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Raven360 logo



Creating Product Experts at Scale

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At Raven360, we understand how much it hurts when customers leave for a competitor. So, reduce churn and stop wasting time and damaging your brand reputation. Instead, feel confident and in control while creating product experts at scale with our LMS built for onboarding B2B SaaS customers.

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SmartKarrot logo



Intelligent Customer Success & Account Management

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SmartKarrot allows Customer Success and Account Management teams to handle their Customer Growth (Expansion & Retention) and Scaling Growth operations efficiently (through Intelligence & Automation).

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ChurnZero logo



Customer engagement & retention for subscription businesses

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ChurnZero is a customer engagement & retention platform for customer success teams of subscription-based businesses to reduce churn & increase renewals

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monday sales CRM logo

monday sales CRM


Close deals. Automate the rest.

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monday sales CRM lets you organize and streamline all your work, and ensure each of your clients gets the individualized treatment they deserve. Choose the best view to track your client relationships, how many deals each customer success rep has, or any other report that will help you work better.

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UserGuiding  logo



Digital adoption and onboarding platform

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UserGuiding is a cloud-based digital adoption & user onboarding solution for teams, which allows users to create interactive product tours, generate custom onboarding flows, & analyze product adoption metrics. The platform allows businesses to create walkthroughs & tours with no coding knowledge.

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Churn360 logo



AI-driven customer success platform

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Churn360 is a data-driven AI customer success platform that helps SaaS businesses reduce churn and increase the lifetime value of Customers.

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HubSpot Service Hub logo

HubSpot Service Hub


Cloud-based customer service solution for firms of all sizes

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HubSpot Service Hub is a cloud-based customer service platform, which aims to simplify processes for managing customer queries & improving client engagement. It allows users to connect with customers via live chat, one-to-one customer communication, conversational bots, and more.

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Qiscus logo



Cloud-based customer communications management solution

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Qiscus is a powerful cloud-based customer communications management solution that enables enterprises to handle customer data, leads, omnichannel CRM, and customer engagement operations. It allows users to create a single view of your entire organization’s sales funnel so you can more effectively respond to prospects and leads, improve sales performance by real-time notifications and alerts, automate repetitive tasks, and save time through intelligent automation.

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Skilljar Customer Education logo

Skilljar Customer Education


The leading LMS for Customer and Partner Training

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Skilljar is the leading external LMS to drive product adoption, increase net retention, and lower cost to support. The solution accelerates customer onboarding and engagement by enabling multimedia course creation, an intuitive and mobile-responsive learning environment and CRM data integrations.

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Zendesk Suite logo

Zendesk Suite


Service-first CRM company that builds support & sales tools

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Zendesk is the leading cloud-based help desk software built with support agents in mind. All your customer interactions are in a single, dynamic interface with features like web widgets, pre-defined ticket responses, and full customer history.

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Custify logo



Customer success solution for SaaS businesses

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Custify is a cloud-based customer success platform designed to help SaaS businesses manage customer engagement and churn rate in the recurring revenue model. Key features include KPI tracking, activity creation, task assignment, client communications, and audience segmentation.

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LearnUpon logo



Unlock the power of learning with LearnUpon LMS

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LearnUpon works with global organizations who want to make learning a central part of their growth strategy and supports over 1,300 customers worldwide including Zendesk and Gusto.

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Mixmax logo



Email communication & sales productivity application

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Mixmax is an email communication & sales productivity application designed to help businesses convert prospects into customers through Gmail, Google Inbox, Google Calendar, Salesforce & Pipedrive using 1-to-1 communication, personalized email, workflow automation, email tracking, CRM sync, & more

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ReFrame Engage logo

ReFrame Engage


Conversational intelligence and customer engagement software

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ReFrame empowers the future of business by enabling context-aware solutions to connect with customers anywhere, anytime, and providing the best customer experience (CX) within a single powerful platform.

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Slack logo



A single place for team communication and workflows

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Slack is a single workspace that connects users with the people and tools they work with everyday, no matter where they are or what they do

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Zoho Desk logo

Zoho Desk


Superior customer service. Lasting experiences.

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Zoho Desk is a web-based customer service application that helps your company build stronger relationships with customers. With Zoho Desk, agents become more productive, managers become more impactful, and customers become more empowered. It's customizable, convenient to use.

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LiveAgent logo



Great customer service starts with better help desk software

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LiveAgent is a powerful customer engagement and customer success software. It helps businesses manage customer interactions through customer lifecycles. LiveAgent is a leader in building customer relationships using omnichannel customer service.
Start with a 14-Day free trial, no credit card needed.

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TeamSupport logo



The complete B2B solution for great customer support

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TeamSupport's Support software is specifically designed to provide businesses with the context needed to effectively meet their customers' needs. Through an innately collaborative platform, Support ensures unified customer experiences that are positive and healthy.

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EngageBay CRM logo

EngageBay CRM


Integrated sales & marketing software for growing teams

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EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales and service automation software which automates marketing sales by combining lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM & social media engagement. EngageBay helps businesses acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads from a single platform.

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Bitrix24 logo



100% free CRM, collaboration, and communication tool suite

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Bitrix24 #1 FREE customer success and customer relationship management platform used by 4 million businesses worldwide. It is available in cloud or on-premise with open source code access. Unlimited leads, deals, contacts, companies, quotes, invoices and appointment scheduling.

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Pipefy logo



Design and automate business workflows in minutes.

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From Onboarding to Support, track the progress of each customer and easily access the information of each demand. Pipefy enables to create a standard of execution according to the assistance each customer requires and make sure no step is missed.

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NiceJob logo



Reputation marketing with reviews, social & SEO tools

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NiceJob is the easiest way to get more great reviews, referrals and sales. We help businesses get the reputation they deserve! We also help your website convert more leads and improve your SEO!

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Textline logo



Cloud-based plug-and-play text messaging software

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Textline is a plug-and-play text messaging software designed to help businesses securely communicate with clients using various phone numbers. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant platform enables healthcare providers to obtain, document, and store patient consent using built-in automation capabilities.

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Front logo



Where 7500+ companies build strong customer relationships;

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Front is a customer communication hub that surrounds every high-stakes conversation with team collaboration and contextual data to personalize every response at scale.

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Lucky Orange logo

Lucky Orange


All-in-one conversion optimization suite for website owners

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Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that helps website owners identify drop-offs in the conversion process using dynamic heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics, live chat, and polls

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Customer Success Software

Maintaining successful relationships with customers drives future revenue, helps prioritize resources, and attracts new customers to your brand. However, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) may not have the staffing resources to proactively monitor customer experience.

Customer success software can help. These tools help businesses understand their relationship with their customer base by aggregating data from customer relationship databases and customer service team communication channels. By scoring customer success, companies can proactively identify customers that require extra support or even highlight customers that may be ready for additional products or services.

In this guide, we'll cover:

What is customer success software? 

Customer success software allows businesses to proactively assess the level of overall satisfaction that its customers experience on a day-to-day basis. By analyzing and combining key data from existing customer relationship databases⁠—such as customer service response times and customer satisfaction surveys⁠—customer success software can generate health scores that represent overall customer sentiment, track resources required for proper customer engagement, and generate reports that identify potential improvement areas.

What are the benefits of customer success software?

The benefits of customer success software for businesses and institutions include:

  • Lower churn rate: Customer success software creates health scores that indicate the overall level of customer satisfaction. By proactively identifying unhappy customers, businesses have a golden opportunity to provide the required support needed to turn a customer on the verge of taking their business elsewhere into one that will continue to do business with you in the future.

  • Manage resources: By providing detailed scoring, customer success software helps companies identify what areas of customer service require additional resources. Whether it be providing more assistance onboarding new customers or providing follow-up after customer service has been provided, customer success software uses the entirety of a customer's history to identify broader needs in customer experience.

  • Increase revenue: Customer success software also identifies the products and services that your customer base is most satisfied with. In doing so, your business can emphasize these successes in the form of marketing campaigns to spur purchases and increase revenue. 

What are common features of customer success software? 

  • Usage tracking and analytics: Track usage of customer service resources and interpret the effectiveness of customer experience measures.

  • Onboarding: Familiarize new clients with your business' products, services, and customer support mechanisms.

  • Customer engagement: Proactively initiate customer interactions aimed at improving customer experience or providing information on additional products and services.

  • Activity tracking: Monitor and track project-related activities based on various metrics.

  • Collaboration tools: Provide a channel through which customer service team members can share files, communicate, and work together.

  • Health score: Create and aggregate a score for a client’s overall satisfaction with your business' products and services.

  • NPS of customers: Calculate the net promoter score (NPS) of customers to ascertain the likelihood of them referring others to your company.

  • Reporting: Organize and automate reports to more easily analyze customer success data.

  • Revenue management: Utilize customer success data to plan for increased demand and revenue.

  • Task management: Keep virtual checklists of action items and monitor the steps necessary for their completion.

How do small and midsize businesses use customer success software?

SMBs can use customer success software throughout the entire customer experience lifecycle. Once a customer profile is built, the software will then capture customer data, such as order history, customer service logs, survey results, and interactions with employees through either direct input or by pulling information from accounting or CRM databases. 

The software then uses this data to generate a customer health score that can be used to either identify which customers are primed for additional product offerings or that require additional attention to help SMBs proactively work to retain customers. Additionally, these businesses can determine which of their products and services customers are happiest with in order to keep up with demand and increase revenue.

What are some important customer success software integrations?

Customer success software solutions see their real power when they are put to use by other business processes. Consider the following integrations and how your company might benefit in using customer success data:

  • Sales and CRM tools: By providing customer success scores directly to your sales and CRM systems via integration, sales teams can closely monitor satisfied customers who may be ripe for additional sales purchases.

  • Email and messaging platforms: Integrating customer success software with messaging platforms allows questionnaires and surveys to be automatically sent to customers so that vital customer experience data can be collected.

  • Social listening integration: A lot of what customers say about your products and services doesn’t come from a customer feedback form. Customers will frequently discuss their experiences with a company’s product or service on their social media platform of choice without the company even knowing that there has been an issue. As this trend continues, look for more customer success tools to integrate with social listening tools as a way of procuring more data related to customer experience and success.

  • Growth of customer forums: It is becoming increasingly common for users of a product or service to create their own online forums and user groups through which they can share information about the product. Considering that users tend to be more open about their experiences with other users of the same product, customer success software will most likely be used to collect customer sentiment from these resources.

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