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Diagram maker for team collaboration & work processes

Cacoo is an online diagram and collaboration tool for businesses to create sitemaps, flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, mockups, and more

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Customer feedback & feature request management

Canny helps product teams to collect and organize user feedback and feature requests to better understand customer needs, and prioritize their product roadmap

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Cloud-based mind mapping tool for organizations of all sizes

MindMeister is a cloud-based mind mapping solution designed to help organizations of all sizes manage brainstorming, collaboration, note-taking, and project planning. MindMeister enables users to graphically represent information using videos, comments and PDFs or spreadsheets.

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PICC Software


Integrated platform with knowledge and innovation management

PICC Software is a web-based augmented intelligence platform designed to help businesses in manufacturing and production industries streamline idea management, knowledge, collaboration, industrial performance, and learning. With augmented reality functionality, teams can capture and analyze market feedback, identify changes in customer preferences, and plan new product launches whilst reducing production and development costs of new products.

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Engage with Community

Vanilla Forums is the top-rated community-centric ideation software trusted by the world's top brands.

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Project Management & Time Tracking For Teams Of Any Size.

Use ProWorkflow to track your tasks, billable hours and client communications, to create quotes and invoices, share files, manage client projects and more. Signup for a free trial today!

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Virtual whiteboard solution for team collaboration

Lucidspark is a web-based whiteboard tool, designed to help teams collaborate on projects and share ideas. The collaborative platform provides users with an adaptable space to share ideas, create plans, collaborate on projects, organize tasks, and evaluate ideas.

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Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

From sales and marketing to HR and operations, teams can design and customize Trello to fit their unique needs and work styles. And with over 100+ integrations with other key tools like Google Drive, Slack, Jira and more, Trello is a breathing project hub of cross-team collaboration.

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Digital workspace and collaboration management solution

MURAL is collaboration platform that helps businesses plan, design, brainstorm & analyze ideas, and create custom workflows to streamline decision-making across teams. Users can store documents and files in a centralized AES-256 encrypted repository and securely share data with team members.

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Customer-driven product management system

Feature organization, feature prioritization, user feedback

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Knowledge sharing & insights platform

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Bloomfire makes it simple to find and share knowledge across teams and organizations. By bringing all company knowledge into one secure, searchable platform, Bloomfire helps teams stay aligned, work efficiently, and make informed decisions.

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Project and Portfolio Management Software

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Achieve growth & strategic objectives through more effective management of projects & resources with Sciforma PPM Software.

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Cloud-based project management solution

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awork is a cloud-based project management solution designed to help teams of all sizes manage & streamline task collaboration. It allows users to utilize to-do lists, grouped kanban boards and visual Gantt charts to coordinate tasks across projects and monitor status changes in real time.

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CrowdWorx Innovation Engine


Comprehensive idea and innovation management platform

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Integrated software for Idea Management, Idea Campaigns, Idea Implementation Tracking, Crowdsourcing, and Best Practices Sharing. Our tools have been deployed at >200 customers generating significant cost savings for companies like Qualcomm, Munich Re Insurance, Henkel, Deutsche Bahn, Nestle, ABB.

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Collaborative idea management and trendspotting platform

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Co:tunity is a collaborative trendspotting and idea management platform. It provides tools and processes that enable enterprises to easily gather, share, analyze and develop ideas as well as trends and scenarios.

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Task management tool

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WeKowork is a complete cloud-based solution for managing projects, tasks, and processes while automatically generating Gantt charts. Projects can be shared internally with colleagues, and externally with customers and friends, to collaborate and receive feedback.

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Exago Smart


Collaborative innovation app to speed up business evolution

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Idea Management Software

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Collaborative solution

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Beekast is collective intelligence tool that makes your in-person or remote presentations more effective.

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Collaborative idea management platform

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Ezassi is a cloud-based idea management platform, which helps businesses crowdsource, assess, and acquire ideas from internal and external sources. Features include automated scoring, product lifecycle management, custom workflows, an idea repository, reporting, and analytics.

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z0 Gravity


Project management software to handle schedules & budgets

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z0 Gravity is a SaaS project management software designed to help businesses manage task schedules, create budgets, and assign tasks to employees. It enables project managers to view the status of business activities in real-time, formulate goals for teams across projects, and allocate resources.

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Event and conference management software

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Wisembly is a web platform offering the possibility to create an idea box or workshops asynchronously or in real time within the framework of an event. Involve a greater number of remote collaborators for easier analysis and efficient data collection.

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The smarter way to work. Ayoa is an all-in-one whiteboard

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Ayoa takes online collaborative whiteboards to new heights. By seamlessly blending idea generation, task management and team collaboration features, Ayoa goes beyond convention and provides a platform for teams to work together and cultivate knowledge that can be used to drive success.

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eXo Platform


Digital Workplace Software

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eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution that helps you connect your teams, improve collaboration, empower and reward your workforce.

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Bring your frontline and office teams together

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Ideas & campaign management for transforming your product, processes and organization.

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Visual boards solution for organizing ideas and projects

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Milanote is a cloud-based collaboration software designed to help creative teams manage storyboarding, creative writing and briefs, mind-mapping, note-taking, and brainstorming. It lets users create private boards and share projects with team members to collect feedback and ensure service quality.

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