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Fiona Festival

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Fiona Festival overview

What is Fiona Festival?

Fiona is an online assistant for organizing film festivals which was created together with the IFFR, IDFA and NFF. The platform provides film festival organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to organize and program films and events, with features for researching and selecting films, programming and scheduling screenings and events, publishing festival data to communication networks, and inviting guests.

With Fiona, organizations can streamline the entire film selection process by adding submissions and entries either by hand, or using the import feature. Users can divide the work among the team, and view all film titles or director history by browsing through the directory. Film information and entries can be imported from IMDB and other platforms with a click, and attachments such as video links and files can be added, and previewed online. Users can score entries, and write personal reviews and recommendations to share with other team members.

Fiona enables organizers to link films, contacts and companies, as well as divide the workload by assigning films to programmers and handlers to begin structuring the festival program. The mass mailing feature helps speed up communications along with templates and delivery status updates for each individual email. Fiona’s visual scheduler tool enables users to start programming festivals by setting dates and venues, and enter films into the schedule using drag and drop to visually see how the programme flows. Users can also add productional tasks to the schedule, as well as various types of film screenings.

Organizers can add catalogue texts in several languages directly to programmes, films, events and screenings, and publish content in real time via the API including high-resolution stills, website and online video URLs, documents, and more. Users can create guest lists to invite individuals such as sponsors, board members, and filmmakers, as well as schedule guest one-on-one meetings and publish appointments online. Fiona has the ability to handle both digital and non-digital films, and helps users with process of entering DCP screening copies, as well as film reel distribution to projection rooms.


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Fiona Festival features

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Key features of Fiona Festival

  • Artist management
  • CRM
  • Staff scheduling
  • Import films and entries from IMDB and other platforms
  • Add attachments and preview online
  • Review and score entries
  • Visual scheduling
  • Drag and drop films into a schedule
  • Drag & drop scheduling
  • Screenings and events planning
  • Combined programmes
  • Publication
  • Contacts managements
  • Progress tracking
  • Ready to use reports
  • User management
  • Research & selection of films
  • Processing online entries
  • Guest accreditation service module
  • Advanced programming module
  • Custom fields
  • Configuration options
  • Team management
  • Customizable reports
  • Online forms / website integration
  • Application API
  • Custom modules
  • Search functionality
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Fiona was co-created with the three largest Dutch Festivals (IDFA, IFFR, NFF) and is customizable to the needs of every organization's unique processes and workflows.

Drag and drop films onto the schedule to plan around their time, avoid any double bookings, and visually see how the program flows.

Import film information and entries from IMDB and other platforms with a click, add attachments such as video links and files, and preview online.

Send out invitations to guests using Fiona's mailing feature, and schedule hundreds of industry and public appointments using the automatic one-on-one-planner.

All users can access Fiona from anywhere, at anytime, and track performance with ready-to-use reports to help teams make informed decisions.