a central location
  • Track and analyze key pricing metrics for reports, pricing intelligence dashboards, historical data tracking, trend analysis, etc
  • View and analyze the quantities of products being sold at any given period
  • Integrate with eCommerce systems
  • Review data from past periods to reveal recurring tendencies
  • Set a time to generate routine reports automatically
  • Enable businesses to implement machine learning algorithms on business data such as sales and revenue
  • Manage digital assets
  • Create and manage price lists for products, customer segments, and geographic locations.
  • Search available resources to locate required information
  • Track and monitor efficient handling of all changes/transitions
  • Integrate with existing ERP systems
  • Create custom predefined rules for prices for products and services
  • Monitor and compare prices for competing products
  • View and track pertinent metrics
  • Organize and maintain inventory levels across all channels (i.e. retail store, warehouse, etc.) based on demand and channel performance
  • An assembly of graphs and charts for tracking statistics and metrics
  • Collect data from multiple sources within the market (competing products, customer behavior, season, weather, special events, etc)
  • Ability to see leads received from various distribution channels in one place
  • Record and monitor cost related information of assets (i.e. budget for assets, equipment costs, revenues, etc.)
  • Pay employees in multiple countries using correct currencies and correct tax deduction amounts
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Altosight focuses on price tracking from the point of the manufacturer, offering a high product matching accuracy rate (up to 100%).

Organizations are able to monitor the prices and other data from any website, in multiple currencies.

Track competitors’ prices and any retail price violations such as the minimum advertised price (MAP) or minimum suggested retail price (MSRP) violations and enforce them.

Altosight's product matching platform automatically finds the correct products a user wants to track, based on images and text, using machine learning and human verification.

Altosight’s price tracking platform can be tailored to each organization’s specific needs, with unique workflows and a range of features and reports.