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#1 global idea management software for enterprise innovation

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Planview Spigit is the global leader of idea management software enterprises. Easily ideate, engage and implement the best ideas from your crowd.

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Build better products with intelligent product feedback

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UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback.

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Turn discussion into action. Make decisions together.

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Good ideas can come from anywhere - but one way idea gathering is only a fraction as good at inviting people to share and discuss ideas with one another.

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Planbox Innovate


Innovation Management Solution

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Planbox will gain access to new perspectives, specialized knowledge and other capabilities. Your organization will have the opportunity to work more collaboratively and closely with it's customers and business partners.

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Collaborative mind maps, outlines and Gantt Charts

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Mindomo is an online mind mapping tool and collaborative services provider that offers the perfect setting for developing concepts, brainstorming and working within a team.

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Social Networking and Information Sharing for Enterprises

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Honey helps to streamline knowledge sharing and management among teams, offering a personalized and real-time feed.

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Collaboration software for managing ideas, teams & projects

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Stormboard helps capture and organize ideas, prioritize tasks, plan projects, and manage meetings using a digital workspace. Users can share ideas and files in real-time with their teams.

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Visual collaboration platform for designers and developers

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Moqups is a cloud-based visual collaboration tool that helps organizations create & validate functional prototypes for designing websites or mobile applications. Whiteboard functionality lets teams collaborate on wireframes, mockups, and diagrams, and develop sitemaps, storyboards or flowcharts.

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Insights into feature demand for SaaS product teams

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Receptive enables SaaS businesses to make data-driven product decisions by collecting, managing and fully understanding feedback and feature requests

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Idea Spotlight


Collaborative idea management for innovators

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Idea Spotlight is a web based idea management software that helps innovative businesses to identify, filter & prioritise their best crowdsourced ideas

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Customer experience management solution for startups

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Herald is a product management solution designed to help startups collect, organize, and manage feedback received from customers. The platform enables administrators to consolidate and quantify issues and automatically follow up on them to understand the problem.

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Accept Mission


All-in-one innovation platform for SML enterprises.

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Accept Mission enables a very swift introduction to Idea Management. The platform offers enhanced gamification and multiple tools for organisations to collect, qualify and select ideas for innovation projects.

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Powernoodle, powered by science and fueled by people

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Ideate in an efficient and safe manner; ensuring the best ideas get the attention they deserve.

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Systemize your business. Simplify your life.

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The simple way to create, organize, and share essential business processes and procedures. Get started today—it's free!

Read more about Methodologee

InPhase BMS


Business performance management

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InPhase is a business management suite that offers strategy, project management, budgeting, risk management, ideas management, predictive analytics, and more

Read more about InPhase BMS



Idea collection for the purpose of organizational innovation

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Ideation360 is a SaaS-based platform for driving organizational innovation through the collection, selection and testing of ideas from a network of stakeholders

Read more about Ideation360



All-in-one customer service solution

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Put both staff and users in control of product and idea management. Close the feedback loop during each milestone.

Read more about Helprace



Idea management solution to facilitate innovation

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Rever is an idea management solution designed to help businesses in food processing & packaging & industrial manufacturing & assembly industries, experiment with ideas through collaboration & continuous improvement processes. It lets users share best practices with multiple teams & implement ideas.

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Knowledge and content management

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Ideation to realization. Vote on Ideas, define proposals and run approved projects

Read more about Tallium



Idea management solution for improving products and services

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Consideration is a cloud-based innovation and idea management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. Consideration aids business users with managing customer stories, handling challenges, creating feedback communities, and sharing ideas for improving products, services, & processes.

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SharpCloud Software


Make data compelling, not complex.

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Data visualization software that transforms business data into engaging visual stories, helping you make smarter strategic decisions.

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Product management and roadmapping for product teams

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ProdPad is a flexible product management tool for product managers to collect team ideas and user feedback, and create product roadmaps

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Flexible Diagram Drawing and Creation

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ClickCharts is a flow chart and mind mapping solution that helps businesses design diagrams from within the centralized platform. Staff members can generate visualizations to generate insights into organizations, processes, UML diagrams, and more.

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Web collaboration and meeting management software

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Klaxoon is a meeting management and team collaboration software designed to help businesses handle employee engagement, feedback collection, and brainstorming processes on a centralized platform. Managers can create slide decks and share screens with team members.

Read more about Klaxoon

Collective Innovation IdeaLab


Idea and innovation management solution

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IdeaLab is an Idea Management solution from Collective Innovation, designed to engage public or private communities for sharing actionable ideas and feedback

Read more about Collective Innovation IdeaLab

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