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ConfirmKit overview

What is ConfirmKit?

ConfirmKit is a user research and customer development platform that helps organizations of all sizes to discover what their users really want. ConfirmKit helps product teams to conduct, analyze, and store qualitative data from user interviews, highlight patterns and trends in the data, and ultimately, align their product offering with what users want.

Key benefits of ConfirmKit include a systematized and standardized process for conducting interviews with users and people within an organization; every member of the team can contribute to the research. A flexible note-taking feature allows interviewers to follow a pre-planned interview script but also to deviate from it depending on where the conversation goes. Once the research has been conducted, ConfirmKit aggregates and analyzes the gathered data. ConfirmKit aggregates this data across all interviews and presents the findings, to provide organizations with a better understanding of their users and their users' needs.

Using ConfirmKit's systematized user research and customer development platform, any organization can confidently build and improve products for their users.


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ConfirmKit screenshotConfirmKit screenshotConfirmKit screenshot: Conduct research via online chat, e-mail, online forums, etc. ConfirmKit screenshot: Use interview scripts and field guides to conduct seamless, efficient user interviewsConfirmKit screenshot:  Gather product feedback via smart interview forms

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One Project: $49 one-time payment

Unlimited Research: $39/month on a monthly subscription or $29/month on a yearly subscription

ConfirmKit features

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Key features of ConfirmKit

  • Custom interview forms
  • Customer development
  • Discovery questions
  • Email / online
  • Insights
  • User interviews
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• ConfirmKit allows businesses to prepare, conduct and analyze interviews with users, for a comprehensive understanding of their demands.

The platform automates the process of preparing and conducting interviews, with pre-prepared interview scripts, smart forms, and field guides.

ConfirmKit provides insightful data analysis as the interview advances, and helps teams to derive a conclusion at the end.

Identify patterns in customer behavior and understand emerging market trends.

ConfirmKit enables businesses to aggregate insights and research from channels including online chat, email, forums, and research.