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Quantum Metric


The Digital Experience Intelligence Platform

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Quantum Metric drives visibility into every customer interaction and delivers better business decisions. Built to automatically prioritize both technical and behavioral insights, the platform enables customers to gain real-time user intelligence securely and at scale.

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Zoho PageSense


The Complete A/B Testing and CRO Platform

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See where your visitors click, how far down they scroll, and on which sections they spend the most time. 

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Cloud-based Map-Making Software

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Intelligence software for individuals and businesses. Upload your data, see it on a map, generate charts and reports, and more. Mapline helps you go deep to discover insights that can only be gained from adding real world context to your data.

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All-in-One Marketing Solution

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Ptengine is a complete marketing and analytics platform. We help you to truly understand your users and take actions by personalizing content and run A/B-tests. It's free to get started and ready to go in a few minutes.

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In-page web analytics

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ClickTale is a website analytics platform that helps to analyse the behaviour of your website visitors and mobile app users.

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Click testing software

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Chalkmark is a cloud-based first click testing software. It helps users analyze and understand what website visitors click on first.

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Indoor navigation & mapping engine

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Jibestream's indoor mapping platform gives developers the power to create, control and customize maps that are geospatially accurate to the world

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VWO Insights


Website visitor analysis software with screen recording

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VWO Insights is a cloud-based software that helps businesses analyze website visitor behavior and diagnose and resolve issues in order to enhance the customer experience. The screen recording module lets organizations record customer mouse trails and time spent on web pages.

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Data visualization made simple.

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ZENPLOT helps businesses create data visualizations by using different layers including point clouds, line charts, and bar charts. Users can also link the data to any of their characteristics such as color, size, thickness, shape, and more to generate creative possibilities. Managers can export created visualizations in different formats including .PNG or .SVG and easily integrate them into presentations.

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