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Customer Service Software

Customer Service software covers any tool designed to help organizations manage multi-channel inbound and outbound communications, including phone, live chat, and email, and resolve customer issues. Typical features include call routing, ticketing, and analytics.

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Cloud Contact Center Software

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NICE inContact helps to improve the customer service your call center offers through satisfaction surveys, supervisor tools, workforce optimization and more.

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Salesforce Essentials


CRM for small business

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Salesforce Essentials is a cloud-based CRM for small businesses which allows users to manage leads, opportunities, pipelines, support requests, and more

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Service-first CRM company that builds support & sales tools

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Zendesk's fully customizable service solution scales with your business and enables organizations to solve tickets easily. Reach customers on any channel and equip your agents with a full history of all interactions, including those tracked from 700+ app integrations.

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Salesforce Service Cloud


Customer Service & Field Service Management Solutions

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Salesforce Service Cloud helps to automate customer support combining unified case management, knowledge base, social media support, live chat, & self service.

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Wix Answers


The only platform with all support channels in one place.

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The next-gen customer service solution, ready right out-out-of-the-box, with all the tools to deliver great customer care. Agents support customers from a single workspace, enabling efficiencies across all channels. Developed for growing businesses, Answers optimizes day-to-day CS environments.

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Online helpdesk system and customer service software

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Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that offers powerful solutions that businesses of all sizes use to strengthen customer relationships across channels.

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Modern customer support platform making complex B2B simple

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A modern customer support CRM built by customer support for customer support to manage complex, high value customers.

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Modern Customer Service Software For Customer-First Brands

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Kustomer is the omnichannel customer management platform focused on delivering standout experiences - not resolving tickets.

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Ada is an easy to use customer support automation platform.

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Ada personalizes customer engagement by putting the power of AI in the hands of the people who know your business best. With Ada, it's simple for non-technical teams to build an automated, enterprise-class chatbot that solves 80% of customer inquiries.

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JIRA Service Management


The only ITSM solution built on the Jira platform

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Formerly known as Jira Service Desk, Jira Service Management is an IT service management solution built on the popular Jira platform that unlocks high-velocity teams. Empowered teams can deliver great, coordinated service experiences, without the complexity of traditional ITSM.

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Help desk and customer service solution

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The ONLY customer service app specifically DESIGNED FOR SHOPIFY (integrates with Magento & BigCommerce too). Centralize your helpdesk by connecting all channels in one place - email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram & more. Cut support times by 43% with the #1-rated helpdesk on Shopify.

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HappyFox Help Desk


Helpdesk, customer support software

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HappyFox is a cloud based, all-in-one help desk and customer support software. HappyFox's ticketing system enables the quick resolution of customers' issues via an efficient customer support workflow. The platform provides a built-in knowledge base, community forum and end-user support portal.

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Social media management, analytics & strategy planning.

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Sprinkl offers social media management products to help brands improve their presence on social media, increasing engagement, improving insight and becoming more strategic. It is a social experience management platform with a suite of apps to ensure brand consistency among customers and staff.

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Self-service support & customer education platform

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Elevio offers on-demand, self-service customer support tools, including knowledge base management, in-app contextual help, support channel integrations, & more

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Great customer service starts with better help desk software

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LiveAgent is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and industries with more than 180 Help Desk features and over 40 integrations. Enjoy social media integrations, unlimited ticket browsing history, call recordings, hybrid ticket streams, and other productivity tools.

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Email management software and shared inbox for teams

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Better than a help desk, Front is a collaborative inbox for all your customer communication - email, chat, social media, SMS, and more. With emails to support@ or info@ addresses in shared inboxes, teams can collaborate to give a better experience. Try Front for free.

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Cloud-based community platform for branded communities

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Tribe is a modern and cloud-based community platform designed to connect and empower your customers so they can help each other. Enable your customers to find solutions to their issues, promote self-service, offer content library, collect feedback, and drive customer success.

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Cloud Based Ticket Management & Help Desk Software

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Stand out from the crowd by providing easier to use, customizable self service to your customers! Cayzu offers a complete help desk and knowledge base built into one.

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Leading Community Platform for Customer Success & Support

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Speed up your response time and let customers find answers in just three clicks with a community-powered knowledge base.

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Ticketing software for effortless customer support

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HelpDesk is a ticketing system for customer service teams. Minimize your support team’s efforts and save time for meaningful conversations with customers. Resolve tickets faster and with greater precision. Use HelpDesk to improve your customer satisfaction level and increase sales.

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Vision Helpdesk


Help Desk, Multi Company Desk and ITSM / ITIL Service Desk

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PINKVerify Certified ITIL / ITSM Compliant - Service Desk Software, Incident, Asset, Problem, Change, Release, Contract, Vendor, Service Catalog & more

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Integrated sales & marketing software for growing teams

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EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales and service automation software which automates marketing sales by combining lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM & social media engagement. EngageBay helps businesses acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads from a single platform.

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Revolutionary blockchain-powered contact center software

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Qubicles is a blockchain software company and the creators of decentralized tools and services for the contact center industry. Our solution includes on-demand staffing for remote workers and powerful cloud-based contact center software that includes all features needed to run centers of all sizes.

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Premium Customer Service Software for Live Chat & Help Desk

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Connect with your customers on the website, provide them with immediate help when questions arise and create a great customer experience! Try LiveChat for free!

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Live Chat Software and Virtual agent for SMBs

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Provide timely customer support to your website visitor with the HelpOnClick Live Chat software. Increase sales and improve customer service.

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Buyers Guide

Customer service

Customer service software boosts the productivity of customer service agents by helping them tend to customer requests and queries efficiently and swiftly. This improves customer’s experience with your brand, which positively impacts the brand image and boosts your profitability in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll cover key topics related to customer service software selection:

What is customer service software?

Customer service software is a tool that helps businesses streamline their customer service efforts. It enables users to address customer concerns and communicate with them across different channels such as email, web, and social media. 

Users can manage all customer data and interactions on a single platform and retrieve it swiftly for reference. They can also raise tickets about customer queries, prioritize these tickets, and track the resolution status to ensure customer satisfaction.

Types of customer service software

The first thing you need to do before selecting a customer service solution is to know the different types of software. There are primarily five different types of customer service solutions in the market.

Live chat software: These solutions lets you provide customer service through web chat in real time. Agents can create tickets for unresolved issues while chatting, request customers to fill up automated surveys on chat, queue the chats, and route chats to the most appropriate agents.

Traditional phone software: This solution allows users to handle customer interactions on the phone. It offers features such as IVR, call transfer, call routing, and call recording. 

Self-service software: This software offers features that help customers serve themselves using resources such as guides, video tutorials, forums, and FAQs. 

Helpdesk ticketing software: Ticketing solutions allow users to convert customer queries into tickets that are stored in a centralized space, prioritized, managed, assigned to customer service representatives, and resolved in a stipulated time. 

Integrated customer service software: These solutions combine different features of the software types mentioned above. It allows users to communicate across different channels such as chat, text, phone, social media, and email. Users can also raise tickets and offer self-service tools to customers. 

Key questions to ask your vendor before you buy: Do you offer add-on features with the software that you offer? What is the cost of these add-on features?

Deployment options for customer service software

There are two deployment options that you can choose from based on your business needs:

On-premise: On-premise customer service software allows users to run the software on their own server infrastructure. The vendor is responsible for updates and maintenance. On-premise solutions are suitable for large organizations with centralized teams that require complete control over data access and backups for added security. 

Cloud based: This type of solution allows users to access it via the internet. The software is operated from secure data centers and the vendor takes care of backups, updates, and security. This reduces the cost of having a dedicated IT staff. 

Cloud-based solutions are suitable for organizations of all sizes and with dispersed teams. GetApp recommends cloud-based solutions for small and midsize businesses.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Are there any additional costs to be incurred with each deployment model?

What are some common features of customer service software?

Here are some of the features that you must look for in the customer service solution you choose to purchase:

Customer management: Allows users to record customer details such as customer information, issues, and interactions. Users can access, track, and view the details in a single database to efficiently assist customers.

Customer information view in HelpCrunch

Customer information view in HelpCrunch

Case management: Lets users create, manage, prioritize, and assign customer queries in the form of tickets so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Case information in SupportBench

Case information in SupportBench

Self-service portal: Gives customers access to resources such as a knowledge base and community forums. They can raise tickets, track service requests, participate in community forum discussions, gather resolutions for queries, get expert advice on issues, and submit feedback.

Self service portal in FreshDesk

Self-service portal in Freshdesk

Multichannel communication: Lets users communicate with customers and support them via phone, email, live chat, and social media platforms. They can manage all the communication in one place and redirect/assign communication to the appropriate agent.

Chat window in LiveChat

Chat window on LiveChat

Workflow automation: Automates repetitive tasks such as workflow creation, case assignment, and notifications. This way, they save the time spent on duplicating processes every time.

Automatic workflow in Agiloft

Automated workflow in Agiloft

Performance tracking: Provides performance monitoring tools to let businesses measure the productivity and performance of their agents. You can manage feedback from clients and ensure that critical business KPIs are met.

Performance tracking in LiveChat

Performance tracking in LiveChat

Analytics and reporting: Helps managers get data and reports on issue resolution, customer service calls, response time, and more. This helps them evaluate all the processes and assess the improvements required.

Reporting analytics in Zendesk

Reporting and analytics in Zendesk

Collaboration tools: Allows your team to have conversations about tickets, customer issues, and interactions. They can collaborate using the file sharing feature as well.

File transfer in Zoho Assist

File transfer in Zoho Assist

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Are there any other features that you offer with your customer service software?

What are some important customer service software integrations?

Some software integrations enhance your customer service solution. A few important integrations with customer service software include the following:

Customer service management: Your customer service software should integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. This will help you centralize all customer data such as contact information, interaction history, and any and all communication.

eCommerce plug-in: Customer service software should integrate with eCommerce software so that your web customers also receive a good customer service experience.

Email communication: Integrating an email service allows you to convert emails into tickets, so that agents can easily resolve issues on the core customer service software.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: What are other key software integrations that are beneficial for small businesses specifically?

Given below are some trends that you need to know about to stay ahead of the curve in this market:

IoT will improve your customer service offerings: Seventy-three percent of small and midsize businesses (SMB) respondents say that they use or plan to use IoT technology by 2021-22. Forty-eight percent of them believe that the technology is critical to their business.

IoT provides businesses the ability to gather accurate and real-time information through interconnected devices. This can be helpful in improving customer service as businesses can take data-backed actions to mitigate issues. For instance, you can collect real-time data from sensors on your equipment to anticipate when it needs maintenance. 

AI, machine learning to wholly transform customer experience: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning churn large volumes of data to gain insights from it. Fifty-three percent of SMBs are already using AI, or plan to use it, by 2020-2021. 

AI will benefit your customer service team in many ways. It can answer customer queries through chat and process all the information from various IoT devices to make customer self-service more intuitive. It can identify customer needs from the chat history, their searches, and preferences. It can also identify issues and prompt proactive alert messages as well as suggestions.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: What are the ways in which you plan to use IoT and machine learning in your customer service software?

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