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Firmex Virtual Data Room

Securely store and share highly confidential documents

4.64/5 (39 reviews)

Firmex Virtual Data Room overview

Firmex Virtual Data Room is a secure online platform for sharing confidential documents within companies such as investment banks, law firms, private equity groups, and corporations. The platform provides a highly adaptive interface that can be tailored to accommodate various types of business workflows. It supports large-scale collaboration and complex security scenarios with numerous parties, and aims to help close more profitable deals quicker, and more efficiently.

Firmex Virtual Data Room integrates with the organization’s IT system and provides a customizable interface with personalized branding. The solution enables users to streamline numerous business practices including document viewing, uploading, and revisions, as well as note sharing and collaborations.

Users can invite other individuals or entire teams to a deal and set permissions, granting and restricting access as needed. Permissions can be applied to entire projects, folders, documents, or users. Users can easily drag files or folders into the data room using the drag and drop feature, and tag documents to track changes and assign tasks.

Historical document tracking is simple with the solution’s ‘versions’ feature that automatically displays the most recent version of a document. It also allows users to look back through previous versions to see what changes were made in the past. Users can apply dynamic watermarks to documents, restrict downloading and printing, as well as track and audit user activity. With Firmex, all data is kept in secure data centers with fire and disaster safeguards, along with keycard and biometric access.


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Firmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Keep documents safe by viewing online without downloadingFirmex Virtual Data Room - Fast DemoFirmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Customizable DRM (digital rights management) for documents Firmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Users can upload an entire project in one stepFirmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Docuements are uploaded using drag-and-dropFirmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Files are organized the same way they were on the users's hard driveFirmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Clicking on a document allows users to view the document online without leaving the dataroomFirmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Users can bulk invite contacts, add contacts manually (one user at a time), or search for contactsFirmex Virtual Data Room screenshot: Permissions can be applied as general, or as granular as neededReview Documents Faster: Quick view, search, listings - Firmex VDRSmart Upload and Folder Merge - Firmex VDR

Firmex Virtual Data Room reviews


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Firmex Virtual Data Room

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

For the Real Estate and Investment banking, the sharing of confidential documents within the company and taking on projects being in a group has been made easier. The legal documents and the finances which cannot be exposed can be accessed and updated from anywhere with Login access, for example on my iPhone. Tracking old files is much easier, as we go through sharing hundereds of files everyday with corrections pointed and re-corrected.The custom sharing platform which is secured and the visibility control for employees. The best part of software is the document validity & password we can set and the people we can choose from list that can access or view the documents. Also the same document cannot be shared by E-mail or any other non Data-room platform and if done. We can control the share and track of the confidential documents.

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Stacy Camacho

Firmex works for legal practice

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-05-06
Review Source: Capterra

Overall I've found Firmex support to be outstanding. You get answers quickly and they are helpful when dealing with our clients. I like that our clients don't need any special training or hand holding to use the software. Once they login it is very simple to upload/download documents and understand without special training. I also really like the different levels of security, as we often have multiple clients with different levels of access all in the same document room.

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Matt Improta

Excellent Choice for a VDR

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

Our firm has used Firmex VDRs for dozens of investment banking transactions and are very pleased with the product they put out as well as the support and service we receive. The functionality is perfect for running a VDR to share documents and files with many parties while controlling the document flow and accessibility of any party on any document. The product is very competitively priced compared to a lot of the service providers out there. Customer service is very prompt and happy to walk you through any issue, small or large. Firmex is also continually improving its services.

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Anjuman Gupta

Feedback - Frimex VDR

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-10-05
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, experience has been good and can really recommend.Firmex is much easier to use compared to other VDR providers. It is very intuitive to use. Customer service is really good as well. The executives have a good understanding of the system and are quick to solve probelms and answer questions.

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Douglas Herman

Firmex Virtual Data Rooms review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-29
Review Source: Capterra

As a longtime user, I have only had positive experiences with Firmex.Ease of use and functionality is the most positive attribute.

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Firmex Virtual Data Room pricing

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Firmex Virtual Data Room features

Access Control
Collaborative Workspace
Customizable Branding
Drag & Drop Interface
Permission Management

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Additional information for Firmex Virtual Data Room

Key features of Firmex Virtual Data Room

  • Multiple levels of security
  • Biometric safeguards
  • Customizable DRM for documents
  • Customizable access settings
  • Two-factor password authentication
  • HIPAA & SOC 2 Compliance
  • Compliant with EU Data Protection Directive
  • Compliant with UK Data Protection Act
  • Upload anything with drag & drop
  • Add and invite users
  • Expire access to documents
  • Restrict saving & printing
  • Auto-organize new documents with versioning
  • Track & audit document and user activity
  • Check security settings
  • Apply dynamic watermarks
  • Upload via email
  • Forward attachments from a mobile device
  • Track historical documents
  • Collaboration tool
  • Full version history
  • Permissions
  • Preview data room as a specific user
  • Document viewer tool
  • Invite users
  • Document expiry dates
  • Permission to print and download
  • Branding
  • Tag documents
  • Rename and reorganize
  • Document recognition
  • Assign roles to users
  • Restrict access
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Firmex's 'Email-in' feature lets users upload documents to the data room via email while out of the office.

Users are in full control of their documents with security settings like access expiry, saving and printing restrictions, dynamic watermarks, and more.

Firmex offers project consultation for creating the best fitted data room to match the organization's needs.

Users can simply send their hard drives to Firmex, and they'll send back a completed and organized data room ready-for-use.

Firmex virtual data rooms store data in secure data centers that hold all major North American, European, and international security certifications.